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2018 October 29th Monday

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Really feel like stopping doing this as always losing.

Today, I lost another £1.68

I don't enjoy it any more, because I know that I'm going to have days with big losses, yet days with big wins never happens.

Unfortunately, this forum has no value to me either, because hardly anyone posts.
I thought everyone would be willing to share what techniques they are using, or even whether they are successful or not.
I have no comparisons to make, and so I will be stopping posting in this blog.

Maybe I'll come back, if I do carry on trading and have learned to make a profit. At this moment, I have no confidence at all that will ever happen.


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Hi David,

I just joined. I read your recent post and looked at your pl. You need to cut your losses early. Look after the losses and your profits will grow. Don't give up too soon. Your experience is part of the learning process we all go thru at the start.

Cheers mate



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Easier said than done.

There are actually 2 ways; cut the losses but also make the winnings bigger too.

With the trade that went terrible, I placed several trades which most lost. If I had just taken the 1 loss before moving on to the next race, I might have made a small profit for the day instead.

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