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betfair graphs explained

Betfair Graphs Explained

Betfair graphs explained – read valuable information from any Betfair market and understand the logic behind these graphs. In essence, these graphs display information in a way that many people do not expect. They display every transaction that happened on a particular market, so you can see the whole history of trading in a small picture. […]

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evening greyhound racing

Evening Greyhound Racing | £5.3+ Profit

Evening greyhound racing on certain days of the week attract more liquidity, which is good to know. On these races, you can have slightly bigger stakes. But keep in mind that market moves are usually not as big as on afternoon racing because there’s a simple rule in play – the bigger the liquidity, the lower […]

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trading greyhound markets

Trading Greyhound Markets | £5.5+ Profit

Trading greyhound markets is one of the easiest ways to start earning some long-term money on Betfair. I personally used these markets to build up my bank from a very small deposit because I found the biggest and also easiest ROI (return on investment) on these markets with my small bank. That was back in 2006 […]

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My Geeks Toy Setup

Geeks Toy Setup

My Geeks Toy setup is quite simple but it is a result of my 10+ years on Betfair as a full time trader. I realized I don’t need many so called advanced features but it doesn’t mean I use the default setup. Attention is a scarce commodity, so I want to spend it only on stuff […]

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