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2019 March 23rd Saturday

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I lost interest in writing my daily blog, because they do not inspire anyone.

In January and February, spent a lot of time in training mode, as the winter months are unpredictable.

I still lose money constantly. The day before Cheltenham with live £5 stakes, lost £3.06
Throughout Cheltenham itself, used training mode with virtual £5,000 stakes, would have made £300 to £400 profit each day
(and that was missing the first hour of every afternoon too, as was busy matched betting).

Today with live £5 stakes, I win 3 races for a total of 29p, then suddenly lose £1.28 Ended up 99p down for the day.

The markets were horrible today which didnt help. Quite a few joint favourites which I don't like.
Or the odds are too high, or too few runners. So I didnt trade that much, spent more time watching the markets.

When football is on, I arb the bookies for a few £ That covers my trading losses.
Can't see myself being successful with trading at all, even though I keep wanting to try.

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Yeah, it's a hard game and we all fight for those few bucks in the market. A tough fight between all of us. It is exactly as the whole world is. We are all fighting for those few dwindling resources like land, water and food. I hope one day the world will shift from competition to the cooperation. Just my two cents.

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