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    Hello everybody, my name is Massimo and I write from Italy I discovered this site in a facebook trading group and I have to pay my sincere congratulations to Tomas. It is not easy to find these well-built resources. I am not a professional trader but a horse racing enthusiast. This passion leads me to follow English horse racing on a daily basis and my operations are mainly based on “live” operations with various trading strategies. However, I am sure to find great ideas and more in-depth teaching of pre-race trading here. Thank you all!
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    Hi i am new to world of trading horse racing! I want just learn and be pro in this world. Sure to find some interesting stuff here! My name is Giacomo and i am Italian so my english as u can see sucks Thanks Guys and if anyone can reccomend me where i start to learn on this forum as newbie . Thanks a lot
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    Hi Matiars, You can make £100k- £200k+ P.A. trading very easily, although it's very hard to earn or even lose also..... Profitable trader know exactly what i mean, basically, if you are totally disciplined it very easy, however if you have a tendency to gamble or get frightened by risk, you will very easily lose your £40k living and a lot more...... FYI, people like CB & PW, skirt around the edges, they will give you some very handy tips but with no explanation how they get their edge, once you find your own edge, you will have learnt the info you paid for for free anyway..... My advice is to save your money, screen time is where you really learn, granted that can be expensive too, so start with very small stakes until you are constantly profiting month on month! All the best, Jay.
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    Hello! You walk steadily! The balance is growing steadily, and this is the main thing! I will watch with interest!
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    Hi everyone, Thought it was time to register and introduce myself. I'm from the UK, and have been trading pre-off horse racing since January 2019. I've had some success in that time, but never any consistency. Some profitable days (my highest day's profit was £31), but more often than not I break even or end the day in a loss. Largely, I think my lack of success is down to trading an ineffectual strategy (which I learned from an online course I won't name). So, I decided it was time to expand my market knowledge and try something else. I've studied quite a lot on the psychology of trading, and have definitely improved in that regard. However, I think a fundamental lack of knowledge and poor strategy has been holding me back. I found this site at the end of last year and have finally gotten down to reading it all the way through. It's been very helpful, and I feel I understand a lot that I previously didn't. Particularly, I'm interested in learning swing trading and trend trading, as I think those suit my personality more and seem like the best way to get the risk to reward or profit and loss ratio right (big gains and small losses). Anyway, enough rambling from me!
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    Good afternoon. I have been searching for a beginners guide to trading and have used all of the usual channels (Youtube videos etc) which have left me totally confused to be honest. The problem being no-one ever seems to tell you what they are doing or why they are doing it! So to have been pointed in the direction of this website has blown my mind! The wealth of information on offer is pretty mindblowing. Just wanted to offer a thankyou to Tomas for going to so much effort in putting this guide together. I am absolutely determined to make a success of trading and have begun reading the guide.
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    DAY 94 Markets traded: 9 greyhounds Profit: +£2,38 Bank: £37,67 Commentary: Late evening attempt to trade just last few greyhound races almost ended with disaster when it was already going heavily downhill. Screenshot from my ladders at the bottom is great example of how it was today. Oh yes, that "almost" disaster was market suspended where you see fortunately that I won that straight bet. Red light district
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    As I said above, the more money involved, the more you can earn (or lose). The biggest events of the year attract the largest amount of money. Below is my list of the biggest events in order of importance: Cheltenham Festival Royal Ascot Grand National Glorious Goodwood These are multi-day events and you can usually have much bigger stakes on them. As a result, you can earn more (or lose more) than usual. Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot are the biggest weeks of the year. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    I've been using many different strategies on many different sports. My favourite sports are horse racing (British, Irish, American & Australian) and Greyhound racing. I have made most of my lifetime profits on these sports. Now, I share all of my strategies in my book. However, some of them are described here: https://sportstradingexposed.com/blog/videos/ But many of them can be found only in my book. The reason is obvious - it took me a very long time (10+ years) to learn many different techniques on Betfair and it also took me a lot of time and effort to put all of them together. Anyway, I hope you will like what I'm sharing with you!