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    Hello. My name is Paulo Faria. I'm from Barcelos, northern Portugal. I'm new to the trading world and I'm here to learn and later I can make my contribution. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.
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    Greyhounds Evening Racing 5.3 (PROMO & VOICE & END).mp4 Description: On some evening races, there is much better liquidity than on some other races. 0:11 – But still the market is quite thin compared to UK Horse Racing, so I try to make the market. 0:18 – And once my Back bet is matched after a spike up, I try to exit with a profit by scaling out. 1:43 – I think the market could move down again. It tried to push it past the level @2.20 but it doesn’t have enough power. 1:50 – And once some bigger Back bets arrive to the market, I submit my Back bets as well. 2:07 – Which makes me a profit shortly after the market goes to the strong support level @2.00. 2:09 – I believe it will turn back up from here. 2:27 – But again – big bets arrive to the Back side and the market quickly reacts by moving down. When I watch this video now, I believe it was a spoof trap. Someone wanted to buy a cheap Lay, so he pushed the market down with a big bet. Then he removed the big bet and pushed the market up again. I was caught in this trap and quickly scratched the trade at 2:28. I was able to react quickly and ended up with a profit. 2:34 – Once I realized it was a trap, and the big Back bet was removed, I was ready to Lay @2.00. This usually works as a strong support in greyhound racing. 2:47 – My Lay bets were matched after a spike down and now I only have to gradually exit the trade with a profit. A total of about £35,000 was matched on this race. That’s solid liquidity for greyhound racing and I was able to use slightly bigger stakes. Some of the evening races can reach more than £50,000. Back to Greyhound Racing ↑ Back to Market Making (UK Horses) ↑ Back to Scale Out (UK Horses) ↑ Back to Spoof (UK Horses) ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >