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    Hello all When trading greyhound and tennis markets I noticed something curious - where there are big gaps, money was being matched on both sides of the book at the same time, in the middle of the gap - in this case at odds of 2.10 in a tennis match: My first thought was that someone's bot was self-matching (maybe to generate commission towards PC), but now I think this activity is Betfair's cross-matching bot. The activity always seems to be at opposing odds - 1.90 and 2.10, or 1.50 and 3.0 for example. What do you guys (and girls) think, and can we take advantage of this x-matching bot somehow? I've managed to close a position at better-than-available odds by placing my closing bet where I could see x-matching activity, but that's not really a strategy to take advantage of it...
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    yesterday favorite before the race starts was traded at 1.01
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    Good idea Ronald. I did not know about transferring funds being possible. Thank you for that 🙂 For all of you guys checking my thread... I am having hard times since 28.5.2019 when something happened in my personal life and it is affecting everything in my life now massively. Because of that I am unable to trade and this thread is closed for me. I cannot say if I will continue posting again one day. If I will trade it will be very occasionally unless something changes in my life again. You all can reach me on wowapp, I will keep checking stuff discussed there. Thank you for your understanding
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    If I were you I would use different banks for different sports. I know it doesn't matter too much if you keep records. Betfair have two extra wallets: exchange games and poker, in which you could transfer soccer funds. Soccer is much more riskier and should have its own bank and with that a strategy, risk management and so on. But that's is my opinion only.
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    A very eventful day. After the sticky API in the afternoon came evening with many races / opportunities. Today is the last day of this month and for me was one of the best so far. Thanks to the trading Gods for keeping api intact. Managed to trade 54 markets. Record being on 11th of May with 55 markets. But the number of bets is the highest of the month. By the way there is a new cash race promotion going on. Will have to use some soccer markets to generate those points which almost doubled this time. Stratford 19:50 Race Video