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My statement & the evidence about YouTube censorship

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  1. 1. What do you thing about that?

    • Bad YouTube
    • Bad Tomas


Let's make a short summary of what happened between me & YouTube:

  • I have decided to open up my knowledge by making my course free & open source.
  • I have made all of my YouTube videos public and available for all. Before, it was only available to those who bought my course.
  • During that time, I had to change all links in description below my YouTube videos so they could point to the new location of the course. For the new links, I used the Bit.Ly shortener because my new links were too long.

My suspicion: That behavior was probably picked up by YouTube automated algorithms and on June 25th, 2018 they gave me 2 warning points without any warning:

The day after a final shot was made:

So I made a quick announcement here on the forums:

"As many of you have seen, my YouTube channel is no longer active. YouTube has censored it. I believe many of you who have seen my videos wonder what is the problem? Actually, I believe it is a combination of a few things:

Last week, I made all of my videos available to watch for free. Those videos were previously hidden on YouTube. Just people who bought my e-book could see them.

At the same time, I changed the long URLs below those videos to the short (bit.ly) version. Those URLs were pointing to my website as before. I just wanted them to be short because pointing to the URL "https://sportstradingexposed.com/forum/forum/41-sports-trading-exposed-free-open-source-online-course/" looks terrible in my eyes.

I changed my profile picture.

All of these together were probably picked up by YouTube automated algorithms which flagged me as a spammer (this is my version).


Give me some time. I have to do some research and choose the best alternative. I no longer believe in YouTube. Actually, I don't believe in any of those super rich corporations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. They don't work to our best interest. Their only interest is a profit.

I will re-upload all of these videos as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy my free & open source online course on this URL > http://bit.ly/2MjjhJk


And I have sent an appeal to YouTube. This is the text of my appeal:

"I have had many private videos on my channel because they were only available to my customers who did buy my e-book. However, I decided to make all of my videos public all at once because I have made my product free and open source (I decided to not sell it anymore). At the same time, I was changing the description of all of those videos - because the nature of my product changed rapidly, from a paid one to a free & open source one. So, I was changing URLs in the description below each of my video. My free & open source product is available on the following URL > https://sportstradingexposed.com/forum/forum/41-sports-trading-exposed-free-open-source-online-course/. Because the URL is very long, I decided to use bit.ly shortener to make it shorter. That is all I did on my channel, there was no malicious or dishonest activity. Honestly, many of my followers were wondering why was my channel closed down. I believe someone will read this description and re-activate my channel again. Thanks"

I received, probably, an automated answer:


We have received your account appeal and will get back to you as soon as possible.

The YouTube Team"

And finally, the latest answer from YouTube. I can only wonder if this is an automated as well:


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines for more information.

Please do not respond to this email. Replies to this email will not be processed. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.

The YouTube Team"

YouTube account terminated.png

This is how it looks when you visit my channel now


There is no personal contact in the e-mail. Very probably, I was just dealing with a machine and this machine took me a chance to be connected with others. I have lost a chance to reach people and people have lost an opportunity to find my content & website. I did nothing wrong, there is lots of trading videos on YouTube. And actually, I often get a very good feedback from people who watched my videos. So, why should I be punished?

Tell me what you think!

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Recommended Comments

@Tomas I cant find anything in YouTube's terms that you are in breach of.

The only thing that I can think of is another trader has flagged your content as inappropriate (meaning they want people to buy their course, instead of watching yours for free).

There are other video hosting services available. Why not try another one?
YouTube has probably become too arrogant. A smaller company might appreciate your custom more.

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2 hours ago, David said:

The only thing that I can think of is another trader has flagged your content as inappropriate (meaning they want people to buy their course, instead of watching yours for free).

@David, this is really possible? How could someone do that?

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I think David may have hit the nail on the head. I imagine a few people will be upset that you are training people for free so raise some kind of flag that your videos are not appropriate. Maybe 3 or 4 in collaboration could be enough?

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On 8/3/2018 at 10:49 PM, Tomas said:

How could someone do that?

@Tomas Unfortunately, when it comes to money, some people get jealous over it. Anything is possible, even the unexpected.

You have had videos on YouTube for a while. Up til now, they have not banned you.
The problems started when you decided to offer this course for free.
For anyone new to trading, a free course is ideal, so they would not want to delete the content.

My conclusion was another trader (not a member here, but likely a guest visitor) who has failed to make money.
They can only make money from selling courses.

You have a coward who is afraid to show themselves.
Coward offender; if you are reading this, I suggest you fight the Betfair markets, instead of a decent fellow trader.

Tomas, I did try to find YouTube's phone number for you to call, but found ugly information instead:


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3 minutes ago, David said:

Tomas, I did try to find YouTube's phone number for you to call, but found ugly information instead:

@David, thank you. I tried to call that number today but it's just impossible to talk with anyone who can look into my issue. I have sent my appeal again and I'm hoping for someone to look into the issue personally but who knows what is really happening on the other side...

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    • Hi David, I am new to this game also, and I started trading in the same way ie: trying to 'scalp' as big a tick difference as possible in order to chase a greater profit (with £2 stakes), I soon found that more often than not the market changed direction before my closing bet was matched, resulting in a loss. I have now changed my trading to opening/closing a trade within a few seconds for one tick difference, I can also 'follow' the general odds movement by scalping in this way to build profit further. I also believe however, that making an initial decision as to whether a particular horse will steam or drift BEFORE attempting to trade it also helps in avoiding a loss (although this involves a bit of pre-race form study!). I found this video entitled 'directional scalping' really helpful https://www.betangel.tv/videos/betfair-trading-strategies/trading-on-horse-racing?jut1=3 Merry Christmas to all!
    • Hi David,

      You are not a failure trader! You only fail at something when you give up. An exercise for you:

      The markets are more volatile than they used to be and this lends itself to swing trading opportunities. For your next session, try observing the following markets:

      1) No more than 6 runners
      2) The favourite is priced under 3.0

      When you watch this markets, pay attention to how one horse's price movement affects the other. Also, look at resistance and support points on the graph prior to the last 10 minutes. On Saturday 1st December there are 5 races that meet this criteria and I can tell you that at least one of these races will result in a decent move which, if you are on the right side of, you will pick up a few ticks. Chris

    • Reading anything you write not make you think about changing the way you trade? "the favourite was getting BACKED down to 3.6" coming down all the way to 2.86 if not lower and you are trying to LAY it each trade!? Would it not of been much easier just to back? As you said yourself, it was getting backed. "17.00 The favourite DRIFTED up to 2.48" going up to 2.74 and higher? and you keep trying to back it!? its drifting as you said. Why are you trying to catch a falling knife/ jump in front of the train when you can get on-board instead.   Also these sort of statements you make "Generally on Saturdays, it is best to back the favourites at a high point" are just crazy imo. You can not go into a market and think, well its a Saturday and its the fav I better back it. Or its a Tuesday i better lay the second fav at the bottom of the range. The sweeping assumptions are dangerous. If the markets were as easy as that you would be loaded by now. I am not trying to be mean and please do not take what i say as me digging at you, i am just trying to help in my own way
    • My advice maybe a little bit unusual. It's been quite some time since you started trading, that means you know very well how to operate the software, you probably know different emergency situations and how to act & react when they happen. You know that it makes no sense to risk more than you can afford to lose. Right now you probably know every technical aspect of trading yet you still struggle to achieve long term profit and to go up in the game. Try something different than you are already doing right now. You need to be "in the zone" - that is a kind of situation when you feel like you have a trance. There is only you and the market. You feel the market as a living organism and you feel every beat of it. Have you ever felt like this? From my own experience, I have had just a few moments in my trading career which really meant I was able step up and jump to another level of trading. The first one was when I realized I can really make some money on this. It took me a few months (on greyhounds). The second one was when I earned £100 in a day for the first time. The third one was £1,000 in a day. The last one was £1,000 in a one race. Once I understood any of these milestones is possible, I was able to repeat them regularly. I want you to crack the first step, to get you into a profit. You obviously need to change something and my inner feeling is that you need to be more pro-active in the market. You need to be the one who does the decision and takes the position first. Market is often a slow & fat guy, yet very powerful. It's really hard to describe it but there is a little room / space for the profit. Market always follows that space but when it does, it creates another space. You need to get into a situation when you are the one who is on top of everything. That requires to make quick and maybe risky decisions but you need to stand up and do it, you need to get out of the crowd. Crowd will never bring you to the top. 
    • That may be because of the season change. Summer is Flat, winter is Hurdle and early autumn is a transition between the two.