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April 2nd, 3rd & 4th Greyhound trading update

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I haven't been trading much in the last few days but for the record and maximum transparency, I want to publish my results from the last three days on greyhounds. 

2nd April:

PL suspend.jpg

In the highlighted race I was caught by an early suspension of the market. It was suspended about 5 seconds before the official start of the race. Little annoying but what can I do? If I take this statistically, I should be in a small loss over the long term because of these suspensions. Why loss? Well, sometimes the greyhound wins, sometimes it loses but when it wins, I have to pay the commission. So, if I am correct, if there would be no commission, I should be roughly on 0. The commission should take me into a small loss. 

3rd April:


Nothing I can say about that, I just traded a few races with a small stake.

4th April:


This day was nice. I was able to jump into a few races in the evening and I was pleased with the liquidity in the markets. I caught some nice swings and I noticed, together with @Tommy, that markets are heavily manipulated. It's not unusual that someone with very deep pockets does move the price for like 20 ticks or more and he holds the price in this range. Just to illustrate what I mean, this is a picture from yesterday's greyhound racing:

greyhounds manipulation.jpg

Ridiculous amounts on ridiculous prices. Clear manipulation. 

Stats for the last three days:

stats last three days.jpg

Condensed stats:

condensed stats.jpg

My strike rate is very good so I am being quite optimistic about the challenge. I only have to keep an eye on that bloody countdown and hedge my positions rather earlier than later :) 

Current Equity:




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Yep greyhound and countdown, I feel you in that topic Tom 😀 If you will continue on greyhounds then be careful with your open positions or stakes left on ladder until very late stage. I saw very big moves,spikes,trends when other traders try and hedge their positions. Usually when you see on stream how they are loading dogs into traps you better be gone from market already. This is my observation from last days. It was not that huge thing for example month ago.

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