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April Greyhound Trading Summary

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I owe you this summary. At the beginning of April I started a challenge in which I aimed to trade greyhounds. It turned out that I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I wanted to this challenge because of some personal stuff. However, I was still able to do a few races here and there and instead of describing every day separately, I decided to just sum up everything in one blog post at the end of the month. So here it is! :)

The profit since my last update on 9th April:


The total profit for the whole April:

total PL.jpg

Stats for the whole April:

Stats Full.jpg

Equity for the whole April:


So yes - it was a profitable challenge despite I hoped for being able to trade much more races. In total, I was able to trade on 403 greyhound races in April and the average profit per race was £0.531. I think that isn't too bad but there is definitely a room for improvement. I think I could achieve at least £1 per race on average. And that may be a very nice income if you are living in a not very expensive country like Vietnam, like @Ricardo Do :) 

As you can see from the equity, I was able to prevent early suspensions for the rest of the month. My strategy was simple - I ended my trading at least 20 seconds before the off. Unfortunately, I missed some really nice opportunities because of this approach but I preferred safety over risk. @Tommy gave me a useful information that watching a live video is a great help in determining when the race will actually start but I didn't test this out yet.

That's all from me for now! I recommend you to join our trading group on WowApp, there is some really nice talk happening every day! 

Happy trading!

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    • Many thanks @eightbo for the great advice. I've been trying to reduce the biggest losses but haven't looked at all at trying to get the safer but less likely bets matched. I'll look closely at the market from tomorrow to see if I can find opportunities to put your advice into practice. 
    • You've learnt in 3 months what took me 5 yrs: Learning not to lose longer-term. Next step for you here is to increase your selectivity. Analyse your successful trades and also your worst trades and start getting rid of all the naff entries. I can't say for certain as I haven't seen your trading style but on small stakes you should be doing much better in the gh mkts as people give away a lot more value with their fivers and tenners than they do with bigger stakes. Try to prioritise entries which are safer but less likely to get matched. On the bets that get matched you can keep a real right stop if it goes wrong most of the time and if it's starts randomly working in your direction you can hold it. You'll get fantastic risk / reward and a few of those trades is better than 1000 breakeven trades for a fraction of the effort.
    • Guest Sylvesta
      I really appreciate you giving out this knowledge for free Tomas. I think that a lot of people will feel the same way and I would suggest that if you are not asking for any payment that you setup a "buy me a coffee" donate payment system. I'm sure that plenty of people wouldn't mind throwing you a few bucks even if it's just to pay for the hosting so the site stays up. Anyway, thanks again :)
    • When did I ever say trading was easy? You carry on as you are, seeing as you seem to know all the patterns in the markets from day to day.  I wont comment on your blog again 👍
    • @Tomas Thanks for the reaction. It took me 5 hours to figure out why I made a loss. There is a certain pattern on Mondays either before or after major festivals.
      The trends are different to a typical Monday. Something I did not anticipate. So, even though I lost a bit, I have learned about how seasonality affects trading. It's all part of the learning experience.