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2018 August 9th Thursday

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After losing money last week, when the Goodwood Festival had unpredictable markets, the markets this week, I have found to be back to normal.

Mainly taking 1 tick per race (could have had a few each time, but a lack of confidence stopped me from holding an open trade for too long).

The best bit is not a single loss in 3 days. That meant that I anticipated the direction correctly every time.
Wednesday had a few annoying instances where I offered a lay bet which failed to match before the market drifted! So, the profit could have been more still.

Thursday went well. One obvious thing that I remember was being fooled by a spoofer. The favourite got backed down, and I could have layed at 2.6
The spoofer had offered 2k as a back at 2.62 It seemed genuine money to me, but it vanished a few moments later, for the market to drift a few ticks.

Last Autumn, I was starting to make progress by having regular profitable days. @Tomas mentioned a few times that my strike rate was good.
I've used the same technique this week, and got a strike rate of 100% Just have to see if I can remember it all the time!


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