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    Welcome to the forum Billy.
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    Hi My name is Billy I am a new member from Ireland
  6. Tomas

    Why WowApp?

    When someone joins our trading chat on WowApp I sometimes receive a question about why am I using WowApp and not any of established applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Discord, Skype, Slack, Team Speak, etc. Let me briefly explain, there are several reasons: WowApp shares 70-80% of their revenue with members. The revenue comes from various sources, such as - digital advertising, commissions from online shopping, international calling, etc. Every time you earn in WowApp, a small part of these earnings is automatically donated to up to 5 charities of your choice. WowApp is not just a messenger. It's a whole ecosystem of products, a platform, a new sharing economy in which the majority of all economic benefit is shared with the community. As I mentioned in the last point, there are many parts and messenger is just one of them. Every day, you receive WowCoins (100 WowCoins are equal to 1 US Dollar) according to your previous day activity and also activity of your network. A daily summary may look like this: It does say how much WowCoins you earned from your own activity and also activity of your network + how much was donated to your supported charities. There are over 2000 charities worldwide so you have a lot of options to choose from. A short explanation of those WowApp features may be useful: Chat & News - you earn simply by using WowApp for chatting, calling, video calling, sharing photos, videos, files, etc. It works on all devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Tablets). Simply by staying in touch with friends & family, you receive a portion of the price that was paid for advertising displayed on your screen. Facebook does the same - they display ads to you but they keep 100% of the profit for themselves. This is just a fairer approach in my opinion. Instead of being a product on platforms like Facebook, Skype or Twitter, we are treated like partners on WowApp. This is how our trading chat looks like on mobile phone: Computer & Web - you earn when using the application on your PC (Windows or Mac) and also by browsing the WowApp website. Games - you can play hundreds of free games on games.wowapp.com and you will earn when doing so. There are different games for mobile & PC. Smart Slide - it does display a latest WowApp activity (chats, news, etc.) on locked screen of your smartphone, together with an ad. You earn from this. Instant Earn - here you can complete various tasks like watching videos, downloading apps & games, completing surveys, doing some tasks on social media (like giving a like to someone on Facebook), etc. And you receive WowCoins for doing so. Shop Online - my favourite feature. WowApp offers cashback when shopping in any of about 10,000 partner shops worldwide. You simply choose your favourite shop on shop.wowapp.com, click on the shop's link and once you complete your purchase, you will receive a cashback to your WowApp account. I use WowShop quite often for buying flight tickets (Kiwi.com, Etihad, Qatar, etc.), hotels (Booking.com, Hotels.com, Agoda, etc.) and cat food In the United Kingdom, there are currently about 2,000 partner shops, for example: Talk - this is equivalent to the Skype credit. You can use WowApp to call on mobile & landline numbers all over the world. You need to purchase a calling credit first (or you can use your earnings). I use this feature quite often. At the end of each call, you receive a cashback. International calls are very cheap and it's very useful when travelling, below you can see the prices for some popular destinations: Smart Web - is a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox. It notifies you when a shop or website (which you are currently browsing) is available for a cashback in the WowShop. You also earn every time you search the web. I like it, it's quite useful. If you are curious about how to withdraw your earnings from WowApp, there are many options: You can either donate to charity or to cash out for yourself. You can also use your earnings for the Talk feature (WowCredit) to make international calls and that is something what I do quite often. I practically call for free to any country in the world. I have tried all of these withdrawal methods and all of them work well. So yeah, that's why am I supporting WowApp. If you ask me, I think this is going to be viral sooner or later and early adopters who understand the potential & concept (source 1 & source 2) will be very happy in the future. It's completely free to use, yet we still earn a revenue share & do some good in the world. Isn't the concept amazing? And please remember - if you want to join our trading group, wait until I accept your friend request and then send me a message that you're coming from Sports Trading Exposed. Not all people who are joining me on WowApp are coming from here.
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  8. Cheers for the advice eightbo. I've been watching lots of youtube vids on sports trading but hadn't thought of ones on financial markets. I'll look them up. If you can remember the name of the channels you found most useful I'd be grateful. The only sports trading vids I've found really helpful, because they contain specifics, are the ones by Thomas and Peter Webb of Betangel.
  9. I am glad to hear that and will follow that topic for sure.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Tommy. I've read all of your early trading blog with great interest. I may do a similar blog myself in future.
  11. Welcome. Sounds like you have the right approach just focus on surviving so that you're able to make continual adjustments to your trading strategies and your behaviour. Perfectly fine risking small amounts whilst seeking consistency / profitability. I dug myself a big hole in my first few years using big stakes unnecessary when I didn't have a long-term edge yet. If you're as hungry as I was back when I started check out a lot of the YouTube content relating to financial trading as well as sports markets to further accelerate your learning -- a lot of the underlying principles/fundamentals you'll need to develop are the same. Best of luck
  12. Hello and welcome Zitlor! I am glad to see you between us. We are all mostly traders from horse races or greyhounds but you can find some who tried trading football. Feel free to join out online chat group on wowapp where we usually chat in real time and talk about trades current and past.
  13. Welcome to the community @zitlor! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. And don't forget to update us on your future results! :)
  14. Hi all, I started trading for the first time in March 2019. I stuck to football initially as it's the only sport I know a lot about. To my surprise I quickly went hundreds of pounds up as I seemed to have luckily stumbled upon an edge. Unfortunately and predictably I subsequently wiped out my profit. When I went back down to near break even I dramatically cut my stakes to protect my bank. I still think there's something to the strategy so I'm going to employ a modified version next season. I started trading on horse racing on 1st June and greyhounds a couple of weeks later. I know absolutely nothing about these sports. After extensive research I know the probability of making it to long term profitability is very low, some say only 5%, but I'm determined to give it my best shot over the next couple of years. I've read some 60% of new traders quit within 3 months so I've already made it past that stage. My philosophy is to learn as much as i can while spending as little as possible as the chances of making that money back are seemingly so small. I'm delighted to have found this website for that reason as Thomas is kindly providing so much for free. It's greatly appreciated. Good luck to you all in your trading journey.
  15. SomeBloke

    Cross Matching

    I agree with you guys. Cross matching benefits Betfair, but not so much the traders. Just out of curiosity, I threw some numbers at the ArbCruncher website, as I can see a very small advantage... Based on the photo I posted, the favourite has a best back price of 1.89, and the is only £13 available. If I lay at 1.89 and get matched (should be easy with only £13 in front of 1me), then lay the other player at 2.10 (where there is cross matching activity), I would make a small dutching/bookmaking profit of 0.53%. Hmm, I think there are easier ways to make pennies!
  16. eightbo

    Cross Matching

    Unfortunately I don't think cross-matching is something we can take advantage of. It is however important to build an awareness for how it works so that if you need to close your position etc. you can do so by giving away the least value. Generally just go with the larger spread. Geeks toy also has a special option for tennis hedging where it will take best price from the two runners but I'm unsure if that is still relevant or not. Those guys don't seem to update their software anymore.
  17. Tommy

    Cross Matching

    I have never thought about it this way. I thought it is just someone matching his own bet for some unknown reason or just to create point where there is atleast something matched in low liquid market like on greyhounds. Saw many of these, even over 150 matched when there is no more than 10 sitting all around. I thought someone wanted us traders to see where money are "being matched" and drag our stakes closer to it. I personally just look at the next action/move and do nothing until I see something familiar to me.
  18. Tomas

    Cross Matching

    Sometimes you can really be matched on a better price but in general, cross matching does make the market more efficient so trading is harder. On a picture you posted, a typical strategy would be to make the market on the second favourite - to place a Lay bet @2.02 and Back Bet @2.20 and wait for them to be matched by someone. However, this could never happen because the cross matching algo would match the person on a better price than is your offer. The little left overs in calculation are a profit for Betfair. So, the real winner in Cross Matching is Betfair I think. For traders like us, it made trading slightly harder.
  19. Guest

    Why Free & Open Source?

    I really appreciate you giving out this knowledge for free Tomas. I think that a lot of people will feel the same way and I would suggest that if you are not asking for any payment that you setup a "buy me a coffee" donate payment system. I'm sure that plenty of people wouldn't mind throwing you a few bucks even if it's just to pay for the hosting so the site stays up. Anyway, thanks again :)
  20. knoxville

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    and lost race☺️
  21. knoxville

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    yesterday favorite before the race starts was traded at 1.01
  22. SomeBloke

    Cross Matching

    Hello all When trading greyhound and tennis markets I noticed something curious - where there are big gaps, money was being matched on both sides of the book at the same time, in the middle of the gap - in this case at odds of 2.10 in a tennis match: My first thought was that someone's bot was self-matching (maybe to generate commission towards PC), but now I think this activity is Betfair's cross-matching bot. The activity always seems to be at opposing odds - 1.90 and 2.10, or 1.50 and 3.0 for example. What do you guys (and girls) think, and can we take advantage of this x-matching bot somehow? I've managed to close a position at better-than-available odds by placing my closing bet where I could see x-matching activity, but that's not really a strategy to take advantage of it...
  23. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Good idea Ronald. I did not know about transferring funds being possible. Thank you for that 🙂 For all of you guys checking my thread... I am having hard times since 28.5.2019 when something happened in my personal life and it is affecting everything in my life now massively. Because of that I am unable to trade and this thread is closed for me. I cannot say if I will continue posting again one day. If I will trade it will be very occasionally unless something changes in my life again. You all can reach me on wowapp, I will keep checking stuff discussed there. Thank you for your understanding
  24. Ronald

    Tommy and his early trading

    If I were you I would use different banks for different sports. I know it doesn't matter too much if you keep records. Betfair have two extra wallets: exchange games and poker, in which you could transfer soccer funds. Soccer is much more riskier and should have its own bank and with that a strategy, risk management and so on. But that's is my opinion only.
  25. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    A very eventful day. After the sticky API in the afternoon came evening with many races / opportunities. Today is the last day of this month and for me was one of the best so far. Thanks to the trading Gods for keeping api intact. Managed to trade 54 markets. Record being on 11th of May with 55 markets. But the number of bets is the highest of the month. By the way there is a new cash race promotion going on. Will have to use some soccer markets to generate those points which almost doubled this time. Stratford 19:50 Race Video
  26. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 102 ( yesterday ) Markets traded: 2 football Profit: +£2,78 Bank: £64,72 Commentary: Pub trading. Possible easily and even easier with friend who possess high interest/knowledge about football on my side. First trade was done with £2 stake and second with £3. DAY 103 (today) Markets traded: 11 greyhounds Profit: +£2,44 Bank: £67,16 Commentary: As mentioned last time, I use double my original stake what is £6 to get these results. It looked like I had one -0,01 lossbut I can see it was narrowed down to 0 so no loss today with little luck on one trade.
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