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    This was a very important part of my trading in first few years. I used to always record my screen when trading and analyse it later. I recommend you to do the same because I know it can help you to improve a lot. You will gain very useful insight when you see the market and its behaviour combined with your own actions. For example, you can see you’re reacting too hasty to moves in the market or that you’re buying too high & selling too low in certain situations. The first step to improve your trading is always done through awareness of your own mistakes. Then you can move on to fixing them. For recording my screens, I use Camtasia Studio. However, it’s a paid software that I also need for editing my videos. I think you can definitely find a free alternative these days. Another advantage of recording your own trading is that you can see your progress over time. Watching an old video where you made lot of mistakes that you’re not doing these days is a very positive boost to your trading career! < PREV | HOME | NEXT >