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2019 March 26th Tuesday

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Wasn't sure about today, because there were only 12 races on at 2 meetings. And being a Tuesday, can be quiet as well.

Struggled with it today.

Just watched the first 2 races, to see how the favourites odds behave. More value to back at a high point.

The first traded race, the market didn't want to drift any higher. So I thought that is the top of the range.
Backed it at 2.22 and lost 11 ticks. Tried 3 more trades on the same horse. Almost halved my loss, but still a loss of 28p.

In the 14.40, the odds were high. Waited for it to drift, then backed it.

The next 2 races, the odds were low. There is more value to lay at a low point with these.

In the 15.30, I backed the fave at 4.2 scratched (but could have gained 3 ticks). Not many layers in this race, and it steamed heavily.
Pleased with the correct anticipation, but disappointed not to profit.

In the last race, the odds were high, so I backed at 6.4 for 1 tick.

Not made much today, but considering I started with a big loss, managed to turn it around.


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