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    • My advice maybe a little bit unusual. It's been quite some time since you started trading, that means you know very well how to operate the software, you probably know different emergency situations and how to act & react when they happen. You know that it makes no sense to risk more than you can afford to lose. Right now you probably know every technical aspect of trading yet you still struggle to achieve long term profit and to go up in the game. Try something different than you are already doing right now. You need to be "in the zone" - that is a kind of situation when you feel like you have a trance. There is only you and the market. You feel the market as a living organism and you feel every beat of it. Have you ever felt like this? From my own experience, I have had just a few moments in my trading career which really meant I was able step up and jump to another level of trading. The first one was when I realized I can really make some money on this. It took me a few months (on greyhounds). The second one was when I earned £100 in a day for the first time. The third one was £1,000 in a day. The last one was £1,000 in a one race. Once I understood any of these milestones is possible, I was able to repeat them regularly. I want you to crack the first step, to get you into a profit. You obviously need to change something and my inner feeling is that you need to be more pro-active in the market. You need to be the one who does the decision and takes the position first. Market is often a slow & fat guy, yet very powerful. It's really hard to describe it but there is a little room / space for the profit. Market always follows that space but when it does, it creates another space. You need to get into a situation when you are the one who is on top of everything. That requires to make quick and maybe risky decisions but you need to stand up and do it, you need to get out of the crowd. Crowd will never bring you to the top. 
    • That may be because of the season change. Summer is Flat, winter is Hurdle and early autumn is a transition between the two.  
    • Hi David, Don't be too hard on yourself - as I posted on another thread recently, a professional trader once suggested it takes 3 years to master the market cycles

      I'm certainly no expert but I would suggest that maybe you are cutting your winning positions too soon. Also, if you have a losing trade, it's sometimes useful to just step away from your desk - I say this, as I noticed you had 2 losing trades back to back in the P&L above.

      What I would say, is that going through your blogs, you are getting more winners than losers so you must be doing something right.

      Keep going my friend and you will get there in the end!

    • Easier said than done.

      There are actually 2 ways; cut the losses but also make the winnings bigger too.

      With the trade that went terrible, I placed several trades which most lost. If I had just taken the 1 loss before moving on to the next race, I might have made a small profit for the day instead.
    • Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words. I won't be giving up yet. January will make 2 years since I started.
      It's just frustrating not to have cracked it yet. That is why it is imperative to use small stakes until a consistent profit is made.

      One thing that I do know is that trading is much harder than is portrayed on youtube.
      Of course, people like to boast about winnings, but forget to mention their losses.

      I think we will both carry on, as anyone that does give up would have done so a long time ago.
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