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2019 March 29th Friday

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Bit of a roller coaster for me today.

Had a couple of big losses early on. The first, 4 times I backed a drifting favourite.

The 2nd time, I backed at 5.2 (it was steady for a while, and so thought no one was willing to lay any more).
A sharp drift suddenly happened, and I lost 11 ticks.

Then in the 15.15, I decided to lay the 3rd horse which was trading around 20.0
I waited for it to drop a bit, then layed for a few ticks.
Confident of doing this as there was a very heavy favourite that was likely to get backed a lot.

So, the big win outweighed the 2 big losses.

Today is Friday. The markets seemed the complete opposite of yesterday.
From 15.45 onwards, there seemed to be a lot of spoofing going on.

A few other small wins meant I am up by 66p for the day.


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