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2019 March 30th Saturday

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Started off ok with 3 winning races.

After the 14.40, I stopped to do some matched betting (earned almost £70 from that).

When returning, I didn't like the way the markets were reacting, and so I lost confidence.
@Tomas Do you think it is a problem from not trading from a lack of certainty in the markets?
I tend to just watch if unsure. I could take more risks, but then may win or I may lose.
As you say, protecting the bank is the first priority.

As with yesterday, late on in the 17.00, there was someone doing a lot of spoofing.
In the 17.05, I saw the same pattern, and took advantage. Only took 1 tick for 8p.
Could have had a few more ticks, as well as a few trades, but the spoofer was making it tricky; sometimes backing thousands, sometimes laying thousands.

Made profit today, which is the main thing.


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