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    Yesterday I had a chance to trade greyhounds for almost 3 hours and this is the result: Nice and steady. I think the evening racing has a better liquidity but these afternoon races were good as well. Btw, I'm not using big stakes to achieve these results. Greyhounds are nice for their high volatility which is good when using smaller stakes. With a small stake you can achieve a nice ROI. Something like this for example: 13.64% ROI on my maximum exposure in this market... On the other hand, you can't scale too much. On the other other hand, there are tons of these markets every day. I think over a hundred races every day, every few minutes. Stats: Current Equity:
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    I have decided to do some trading on greyhounds in April. Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could show him some trading on Betfair. I did show him both, greyhounds and horses. But I was positively surprised with the liquidity on greyhounds and so they grabbed my attention. On some races there was more than 50K of traded volume. An average race was around 20-30K. I found these markets to be quite appealing! There was also a some talk about greyhounds on WowApp and I feel this is a good time to start a little challenge again. I don't have any expectations or targets. I will simply trade whenever I feel I want to trade and let's see what will happen. So far, I am sort of learning these markets again because I didn't trade them for quite some time. My today's result: And some stats: My last race made this day negative but I don't care. I did soak up the markets and hopefully this will pay off in the next days, my strike rate is around 70% which is good. I only have to manage my positions better because in one race I did open bigger position than I should and I lost about £14 which is far above my average loss. I'm really curious how this will develop. Maybe more than you are, lol! Happy trading!
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    Again my second race of the day gave me a loss, $ -11.72 this has already been happening a few days ago. I need to find a way around it, it must be psychological or it's because I have not gotten into the rhythm yet. Tomorrow I will reduce the stake in the first and second race. I still had two more significant losses on the day but I finished the day with profit. In these horses with high odd it is very important to enter missing 4 to 3 minutes before the off, because before that there are a lot of movements made by bots or bad people who want to get their money lol. I posted a video with two races My P&L today:
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    I noticed move upwards in your video at 6:32 on horse Patrick. When that got high enough someone tried to close or push price down with that over 200 stake so I would look at placing back bet one or even two tick under that 200 stake and look for 2 tick profit and it could be more as seen on video. It was just my observation by looking at market without analyzing your operation for a second. You did really well in my opinion in these markets. Keep going 🤠
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    A good example of spoofers can be seen in the first image. Notice the large amount of fake money trying to take the price down, but the aggression was still in the price 11.5 and nothing to be traded at 11. In image 2 all money disappears and the price rises to 14. Before entering any operation observe the facts, Look at the time that is lacking for the race to start, which the Betfair graph can inform you about resistance and support points, trends and mainly for me if there is aggression to move the price.
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    Despite several scratch trades early on (most would have been profitable too if I waited just a bit longer), I had a reasonable day.
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    I found the markets behaving differently to what they normally do on a Wednesday. Was able to adapt by doing the opposite of my normal strategy. But still cautious, and so I was quite selective as to which races to trade. Ended in profit for the day.
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    Found the markets more predictable today. On Mondays (maybe more so in the summer than the winter), with certain races, a pattern seems to repeat. The clue is to think which horses a gambler would be betting on. Apart from the 14.15 but I was quick enough to recognise and to scratch (which saved me several ticks loss). In the 14.35 I backed at 4.1 Only took 1 tick because 4.0 is a crossover and is often layed at. In hindsight, I could have had a 7 tick swing trade. Not showing in the picture below, but in the 15.05 I offered a back bet at 3.3 My bet wasn't matched (as I was behind a queue of other money), and there was a big spike downwards. If my bet did match, I could have a 12 tick swing trade! The 15.40 was interesting. A spoofer was laying the favourite early on. It was obvious that they wanted the price to drift above the real market value. I waited for the spoofer to stop laying their multiple large stakes, and backed at the top of the range. Did they stop as they run out of liability money? That was the time to enter with a back bet. Overall, a good day.
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    Bit of a roller coaster for me today. Had a couple of big losses early on. The first, 4 times I backed a drifting favourite. The 2nd time, I backed at 5.2 (it was steady for a while, and so thought no one was willing to lay any more). A sharp drift suddenly happened, and I lost 11 ticks. Then in the 15.15, I decided to lay the 3rd horse which was trading around 20.0 I waited for it to drop a bit, then layed for a few ticks. Confident of doing this as there was a very heavy favourite that was likely to get backed a lot. So, the big win outweighed the 2 big losses. Today is Friday. The markets seemed the complete opposite of yesterday. From 15.45 onwards, there seemed to be a lot of spoofing going on. A few other small wins meant I am up by 66p for the day.
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    Thanks Tomas for the advice, I already had several losses in-play, doing lay at the end of the race. Lately no more, these losses were in back with inattention.
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    Similar to yesterday. I had a loss in the first race but turned it around for a profitable day. The favourite kept drifting up to 4.5 and coming back down. It did this several times. When I decided to back it at 4.5, it goes and drifts and I lose 4 ticks (laying at 4.9, just as well, as the odds went up to as high as 5.8). After that, made 6 winning traded races. Decided to stop at the 16.30 whilst I was in profit. The races from 16.40 onwards were at fairly high odds for the favourites. Wasn't sure, so left it, but still watched the markets. The markets seem to be more steady, and in hindsight, could have backed at a high point. Does anyone have any experience of late afternoon/early evening racing in the summer? There will be more from next week, as the clocks go forward an hour; good for any part timers out there.
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    A good day with no losses. Mainly from backing the favourites at the right time. Missed a few opportunities as well, including the 16.10, when twice I self cancelled a back offer at 2.5 Just after, there was a huge back spike, and the market suddenly crashed down to 2.26 (so nearly had a 10+ tick swing trade). Pleased with how the day went.
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    Good observation. Sometimes you have to be quick to see these opportunities, because one might be looking at another ladder etc.
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    I'm trying to become a Do-gooder to watch the videos.
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    These images were not of an operation made by me, it is a video of a trader called Bickat of portugal. I only enter the operation missing 5 minutes or less to start the race except in big events like Cheltenham where the liquidity is high and you can leave quite easily
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    I normally find I have a problem with the first race so like to keep stakes smaller to make sure I am ready.
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    As Tom said, for me in some situations the weight of money doesn't mean a lot, it may just be someone wanting the market to go in their direction(spoofers). As I work with high odds in some cases the graph is upward the weight of money makes the market move, but it always disappears. My main indicator is aggression on a particular price, If the aggression on a particular price is too large no matter the weight of the money I go along with them to take one tick or two or a swing.
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    Hi folks, Thank you for the welcome. I havent been logging regularly, will keep you updated once I resume trading. thank you
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    Another three day summary... I haven't been able to dedicate much time to greyhounds but at least I am finally in profit with a little bit of luck involved April 5th: As you can see, I had only a very little time in the morning and in the evening so there is really not much to talk about. April 7th: This day boosted my overall profit but it wasn't because of my excellent trading skills - it was due to an early suspended market. Exactly 10 seconds before the official start of the race I ended up with quite a big Back bet on a favourite: Luckily the favourite did win the race. But I quite don't understand one thing - why on earth the market is suspended so early? How can we rely on the time? Seems like we have to live with this issue and so I decided to close all of my trading positions at least 15 seconds before the official time. I usually finish my trading little bit earlier though. Unfortunately, I will miss some good opportunities which often arrive early before the official starting time. Except this race, I would still end up with £21.24 profit and that is what I would prefer - more days with a smaller profit rather than days with big ups and downs. April 8th: What gets me into a loss quite often are those bloody big & unexpected spikes up and down. Someone often takes a lot of money (often in thousands) and he moves the price from like 3.00 to 4.00 in just one second. It's quite hard to fight against it sometimes but I think I can now roughly recognise if it will happen or not. Let's see what the future will bring Stats: Current Equity:
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    I had a bot running on the dogs which was profitable to start with but became unprofitable so I turned it off. I think there is still profit there just need to come back to it.
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    I haven't been trading much in the last few days but for the record and maximum transparency, I want to publish my results from the last three days on greyhounds. 2nd April: In the highlighted race I was caught by an early suspension of the market. It was suspended about 5 seconds before the official start of the race. Little annoying but what can I do? If I take this statistically, I should be in a small loss over the long term because of these suspensions. Why loss? Well, sometimes the greyhound wins, sometimes it loses but when it wins, I have to pay the commission. So, if I am correct, if there would be no commission, I should be roughly on 0. The commission should take me into a small loss. 3rd April: Nothing I can say about that, I just traded a few races with a small stake. 4th April: This day was nice. I was able to jump into a few races in the evening and I was pleased with the liquidity in the markets. I caught some nice swings and I noticed, together with @Tommy, that markets are heavily manipulated. It's not unusual that someone with very deep pockets does move the price for like 20 ticks or more and he holds the price in this range. Just to illustrate what I mean, this is a picture from yesterday's greyhound racing: Ridiculous amounts on ridiculous prices. Clear manipulation. Stats for the last three days: Condensed stats: My strike rate is very good so I am being quite optimistic about the challenge. I only have to keep an eye on that bloody countdown and hedge my positions rather earlier than later Current Equity:
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    It's a bit like a lot of tipsters are actually employed by the bookies. Sometimes it is better to lay against their selections, instead of the general punter who is conned into backing them!
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    @David, usually the more you trade, the more certainty you should get. But if you are not certain, it is much better to watch than to do some blind attempts.
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    I like the summer too. Better weather for a start. I found the winter racing markets hard to predict. The summer seems to bring more traders about. Just need to see the right opportunities at the right time.
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    Markets seem to trade better and better as we progress into spring. Some markets exhibits very nice long trends. Had an emotional roller coaster today. It all began nice and smooth. Than an unexpected loss put me back to starting point. It was painful but after a few swears it went away. The next market proved just the opposite. Got in with bigger than usual stakes and cocked it up again. Than the real discipline kicked in and I sharpened my focus and finished the day positive. Why am I sharing this? Well that's is something that every trader encounters now and again. It is happening due to the fact that we are not robots but humans. We do make mistakes and that's ok. What is important though is how we react to that occurring mistake. Mistakes will never end as their mother is always pregnant :). But really that's how we evolve, that's the only way forward. The markets pay you to be disciplined. But even if positive at the end of the day the feeling of those reds still persist. Again that's ok. Eventually it will go away as many other unpleasant things do.