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2017 November 1st Wednesday

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I find Wednesdays are a reasonable day. Maybe more people trade the mid-week races?

Started off with a scary moment. After a back spike, I layed (thinking it will reverse quickly) and still lost 3 ticks.
Kept calm and tried again later. Got 2 further trades, both with 2 ticks. So in the end, had a profit of 10p.

2nd race, I layed at 4.1 (which was always at the bottom of the range up til this point). Took a 2 tick loss.
95p down made me think it was going to be one of those losing days.
Again I remained calm and thought "this might be the only loss out of the way".

The next race, I kept trying. Missed 3 upward trends, then a scratch. Finally got a 1 tick profit.

In the 14:40, I recognised a spoofer with a 3 or 4k back bet. The market didn't really want to go down. It was only the spoofer that caused the movement.
This was confirmed by no further backing. So I layed too, and got profit.

I won back the 95p loss from earlier, as I managed a couple of trades at around the same odds as what I lost before.

Even though I had been doing well to this point, somehow I lost confidence and didn't trade the next couple of races.
Took a break to get a drink and some fruit. The only help was to save a loss by scratching.

For me, a good day.

6 wins, 1 scratch, 1 loss. Profit £1.60


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17 hours ago, billylong said:

Have you got any recordings of your trading?

I haven't bothered upto now.

On Thursday, I have recorded some.

@Tomas Are there any problems uploading large video files to this website?
My 1st recording is almost 4 minutes in length and 132mb in size. Some are around or over 200mb.

I have a few videos that I can show now. Windows 10 has a built in recording feature that be used for free. It doesn't slow my trading software down either.

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8 minutes ago, David said:

@Tomas Are there any problems uploading large video files to this website?

@David There is an upload limit quota per user, so I would prefer to upload those videos to YouTube, thanks!

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29 minutes ago, David said:

I haven't bothered upto now.

As Tomas said, just upload to youtube and set to unlisted and paste the link in here. I find it much easier to help/judge/critique some one by watching rather than just seeing results.

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