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Betfair Trending Bets

Betfair Trending Bets | £85+ Profit

In this article I will share my experience with capitalizing on Betfair trending bets. Maybe I should say “Betfair trending market” as well – but the market is made by people’s bets. There are types of races where you can clearly spot the trend – it goes up or down all the way long. The […]

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Betfair Price Range Trading

Betfair Price Range Trading | £65+ Profit

Sometimes it makes a perfect sense to trade in a specified Betfair price range. There are types of markets when the price doesn’t move much and there is no obvious trend. In such a cases it is a good strategy to just use what the market has to offer. It usually moves up and down […]

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Betfair Scalping Tips - Flat Market

Betfair Scalping Tips – Flat Market | £64+ Profit

In this article I want to share my Betfair scalping tips for a flat market. Flat market is the one which doesn’t move up or down significantly. The graph of a flat market just moves in a predefined corridor. This type of market is great for scalping. The stronger the support and resistance levels in the […]

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Betfair Scalping Strategy

Betfair Scalping Strategy | £59+ Profit

Betfair scalping strategy is my favourite way to make a profit on British horse racing. When scalping, I usually make many quick trades and I try to use short term fluctuations in the market. The market never sleeps and it always moves up and down. Especially in the last 10 minutes before the start of […]

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Betfair Volume Spikes

Betfair Volume Spikes | £44+ Profit

Betfair volume spikes are usually caused by a big bet matched in the market. This bet is matched far away from a current price and it makes look the market like it jumped from one place to another. For example – there is a current price @4.00 and someone submits a £10,000 bet @3.00. On an […]

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betfair market manipulation

Betfair Market Manipulation

Betfair market manipulation is a daily bread and butter for many traders. Markets are filled with people who have very deep pockets so they can move the market up and down just with the power of their own money. If the price goes up, they can turn its direction or hold it for a while. […]

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betfair loss limit

Betfair Loss Limit | £21- Loss

No doubt you have to have a Betfair Loss limit. Basically every human being does mistakes. Nobody is perfect and nobody can predict the market move every time. Even the best traders in the world have losses and you will have them as well. It’s a vital part of trading – to accept your losses. So, you […]

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Betfair Liquidity Explained

Betfair Liquidity Explained

How can be Betfair liquidity explained? In this article I will show you how liquidity flows from one market to another. This will help you to understand when are the peak periods in a horse racing market. If you have a market opened in your software it may look lazy and without much activity. The reason […]

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clashing races

Clashing Races

How can clashing races affect your trading and why? In essence, the money is split between more races and you have to adapt your style. When there’s a busy card on a trading day, for example one race every 5 minutes, it means there will be races clashing with each other. One race will still […]

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Betfair Exit Strategy

Betfair Exit Strategy | £15+ Profit

Scale Out is my favourite Betfair exit strategy. It basically means gradual exiting the trade in smaller parts. The ultimate goal in Betfair trading is to manage your risk. It should be an ultimate goal in any form of trading. You can’t never be sure what will happen next in the market. So you have […]

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