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    Yes that is correct. Greyhounds are known for low liquidity matched and because of that practice mode is useless. Practice horse racing on training mode is pretty accurate during last 10 minutes pre-off. I used to train a lot using training mode from the begining and after a year I changed my focus and now I am on greyhounds.
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    DAY 19 Markets traded: 57 Profit: +£4,83 Bank: £32,68 Commentary: Yesterday I had different things to do so I dedicated my day today to trading a bit longer than I normally would. One market I believe it was Hove race track was suspended before official start time,then I saw on live stream how they are far from loading dogs into traps and voila.. they unsuspended market, it was completely empty and I managed to match my bet at much valuable position because of that emptiness. I am happy with result for today's trading.
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    My only observation based on your last video, would be to concentrate on just trading one dog - look at how that price is influenced by the others etc. Some good progress, Tommy - your winning trades far outweigh your losing ones which is what you are looking for and your losses are well managed. At this stage, it's about focusing on the process rather than the profits. Chris
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    DAY 26 Markets traded: 2 horse races Profit: +£0,72 Bank: £36,03 Commentary: Little fun here with horse races. Pre-off along with in-play on both races. During in-play I did not see what I wanted to see so almost no trade made during in-play.
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    DAY 25 Markets traded: 25 Profit: -£4,83 Bank: £35,31 Commentary: Same situation wiped me today like they did yesterday. It was extremely difficult for me I felt like I do not know anything about greyhound markets. Last race crushed me unbelievably hard with loss £2,9, that really shocked me, I could not believe what happend. I am going to take a break now and review my trading videos.
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    DAY 24 Markets traded: 34 greyhound + 2 horse races Profit: +£0,20 Bank: £40,14 Commentary: Today it was extremely difficult for me. I started with £3 stakes, then after big loss I decided to switch to £10. It was like rollercoeaster and at the end, I saw how I steadily lost quite a lot. £10 stakes was not a good idea today. My last loss on greyhound race was -£1,79 then I told myself, no, stop, this is too much pain already. I quickly look at horse racing markets, opened next horse race, traded a little pre-off with profit around +£0,30, then because I have little experience with in-play so I did trade also in-play and result from that race was profit +£1,98..second horse race, around +£0,45 pre-off, then after in-play trade, +£1,85. Both horse races pre-off and in-play were traded with £5 stakes. That was enough for me to scratch off that loss from greyhounds and leave markets. Tomorrow I am lowering my stakes for greyhounds back to £3.
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    I am about 3 months into practising scalping and use Bet Trader. I'm trading the odd race in real mode, usually because I want to lay a bookie bet with an offer but it's a confusing conflict of interests because instead of booking lay bets at good odds, the urge to trade takes over and I end up in a worse position than if I had just matched my bet, not because I've lost money trading however, so that's a positive! My situation is that I could do with more cash but I have an income which is sufficient to live on currently so I have perhaps a little more time than most to learn. Most days I can dedicate a couple of hours to watching and trading markets. I am no stranger to risk and realise that I need to be unemotional about money but that is something I have learnt to control from investing in property over the years. A few things I have learnt from using Bet Trader in practice mode, firstly it replicates the markets but is only a simulation of how your trades might go. I don't know how it compares with other software but I suspect they are much the same. Your trades would have some influence on the market in a real situation but in practice mode they do not. I would say that practice mode is more difficult to trade than real because often your prospective trades will be still be sittng there when other trades were matched and the price has moved on. If the price then bounces, then your trade will match. However I still find practice mode to be beneficial, I can try out tactics and make silly mistakes that I can learn not to do again, hopefully in future. My plan is to gradually increase the live trades I do. Currently they are fairly positive on the whole but my stakes are super low. I plan to give this training period at least 6 months before I have my basic tactics in place. My aim is currently not to loose money, making anything significant hopefully will come later once I have learnt to master the former. My plan is to stick to horse racing and basically scalping as I prefer to get out of each trade asap. My internet is Ok but not brilliant and I think scalping is better for those with less experience. If odds shift rapidly against me, I am not overly exposed. I am not keen on in running trading but confess to having fallen victim to it by not closing out in time. I've also thrown a bet or 2 in one way or another in the last seconds. I look forward to studying Tomas's material and hope to connect with others here that have similar aims and those can steer me in the right direction. Valencia
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    Gruss is just another name for Betting Assistant. I have edited the poll accordingly.
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    DAY 22 Markets traded: 30 Profit: +£1,46 Bank: £34,68 Commentary: Everything was going well, profits were coming my way then maybe it was because distratcion when I heard movement in vestibule when I got hit by -3,7 loss what I quickly reduced by another trade into "just" around -2,1 loss. Then I tried my best and after few blank attempts I managed to get around +2,2 on another race, so I got it all back and continued like nothing happend. Last 5 races were scratches or no trade at all so I left markets with this nice profit.
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    Hi David, You are not a failure trader! You only fail at something when you give up. An exercise for you: The markets are more volatile than they used to be and this lends itself to swing trading opportunities. For your next session, try observing the following markets: 1) No more than 6 runners 2) The favourite is priced under 3.0 When you watch this markets, pay attention to how one horse's price movement affects the other. Also, look at resistance and support points on the graph prior to the last 10 minutes. On Saturday 1st December there are 5 races that meet this criteria and I can tell you that at least one of these races will result in a decent move which, if you are on the right side of, you will pick up a few ticks. Chris
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    Welcome Egg, Glad to see that you are looking at OU 2.5 gls. I posted an excel sheet with 7000 matches from last season, where I collated recent form data here https://sportstradingexposed.com/forum/topic/242-football-data-for-trading/ I was primarily looking at fixed odds, but thing trading may be the way to go. Columns marked green are the last 8 games home and away. Columns marked peach last 4 home for the home team and the last 4 away for the away team. The blue and yellow columns are ELO stuff. Everything to the right of column AS is my dicking around. Have a play and let me know if you find something. There are trends in there !!! Chris is going to post some soccer mystic selections at the weekend. Good luck TiF
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    Greetings all, I've been trading sports for the better part of two months now... When I say trading what I really mean is fumbling about all over the place, so i've decided to get involved in the trading communities and try to be a part of it. I went into this thinking my focus would be scalping horse markets, however I find the horse racing is on primarily when I'm working so my focus shifted towards football market trading. I've decided to chronicle my journey. It primarily for me so I can keep track of the highs and the lows of this experience. I'll be honest there have been a few blow outs and equally a few big wins. I'm currently going through a more mature process of developing a sports trading strategy and would love some feedback on it! In terms of where I'm at; I would happily say I'm grappling with the psychology behind it (have invested in trading in the zone, really great read on the psychology behind trading). and that currently, my bank balance is slooowwwly drifting upwards with a few draw downs for good measure. Any other football traders willing to trade some knowledge I have developed some great spreadsheets to find value bets in correct score/OU markets using Poisson distribution and historical data. (of which you can see my workings outs in the blog... feel free to critique) Anyways, happy trading all!
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    I saw some folks using another software called Gruss. I tried betangel for first year, then switched to geekstoy where I feel much more like this software is made for me. Recently I tried betangel for betdaq trading and I was just heavily disappointed. It was somehow very slow, like refresh rate was too high or something what does not make any sense to me since it is I believe made for trading. I immediately downloaded geekstoy for betdaq and problem is solved.
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    Thank you for your welcome and advice! I have not really looked at greyhound races as yet as I understand they are very volatile, also I think that here in the UK they are evening races and I am busy with other things then. Perhaps in the future, one brave night I will take a look and probably not trade. Am I right in assuming there is poor liquidity in these markets so practice mode would not in any way imitate real mode? If so the same could apply to horse racing perhaps, and so best to avoid any small races with low liquidity. My worry would be to have no clear exit route on a lay bet if there were very few orders awaiting matches to buy.
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    Welcome to sportstradingexposed Valencia! Really nice introduction I must say. It is good that you are trying to trade live with very low stakes. You will learn and cannot lose much. You described practice/training mode well, so it is best to practice with it but my advice is to use practice mode with also small stakes like 5-20$ depends on liquidity on ladder. With 10$ stake in practice mode while on ladder there are sitting amounts from every side like 300+ 500+ ,you know that outcome is much more objective/real than while placing your virtual bet of 1000$. For another example I would strongly do not recommend anyone learning with practice mode on greyhounds with using 10$ stakes..that would be useless and can only harm real trading.
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    DAY 17 Markets traded: 31 Profit: +£0,83 Bank: £25,77 Commentary: Very bumpy ride but I managed to stay on top of that. Today I saw and fell for market manipulation several times. Crazy stuff.
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    DAY 16 Markets traded: 23 Profit: +£2,68 Bank: £24,94 Commentary: Big waiting times between markets today + few clashing markets so it took much longer to trade those 23 markets today than 19 markets yesterday. My goal for today was to earn £2 and when I saw in my balance that only 2p is missing to achieve my goal so I had to trade one more race but...that last race produced profit +0,73 so I little skyrocketed my initial profit goal 💪
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    DAY 15 Markets traded: 19 Profit: +£0,10 Bank: £22,26 Commentary: I had great day today and markets tried to ruin it for me so I laught at them even when I was on big minus figures. Result? I had very good dose of experience during this short trading session and still got paid 10p for improving myself heavily 🙌
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    And Thank You Tomas for sharing what you have learned and achieved. I appreciate it
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    Reading anything you write not make you think about changing the way you trade? "the favourite was getting BACKED down to 3.6" coming down all the way to 2.86 if not lower and you are trying to LAY it each trade!? Would it not of been much easier just to back? As you said yourself, it was getting backed. "17.00 The favourite DRIFTED up to 2.48" going up to 2.74 and higher? and you keep trying to back it!? its drifting as you said. Why are you trying to catch a falling knife/ jump in front of the train when you can get on-board instead. Also these sort of statements you make "Generally on Saturdays, it is best to back the favourites at a high point" are just crazy imo. You can not go into a market and think, well its a Saturday and its the fav I better back it. Or its a Tuesday i better lay the second fav at the bottom of the range. The sweeping assumptions are dangerous. If the markets were as easy as that you would be loaded by now. I am not trying to be mean and please do not take what i say as me digging at you, i am just trying to help in my own way
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    Generally on Saturdays, it is best to back the favourites at a high point (because all the mugs keep wanting to back them). Did so on every trade today. But in the 14.45, I backed at 3.25, which was the highest point it had ever been. Then a massive sudden lay spike, when I had to lay at 3.7 (which is a 9 tick loss). I did back again twice at 3.65 to gain 3 ticks profit. Made that 40p again in the next 2 races. So, recovered from a losing position, and turned it into a profitable day.
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    @getintheir, this is also interesting: It seems like their revenue is going down. No wonder after their restrictive & unfair policy - I myself quit from trading because of that. For a long time, I was observing the declining volume on horse racing. Few years ago, markets were completely different and much more active! It would be good to bring the "good old days" back on some other (fair) exchange.
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    ..And it looks very helpful. Very generous of you to share trading wisdom, especialy in such a detailed and easy to follow format. Top work.
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    Hello everyone, When we begin our trading journey, it's natural that our first goal is to make money. Of course, those of us who have been on that journey, know that before you make money, you will perhaps lose money and experience a lot of frustration. I think we all know that there will be people who give up and maybe, you've thought about giving up, too. But, it's important to remain focused as sometimes, you don't know how near you are to achieving your goal. As the picture below shows. Chris
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    Here is a quote for you to think about: In other words, whilst experimenting with your trading, if one strategy does not work, try another one. Eventually, you will find success. Just like Mr Edison's invention, the light bulb will suddenly be switched on!