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    Hi Tommy Well done on your efforts and don't feel too bad about the last race going wrong - it happens and you still have enough bank to trade with today. I don't trade greyhounds and maybe Thomas / Tom Peace can correct me here, but that looked a bit like a trending horse race in that the favourite was getting backed and nothing else seemed to be able to stop it -this was in the latter part of the video. In this case, as hard as it can be, it might be worth holding on to a trade a little longer to give it time to breathe. You are doing very well overall though! Keep going, Chris
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    I will be posting profits/losses, general thoughts, feelings, progress, regression and anything else I can share, using £25 stakes only and let's see where this goes
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    Markets left : 907 Today: 21 (18/3) / over £100 Very good day. Lots of activity, lots of short favorites. Felt like Saturday, only with bigger gaps between markets. Broke the rules once only. The highest traded volume (all back + all lay stakes) since first post. Would have been much more pleased if I was clean on discipline field.
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    It's been quite some time since my last trading challenge on Betdaq. It ended faster than expected. Because either of the bad software quality or the API quality of Betdaq, I couldn't have a confidence in my open positions. Sometimes there was a difference between my open position displayed in the software versus the Betdaq website, which is less than optimal situation. I have also received a message from @Luciano who wanted to see some challenge again. On top of that, I always wanted to post some information regarding my trading, sometimes with videos, but I didn't want to push myself into another challenge. These days, trading is not my top 1 priority and I dedicate quite a lot of time to other stuff so pushing myself into a challenge would not make me feel comfortable. I was thinking about the concept and yesterday, out of nowhere, the Eureka moment came to my mind. I will not be doing a challenge in a way to "earn X over the time period of Y". I will just post some random stuff that will come to my mind when trading, maybe a few times per month, just as it comes. There is no need to produce new content at any cost, I just want it to be enjoyable for both sides, you and me. Yesterday I started trading little earlier and I noticed there are some Australian races before the UK racing started. I used these markets to warm up myself and I recorded a few videos of how you can make the market in a low liquid race. I have always seen a very nice opportunity in low liquid markets because of the possible ROI. If you do it right, you can scalp many ticks with a small stake and have a good return. I think this is also a good complementary solution for beginners. If you can make a little profit from low liquid markets, it does encourage you and it may cover the cost of learning how to trade on bigger markets. If I will make any videos in the future, they may not be with a voice over. They will most likely be with some written description inside the video. To be honest, it's quite a pain for me to do a voice over and maybe it's a pain for you to listen to it as well I hope you understand my reasons. So here is a video regarding the low stakes: Occasional trading - low liquid markets.mp4 And below is my result from yesterday's trading as a whole: My starting bank was: And I ended up with: Can you see? There is no point in risking huge amounts in order to earn a decent return. I was able to earn 55% on my initial deposit just in one day. So that's my message of today's blog - keep it simple and don't risk much. There is no need for that. Just stick to your rules and don't increase your stakes until you see some results.
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    Thanks for posting this, Tom. A reminder to those of us still on the journey that your methods work and you don't need a huge bank to make a good return.
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    Nice results as always Tomas! Nice to watch a new video too
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    Maybe you have already noticed but just to make it little bit more official, I have created a few thresholds which will help us to identify a member reputation across the community. It works like this - if other member of the community gives you a like , your reputation will get +1 point (nobody can give negative points). And once you meet a certain threshold, you will receive a badge: So, every newcomer is obviously a Stranger. Once he receives at least 5 points from other members of the community, he becomes a "Candidate". At 10 points, he becomes a Do-gooder, etc. If you have any ideas for 100, 200 & 500 badges, feel free to reply to this topic. Maybe you are asking what is the advantage of these badges? Well, apart from being recognized as a valuable member of the community, you also get slightly better features when using the forums. For example: your maximum amount of personal messages goes up, your time allowance for editing your own posts is higher, etc.
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    Yesterday it was trading day number 36 DAY 37 Markets traded: 30 ( few were without matched positions ) Profit: -£0,23 Bank: £18,76 Commentary: My last deposit £9 finally arrived into my betfair account so today was completely different for me because I am able to place lay bets again. For whole time it was like 50:50. Few profits, few losses but I had slightly bigger profits than losses so it was not that bad and I felt more satisfied with my trading than I was during past 3 days. I decided to finish my trading when I finish my 30th market. Then it did hit me massively, oh boy, I have made nice facepalm at the end. Video from my 30th market is posted below.
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    Markets left : 826 Today: 36 ( 24/11/1 ) / over £100 Lively, good markets, lots of opportunities. Went inplay a few times. Overall in control. Wish wouldn't have done that. But I'am getting there. Having 'annoying' reminders in background from time time. Biggest turnover so far. Almost doubled the previous high. Used bigger stakes today. Not sure about tomorrow but Monday and Tuesday will be day offs. Will have a look at Aus Open markets.
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    Best of luck, Gareth. Good community here and we'll all try and help if you ask us. Best of luck Chris
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    Bank: £10,95 DAY 32 Markets traded: 10 Profit: -£0,96 Bank: £9,99 Commentary: I have been holding back during last few weeks while trading markets. It was working, but very time consuming and not rewarding much. My last deposit is still not added to my betfair account so maybe later today or on monday. Today I went into market in attempt to trade like I used to trade a month ago. Well, you can see how it went. I had same results these last 3 times when I attempted to earn some penny. Strange what is happening and I am sadly getting used to accepting losses without feeling any pain but still I am very disappointed when I see how many of my trades went wrong. Sad days here but I keep going as usual.
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    Hi Gareth, I am glad to see more people joining this idea. I am excited to see your results and wish you best of luck 🙂
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    Markets left : 862 Today: 18 ( 15/12) / £24.71 Tricky day for me. Maybe if I was a bit more focused I would have done better. Frustrating. The liquidity was low especially at Market Rasen. Tried Meydan which was even thinner as usual. Yesterday I had some sports activities for about 3 hours. Might be the cause of my fatigue.
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    Markets left : 889 Today: 18 (12/6) / £68.34 All over the place today but somehow good profit. Concentration level wasn't as it should be. At first I thought I would have a day off but picked a few good moves and got involved in the end. Btw there was a 1.01 loser again today. Did broke the rules again. I came up with an idea to help myself. First I will record a few wav files with my own voice as remainders. Then use windows Task Scheduler to lunch a wav file with VLC every 10minutes. Vlc has an argument that allows it to close itself after playing the file. Let's hope this will boost my discipline. In case somebody wants to do something similar the arument is: "-I null --play-and-exit". Tested it today and works ok.
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    Markets left : 946 Today: 36 (18/18) / £22.07  Very poor performance from me for a Saturday. p&l doesn't matter at the moment but it still has its influence on my attitude and discipline. I have to say it is very hard. I had a feeling that I am missing lots of activity and with that lots of opportunities. That thought alone was hanging in my mind not allowing me to concentrate properly. The p&l is hard to ignore. At one moment I thought that I will be negative today. Lingfield repeated yesterday's pattern of activity.
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    Markets left : 982 Traded: 18 (15/3) / £25.95 Found it today tough. Markets jumping all over the place. The easiest trade was the last (15:50) NHF at Sedge. Now the big question. Did I go inplay? Yes, two times. And one of it was an unsuccessful attempt to lay the field at 15:00 Hunt 2m4f Novice. It's was looking juicy as the commentator was shouting .. the gambler in me just woke up... The second time just got caught inplay by the excitement of that "last" trade at of the Lingfield meetings. Onward and upward from here. Anyway the most profitable meeting was Sedgefield. Not going to trade evening meetings.
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    My advice maybe a little bit unusual. It's been quite some time since you started trading, that means you know very well how to operate the software, you probably know different emergency situations and how to act & react when they happen. You know that it makes no sense to risk more than you can afford to lose. Right now you probably know every technical aspect of trading yet you still struggle to achieve long term profit and to go up in the game. Try something different than you are already doing right now. You need to be "in the zone" - that is a kind of situation when you feel like you have a trance. There is only you and the market. You feel the market as a living organism and you feel every beat of it. Have you ever felt like this? From my own experience, I have had just a few moments in my trading career which really meant I was able step up and jump to another level of trading. The first one was when I realized I can really make some money on this. It took me a few months (on greyhounds). The second one was when I earned £100 in a day for the first time. The third one was £1,000 in a day. The last one was £1,000 in a one race. Once I understood any of these milestones is possible, I was able to repeat them regularly. I want you to crack the first step, to get you into a profit. You obviously need to change something and my inner feeling is that you need to be more pro-active in the market. You need to be the one who does the decision and takes the position first. Market is often a slow & fat guy, yet very powerful. It's really hard to describe it but there is a little room / space for the profit. Market always follows that space but when it does, it creates another space. You need to get into a situation when you are the one who is on top of everything. That requires to make quick and maybe risky decisions but you need to stand up and do it, you need to get out of the crowd. Crowd will never bring you to the top.