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2017 November 25th Saturday

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Good profits more than wiped out in 1 race.

Started off well backing a fav and gained 2 ticks. Then backed another fav for another 2 ticks (could have left it for several ticks).
Backed a fav at 2.64 for 1 tick. Only hedged at 2.74 because it had drifted, but still 17p profit. Almost £2 up at this stage.

Then the big loss came. It was in the 15:10 at Lingfield. Often on Saturdays, favs get backed heavily. I backed it at 3.3
All of a sudden, it was getting layed strongly. At the time, I was thinking: why? I tried hedging for a loss a couple of times, but it wasn't getting matched (the sudden drift was just too quick).
The lay matched at 3.85 which is an 11 tick loss. Huge loss of £3.57. This type of event is rare on a Saturday, so maybe just bad luck?

Managed to win in the next 3 races, to end with a small loss for the day.

Overall, I am well in profit for the month. But always disappointed to have a losing day.

6 wins, 0 scratches, 1 loss. Lost 51p


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" Often on Saturdays, favs get backed heavily "

" This type of event is rare on a Saturday "

If you believe this is the case, why not just back every fav on Saturdays? Your gains should easily outweigh any loses?

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@billylong That is generally what I anticipate doing. I think there is more chance of making a profit, by backing favourites on Saturdays.
Of course, you still have to judge the right time to enter the market.

I might have lost 51p this week, but on the previous Saturday I made a profit of £3.20
So overall, up by £2.69 over 2 weekends. Also made profit the 2 previous Saturdays.
This week was my first losing Saturday in November, so in the long term, backing the favs do outweigh the losses.

Sometimes, the markets go against what is the usual trend. That can't be helped as it is the nature of trading.

Do you not find this is the case when you trade on Saturdays? Or is the situation different for you?

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