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2019 April 1st Monday

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Found the markets more predictable today.

On Mondays (maybe more so in the summer than the winter), with certain races, a pattern seems to repeat.
The clue is to think which horses a gambler would be betting on.
Apart from the 14.15 but I was quick enough to recognise and to scratch (which saved me several ticks loss).

In the 14.35 I backed at 4.1 Only took 1 tick because 4.0 is a crossover and is often layed at.
In hindsight, I could have had a 7 tick swing trade.

Not showing in the picture below, but in the 15.05 I offered a back bet at 3.3
My bet wasn't matched (as I was behind a queue of other money), and there was a big spike downwards.
If my bet did match, I could have a 12 tick swing trade!

The 15.40 was interesting. A spoofer was laying the favourite early on. It was obvious that they wanted the price to drift above the real market value.
I waited for the spoofer to stop laying their multiple large stakes, and backed at the top of the range.
Did they stop as they run out of liability money? That was the time to enter with a back bet.

Overall, a good day.


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