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betfair graphs explained

Betfair Graphs Explained

Betfair graphs explained – read valuable information from any Betfair market and understand the logic behind these graphs. In essence, these graphs display information in a way that many people do not expect. They display every transaction that happened on a particular market, so you can see the whole history of trading in a small picture. […]

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australian horse racing strategy

Australian Horse Racing Strategy | £23+ Profit

Scalping the market is my favourite Australian horse racing strategy. I just use quick trends appearing regularly in Australian markets in order to make a profit. You can see these short term moves every day but you have to jump on the right side of the trade. Obviously this is much easier to say than […]

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trading australian horse racing

Trading Australian Horse Racing | £12+ Profit

How to make a profit by trading Australian horse racing? Australian horse racing markets are different from British horse racing markets by a few characteristics. The most important one is – Turnover Charge. In essence, there is a special turnover charge applied on some tracks. The reason is different legislative in some Australian states so […]

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australian horse racing system

Australian Horse Racing System | £10+ Profit

For me, trading bets is by far the best Australian horse racing system I know. All you need to do is just spot when the price is cheap and buy it. Then wait for a while once it goes up and sell with a profit (or vice versa). Sounds easy but application may be a little […]

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My Geeks Toy Setup

Geeks Toy Setup

My Geeks Toy setup is quite simple but it is a result of my 10+ years on Betfair as a full time trader. I realized I don’t need many so called advanced features but it doesn’t mean I use the default setup. Attention is a scarce commodity, so I want to spend it only on stuff […]

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