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    i was working so hard to make $24 profit
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    i make $0.40-$0.50 per race on average, i have to trade 80-90 races per day to make $30-$40
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    my geeks toy set up, i trade 1st and 2nd favs most of the time ( i leanrt it from Tomas, he trades 1st & 2nd favs , too) , Thank You so much Tomas, your videos help me a lot
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    DAY 64 Deposited some cash to make it £20 in my balance Markets traded: 17 Profit: +£20,05 ( 0,09 is from trading and rest is from suspended market after fee ) Bank: £40,05 Commentary: I observe myself and see that I am holding myself back. Almost 50% of races where I am involved I am not matched because I have my positions too far from action. I have to gain confidence again because right now I am scared to take action in markets. Maybe spending more in markets would help but I had to stop today when I found myself looking at these "traffic lights" flickering and having no clue what is happening, just watching these lights like a cat. Oh yes, for those who does not read chat on our wowapp group I got caught in suspended market on Monmore race track today when strange massive lay bet came in 5 seconds before off and they even suspended few seconds earlier that market so I left money on table and fortunately won that bet (strong favorite to win).
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    DAY 63 Markets traded: 12 Profit: -£0,83 Bank: £3,37 Commentary: I have been fooled out of market. Classic 1st of April was mirrored into markets where spikes wiped my balance. I am glad I did not trade today with serious stakes. That would be total disaster. I am writing 1st of April down for next time to take day off. My initial plan was to trade longer today, but no thank you. This was insanely quick move from odds around 4,6 to 6,2 seconds before market was suspended. My eyes popped out even when I had relatively good positioned make market positions