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    Markets seem to trade better and better as we progress into spring. Some markets exhibits very nice long trends. Had an emotional roller coaster today. It all began nice and smooth. Than an unexpected loss put me back to starting point. It was painful but after a few swears it went away. The next market proved just the opposite. Got in with bigger than usual stakes and cocked it up again. Than the real discipline kicked in and I sharpened my focus and finished the day positive. Why am I sharing this? Well that's is something that every trader encounters now and again. It is happening due to the fact that we are not robots but humans. We do make mistakes and that's ok. What is important though is how we react to that occurring mistake. Mistakes will never end as their mother is always pregnant :). But really that's how we evolve, that's the only way forward. The markets pay you to be disciplined. But even if positive at the end of the day the feeling of those reds still persist. Again that's ok. Eventually it will go away as many other unpleasant things do.
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    Hi everyone, I am a new member. Been losing money with scalping and swing trading etc, hopefully I can learn the basis and skills and perhaps break even in the long term
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    Just for a complete picture this are the exact minimum and maximum prices inplay from that race.
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    i am trading dogs while wait for Cheltenham
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    Hi Ricardo. Thanks for posting. I would comment your screenshot like this: if you kept your risk under control than this profit is brilliant, otherwise for me this looks like gambling. Your balance of 158.71 is way out proportion with a profit of 133. To me there were 3 ways in which good profit could have been made on that race. 1. Catching big gaps of price inplay: Sire Du Berlais touched 38 in running. 2. Laying the field, this is what I did and like to do when seeing opportunities and not only seeing but hearing too - the commentators are very loud and clear in such cases. Tobefair, Not Many Left, Sire Du Berlais and Cuneo - all traded ~ 1.5 in running. A 50 stake at odd of 1,5 (25risk) would have given a 75 return. Off course it is possible to lay at odds of 2.5 too for example. In this case you need a minimum of 3 runners to take your stake to be in profit. 3. only if you can read a race properly, and know the form and style of horses. Certain front runners run out of gas in the closing stages. Nevertheless a profit is a profit.
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    Hello @dunken Welcome to the forum. I think most people lose when starting to trade. Keep practicing in training mode, or with tiny stakes. Hopefully, we will all crack it some day.
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    that is a great job @Ricardo Do, it reminds me the good old days on greyhounds! I was doing 50+ races per day on average, too
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    there is no Cheltenham, i have to work very hard on greyhound trading
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    Hello everyone, Due to some issues on my laptop, I've not been able to get on WowApp group chat but I'm still here. I thought I'd share a back to lay for the Gold Cup later: Might Bite Trade: I'll be looking to place a back bet just before the off and then trade out 30% lower - if you have a look at the attached screenshot, you will see that I'm staking more on the lay side and this gives more profit on the field, should Might Bite hit the 30% but not go onto win. To help people calculate the back and lay amounts: Whatever your back stake is, you need to add 40% to this and that will be your lay stake i.e.: £5 back £7 lay £10 back £14 lay £50 back £70 lay As always, stake sensibly and do remember that in a race as closely fought as the Gold Cup, nothing is guaranteed.
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    Hi Tomas. With cash race it is important to <opt in>. Even if you do it in the last day of promotion betfair will take into account all the points you earned for the cash race period which is usual 30 days. Every customer gets his individual targets depending on previous activity. A nice little bonus.
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    DAY 59 Markets traded: 11 greyhound and 1 horse race Profit: +£2,82 Bank: £50,36 Commentary: Markets were not that generous to me today and I have got caught in suspended market before I managed to close my losing position. Luckyli that dog lost and my lay bet won. I noticed that they suspend markets a bit earlier than I am used to so I have to leave sooner from now on.
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    DAY 58 Markets traded: 12 Profit: +£7,60 Bank: £47,54 Commentary: Someone caused big spikes in markets so I took what he offered and you see the result. Last 4-5 races I was just literally waiting if he will come back and since he didn't I left markets as well with smile on my face. Today's best trade