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“Sports Trading Exposed” is Now Free & Open Source!


Sports Trading Exposed videos


“After more than 10 years of full-time sports trading that put me in the top 1/2 per cent of the most successful career earners on Betfair, I’m exposing EVERYTHING I’ve learned!  I’ll provide you with all the tools you need to substantially decrease your risk and exponentially maximize your earning potential!”


 Tomas Paul (Author of Sports Trading Exposed)


+ A series of private links to more than 45 real-time learning videos!

Price: Free & Open Source

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23 thoughts on ““Sports Trading Exposed” is Now Free & Open Source!

  1. hello sir !

    I have been trading UK horse racing pre off for 1 year but i still cannot be profitable yet ! i bought many books from Caan Bery, Tony Hargraves(the Badger) but it’s useless for me ! may i ask you, could i learn from you to be profitable on this market? i am from Vietnam, response time of last API call is about 280-300 ms (geekstoy) , is it possible for me to trade horse pre off with that ping?

    sorry for my bad English, hope that you could understand me well !

    thank you so much !

    Best regards!

    1. Hello Paul,

      yes – it is possible to trade with this latency. I was trading successfully on Australian markets for many years with latency around 350-450ms. I was also successfully trading from Central America with response times around 250ms and I have written a special chapter about latency & internet connection in my book. I would definitely suggest you to download the latest Geeks Toy Beta with “Streaming Prices” option which should rapidly improve your latency. You can find more information about streaming on the forums –

      I believe I can help you to understand many situations which happen in the market. I also explain how do I make a profit on these situations. However, the job will still remain on you because you will be the one who will place bets into the market. In my book, I do my best to give you all information & guiding possible. So, if you will follow my advice, I believe it will only help you to get closer to the point where you will be profitable in the long term.



  2. I live in a country which only allows in running trading on horses, not sports.
    Pre event trading is allowed on sports.
    Does your book have info in the areas that I have access to?

    1. Hello Jack,
      I only describe pre-race trading on British, Irish, Australian & US horse racing and also on pre-race Greyhound racing. I don’t do in-play trading. Hope it helps.

  3. Hi Tomas

    I am interested in Horse Racing Trend Trading using the Betfair Charts. Does your book cover this strategy in written word and videos?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    1. Hi Andy,
      yes – I cover using Betfair charts a lot as I use them very often when trading. I describe certain situations on Betfair graphs and different patterns in written word. Then I show examples of how to apply the knowledge in real trading videos.

  4. Hey Tomas
    How useful is this for an intermediate like me fully aware of setups and third party features and stuff. Have been trading on Football quite well since past 14 months, now looking to get into horse racing as well due to me trying to do this full time in the next 2 – years.

    Do the 200 plus pages cover the techniques required to make use of Swing and Scalp trades.
    And does it cover pre race or in play as well

    Cheers mate

    1. Hi Karan,
      yes, I cover the techniques which I use when doing Swing or Scalp trading. All of my trading is purely pre-race so I don’t cover in-play trading. I believe the book has a lot to offer to people like you, please see the contents below so you can get a better picture of what is covered.

      Contents 1 Contents 2

      Contents 3
      Contents 4
      Contents 5
      Contents 6
      Contents 7


  5. Hello Paul

    I’m from Brazil, by the way your book has in Portuguese language, no doubt watching your videos I admit I’ve never seen anything like it does, only most of the time appear in the market traders with suicidal techniques, since you do a lot of pre-live And this I need to considerably increase my consistency, you get excellent results long before the races start without exposing themselves, and this level of negotiation that I hope to acquire, I do not speak anything in English, how can I absorb this content please help me, Also what would be the best way to build a good result with a small bench and what would be the best market in horse racing for this building, would be the British, Irish, USA or Australian, I hope in this book has all this information


    1. Hello Valdemir,
      the best way to absorb the English content without speaking English is probably by using the Google Translate service. The book is not available in Portuguese language yet. About the “building your bank” question – UK horse racing is one of the the hardest markets to learn. You need a lot of experience, practice, discipline and skills in order to succeed on UK horse racing. My book offers as much as possible in order to learn you all of these important aspects. I always recommend to start small and grow big over time. There is no need to rush because you are risking real money in the market. Personally, I have started to make my first long-term profits on Greyhound racing & US horse racing. In my opinion, it is much easier to make long term profits on these markets. This can give you a much needed confidence in the market – if you are able to make money, your confidence & determination should only grow. Especially with a small bank, you can make a good ROI (Return On Investment) in these markets. On the other hand – Greyhound racing & US horse racing are not made for big profits. It can be a good starting point but the real money is in the UK horse racing, which should always be your end goal (target).
      I hope I have answered your questions.

      1. Ola Tomas

        Obrigado por responder a este meu questionamento, eu ja conheço todos os mercados, na verdade o que preciso e de um upgrade na minha consistência, eu faço operações a 8 meses, comparado a muitos por ai, ainda sou uma criança neste mercado, eu em breve aceitarei o desafio em comprar este seu livro e traduzir ele a meu favor, pois acredito que muita coisa pode sim melhorar através das suas dicas, quanto ao mercado ingles sem duvida ele e o melhor tanto de perto quanto de longe das outras modalidades do horse
        Thanks for answering my question, I already know all the markets, in fact what I need and an upgrade in my consistency, I do operations to 8 months, compared to many there, I am still a child in this market, I in Soon I will accept the challenge in buying this book and translate it in my favor, because I believe that many things can be improved through its tips, as to the English market without doubt he is the best both near and far from the other modalities of the horse

  6. It seems the book is tailored to geeks toy, I know you will say it is still useful if I use bet angel but am I not losing some of the value of the book by using a different software?

    1. Hi Tommy,
      I believe most of my techniques can be used in other software as well. In a nutshell, it’s all about markets and software just helps us how we see the market. I prefer Geeks Toy because of its configurability but you will do the job with other software as well. But you will need to adjust your settings to it – for example I’m not sure how keyboard shortcuts work in other software, etc. The most important knowledge in the book is not dependant on the software, it’s about your skills and reading the market. I hope it helps.

  7. Hi Tomas, I’ve been betting for 25 years now and it’s obvious you can make a steady profit by betting so I’ve been wanting to learn and make profit out of scalping greyhounds and horse racing but I’ve been unsuccessful . I’ve been trying to trade for a year now and it’s been hard work and doing bad habits like letting trades go live to try to make a winning trade which is basically betting and losing lots. So I paid for a Betfair scalping course from a company which as lots of tutorial videos but I’m still not getting to grips with it. All the person says is when the price goes to the top of it’s range for the favourite and lots of liquidity is entering the market, that’s the right time to place a back bet as though there’s a magic hidden barrier to stop it going through this range. But how many times I’ve been stung when the price keeps on getting bigger and bigger and wipes out 4 or 5 winning trades. I’ve tried stop losses but that doesn’t help it’s always a guess on which way the price is going to turn even looking at the 2nd and 3rd favourite movements. I’m wondering if you can offer any assistance or help?
    Much appreciated Neil

    1. Hi Neil,
      all I know I reveal in my book. In order to understand the market and its price movements, you need to understand the force behind this. And there is only one force behind all of the price movements in the market – people. So – in order to be successful in your predictions, you need to successfully predict behavior of the crowd in the market. People and their emotions move the prices up and down. So – you need to make a step back in your trading and watch the market using this view. All of the bets coming into the market just express the mood of the masses. You need to make standalone decisions and only enter the market when you are not a part of the crowd, I mean – only enter the market when your decisions are not affected by emotions, etc. This is just one part – there is much more. For example: discipline & perseverance. It’s impossible to be a good trader without a good discipline. You need to be able to accept your losses & consistently execute your trading strategy. And every trader went through the initial period when he/she was not making any money. That’s the part of the learning process and it can take several months. Here comes the need for perseverance. And remember – because all of this is very risky (yes you can lose significant amounts of money if you are not careful) – I always recommend to start small and grow big over time. There is no need to risk more than a few quids. To see what I mean, you can follow my community blog where I started with a small bank of £25 and I show it’s possible to make decent results when you gradually build your bank >

    1. Hi Lewis,
      yes, I am a scalper by nature and most of my techniques in the book are scalping techniques. However, I sometimes do some swing trading as well, which is also covered in the book.

  8. Tomas why is this content free? Have the methods run their course or the markets changed considerably allowing them to no longer be an edge?

    1. Hi Stan,
      I decided to open the gate because I believe in open source collaboration & cooperation between people. I like to use a phrase “rising tide lifts all boats” so hopefully this content will bring some quality to the Betfair / Betdaq trading education. People can review it, ask questions, post about their own experience. At the end of the day, it will be good for all. Techniques are still working, I was able to trade on Royal Ascot and I used all of them with a success and honestly I believe many of them are very universal. I do plan to write a blog post (soon) about why I decided to do this step. So keep an eye on my blog or social media if you want to know more.

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