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    Scalping guys, I had a perception today, the entries at the bottom of the well and at the odds of crossings are safer, wait for these supports to be tested, if the market does not pass it usually has a correction for the opposite side it is time to enter and get the profit! watch . Like this post please to get the vippp content
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    Good afternoon guys, I'm going to speak here a phrase that can help, "" Take care of your red, if you take care of your profit the market takes care of your red "". Please enjoy it so I can have access to exclusive content
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    Hi guys, My name is James and I cam across Tomas's course last week. I've been blown away by how good it is. Hopefully I'll be able to implement the advice and make pre-race trading work. My first aim is to break even after 2 months. Let's see how it goes. Thanks
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    Is it still possible to join Tomas? Many thanks. All sorted I have downloaded through your link.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Tomas and I'm a creator of this website. I've been a full-time Betfair trader since 2006 and now, I'm exposing everything I have learned. If you want to read my full story, click here. I would like to talk more about the purpose of this community here. Every one of us is probably part of some community. The purpose of communities is always to get people together. And if people can get together and help each other, they can achieve great things. I've seen this many times - two people are stronger than one. Just use the community here to discuss ideas, ask questions and get inspiration. You never know when the Eureka moment will arrive to your mind! Where to go next? Introduce Yourself Put your mark on the map (this is how you can meet other traders in your area) Feel free to ask questions Or start your own blog and track your progress If there is anything you miss on this website, just let me know!
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    I've added you already. You need to be invited.
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    Hello! You walk steadily! The balance is growing steadily, and this is the main thing! I will watch with interest!
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    Hi @Tomas, As you may have noticed I have started a blog for a trading challenge with a bank of £25 trading strictly greyhounds market please take a look at my posts and YouTube video of my trading. Your feed back would be welcome Many Thanks CP
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    This was a very important part of my trading in first few years. I used to always record my screen when trading and analyse it later. I recommend you to do the same because I know it can help you to improve a lot. You will gain very useful insight when you see the market and its behaviour combined with your own actions. For example, you can see you’re reacting too hasty to moves in the market or that you’re buying too high & selling too low in certain situations. The first step to improve your trading is always done through awareness of your own mistakes. Then you can move on to fixing them. For recording my screens, I use Camtasia Studio. However, it’s a paid software that I also need for editing my videos. I think you can definitely find a free alternative these days. Another advantage of recording your own trading is that you can see your progress over time. Watching an old video where you made lot of mistakes that you’re not doing these days is a very positive boost to your trading career! < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    Welcome @Winrite It may be a good idea to try out both pieces of software for the free trial period. The Betdaq versions of both are completely free if you want an extended free trial but unfortunately they don't have training mode. Betangel has more bells and whistles but many wont use them, it also has automation which Geekstoy doesn't have, but in the long term Geekstoy works out far cheaper. Just 120 for, in theory, a lifetime subscription compared to (last I checked) a 150 per year ongoing Betangel subscription.
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    Hi everyone, Thought it was time to register and introduce myself. I'm from the UK, and have been trading pre-off horse racing since January 2019. I've had some success in that time, but never any consistency. Some profitable days (my highest day's profit was £31), but more often than not I break even or end the day in a loss. Largely, I think my lack of success is down to trading an ineffectual strategy (which I learned from an online course I won't name). So, I decided it was time to expand my market knowledge and try something else. I've studied quite a lot on the psychology of trading, and have definitely improved in that regard. However, I think a fundamental lack of knowledge and poor strategy has been holding me back. I found this site at the end of last year and have finally gotten down to reading it all the way through. It's been very helpful, and I feel I understand a lot that I previously didn't. Particularly, I'm interested in learning swing trading and trend trading, as I think those suit my personality more and seem like the best way to get the risk to reward or profit and loss ratio right (big gains and small losses). Anyway, enough rambling from me!
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    Good afternoon. I have been searching for a beginners guide to trading and have used all of the usual channels (Youtube videos etc) which have left me totally confused to be honest. The problem being no-one ever seems to tell you what they are doing or why they are doing it! So to have been pointed in the direction of this website has blown my mind! The wealth of information on offer is pretty mindblowing. Just wanted to offer a thankyou to Tomas for going to so much effort in putting this guide together. I am absolutely determined to make a success of trading and have begun reading the guide.
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    DAY 94 Markets traded: 9 greyhounds Profit: +£2,38 Bank: £37,67 Commentary: Late evening attempt to trade just last few greyhound races almost ended with disaster when it was already going heavily downhill. Screenshot from my ladders at the bottom is great example of how it was today. Oh yes, that "almost" disaster was market suspended where you see fortunately that I won that straight bet. Red light district
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    To be honest, it should be easy for anyone to get 10+ likes.
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    boom, you've got my like for this! Enjoy the videos!
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    I'm trying to become a Do-gooder to watch the videos.
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    Maybe you have already noticed but just to make it little bit more official, I have created a few thresholds which will help us to identify a member reputation across the community. It works like this - if other member of the community gives you a like , your reputation will increase by +1 point (nobody can give you negative points). Once you meet a certain threshold, you will receive a badge: So, every newcomer is obviously a Stranger. Once he receives at least 5 points from other members of the community, he becomes a "Candidate". At 10 points, he becomes a Do-gooder, etc. If you have any ideas for 200 & 500 badges, feel free to reply to this topic. Maybe you are asking what is the advantage of these badges? Well, apart from being recognized as a valuable member of the community, you also get slightly better features when using the forums. For example: your maximum amount of personal messages goes up, your time allowance for editing your own posts is higher, etc.
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    This point is very easy, as well as being extremely important, and I strongly recommend you to follow my advice. Use only the amount of money you can afford to lose. Whether it’s £10 or £1000, it must be an amount that you don’t care if you lose or not (if you would literally burn it right now). My initial deposit in Betfair was around £25, and afterwards, I only deposited money I had earned on Betfair. This is the ideal scenario – to deposit just once and gradually build up your bank over time. However, many people report how they lost their whole bank at one time. If you really want to succeed on the betting exchange, you need to be prepared for such a scenario. Let’s say you can afford to lose £150 right now. In this case, I would recommend for you to divide this number by 3 and start with £50. That gives you a backup plan if you lose your trading bank. Our mission is to protect the bank at any cost. The bank is the most important thing you have on the betting exchange and we will do our best to never lose it. We will carefully follow a money management plan for this. But just in case – if everything goes completely wrong, you still have 2 more chances to start from scratch and be stress-free (remember, you can afford to lose this money). When I say ‘stress-free’ – I mean this is something that you need to achieve during your trading. You can’t be under pressure when trading, because it would affect your decisions. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This will make your trading much harder, and trust me, it won’t take long for your hair to start turning grey! Your Bank = (Money You Can Afford To Lose) / 3 < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    I’m using Geeks Toy trading software and listed below are the minimum hardware requirements: Windows XP or higher 1.6GHz single core processor 1GB of RAM 20MB free hard disk space I think most computers meet the above requirements these days. However, I would recommend something more. Your computer doesn’t have to be the latest model, but should run the software comfortably. When I say comfortably – I mean it should not experience any lag or decrease in performance. For example – if you want to use streaming charts in the software, it may use more PC resources. You can then feel that the software is not as fast as when you have the configuration mentioned above. Or if you open a market where there are many horses in the race (like 20+) and see if Geeks Toy is running smoothly on your machine. I’m no computer expert but my recommendation is pretty simple – you should feel that there is no limit in performance of the software. It must run smooth and fast. Personally, I have one laptop with an SSD drive, 17” screen, 4GB of RAM, 1.80 GHz processor and Windows 10. Geeks Toy runs fine on this configuration. I used to have different setups – for example a Quad Monitor with a high end PC, but now I’m just fine with a laptop because I can take work with me when travelling. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    In the betting exchange world, the two most widely used terms are Back & Lay. The betting exchange model combines two very different disciplines, namely betting & financial / stock exchange. The combination of these two disciplines gave rise to the new concepts of Back & Lay. In this chapter, we look at the term Back and explain what Back means both in terms of betting, and in terms of the exchange. The word Back is the general name for an action taken on a betting exchange, and is derived from the following concepts: Bet on something to win (from betting) Selling a commodity (from the financial exchange) 3.1.1. Bet To Win Betting on something should be familiar to most people, especially those who have placed a bet at least once in their life. You choose what you think will happen and you bet a certain amount of money on that choice with a bookmaker. For example, let’s say there’s a normal horseracing event. In this case, there are five runners in the race {which are called selections on a betting exchange}, along with their respective prices: Labyrinth wins @1.81 Organza wins @2.44 Occasional Dream @55 Mette @75 Chandon Elysees @80 And it looks like this on the Betfair website: Remember – Back is always blue You may be confused with the numerous prices and amounts in the grid above. You don’t have to be. That’s just the nature of a betting exchange. Because there are people betting against each other, Betfair only displays what users offer to each other. And the best offers to Back are in the blue column. You can match your bet at this price right now. Each of the possible outcomes of the race has odds, and as a bettor, it’s in your best interest to bet on your selection at the highest available price. For instance, if a betting exchange is offering odds of 1.81, and a traditional bookmaker is offering odds of 1.61, you would be £20 poorer if your £100 bet was successful by placing your bet with a traditional bookmaker. To earn as much money as possible, you want to get the best price for your bet (AKA Back high). So when you bet £100 on Labyrinth, at odds of 1.81, your position in the market would look as follows: Market situation after placing a £100 bet on the horse Labyrinth In other words, if Labyrinth wins, your net income would be £81. But if any of the other horses win, you would lose your £100 stake. 3.1.2. Selling a Commodity The basic rule of business is to sell something for more than you paid for it. As such, the idea is to buy low and sell high when trading. If successful, you’ll make a profit. As we said in the previous paragraph, you should Back high to earn as much as possible. From the perspective of trading and financial exchanges, it means that Back is the term for selling a commodity. How exactly to Back at the highest price on the betting exchange is the subject of another chapter. 3.1.3. Better Price You don’t have to only accept prices that are currently available on the betting exchange. When placing a bet, you can choose your own price like this: Choose a better price and wait to see if it will get matched Prices on a betting exchange constantly fluctuate, and sometimes, they fluctuate a lot! There are more transactions on Betfair per day than on all European stock exchanges combined, which is a good reason for prices to fluctuate. As I said, your goal is to Back high. You can either accept the current available price, and get your bet matched instantly, or you can try to ask for a better price. Then wait if the market positively fluctuates in your direction. When it goes back, cash out for a profit. What does this mean? When you think the price will not increase any further, you immediately take the best price available at that time (the one in the blue column). If you think the price will go up and then down, you ask for a better price. More info about this strategy will be outlined in the following chapters. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    As I said above, the more money involved, the more you can earn (or lose). The biggest events of the year attract the largest amount of money. Below is my list of the biggest events in order of importance: Cheltenham Festival Royal Ascot Grand National Glorious Goodwood These are multi-day events and you can usually have much bigger stakes on them. As a result, you can earn more (or lose more) than usual. Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot are the biggest weeks of the year. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    For me, it’s important to see the bigger picture. Or at least – try to see it. Sometimes it’s hard to just step back from the never-ending thoughts in your mind. It doesn’t matter what they’re about. In trading, many of these thoughts or emotions are impulsiveness, anger, constant thinking about the past, questioning your earlier decisions, etc. Stop for a while and try to calm yourself down. Many people’s minds are poisoned, so they’re constantly delving deeply in their thoughts. Many times, these thoughts are not good or positive. Everything you do in your life starts in your mind – your mind is the place that creates ideas. Ideas can then be transmuted into real things. For example – you have an idea to run. Then you make a decision to go running. Or you have an idea to build a house. Then you make a decision to build a house. Look around you – everything started within someone’s mind. Your mind is the place that has to be cleaned, because sometimes, there’s a huge mess in there. Just monitor your thoughts for a while. How many different thoughts do you have each day? There are some that are always running in the background, right? What are they about? Are they helpful to you and your life or are they something you should purge? It’s time to clean up the mess. And never stop cleaning. Once your mind is clean, your ideas and thus your decisions will be clean as well. When your mind is in a positive state, and without negative thoughts, you will make much better decisions. I hope you get my point here. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try my best. We should talk about it on the forums and get the discussion going. But it’s something I personally went through in my life. I had to clean my mind in order to remove the limiting factors. In order to improve your trading, you can’t be hindered by anything. Many times you will find that your own mind and opinions are the limiting factors. For example – in my first few years of trading, I was limited by what I thought was possible to earn on Betfair. I didn’t believe it was possible to earn more than £1,000 in a single day on horse racing. That’s a serious limiting factor, isn’t it? If you don’t believe something is possible, how can you do it? Then I saw a screenshot of some guy who earned more than £1,000 in a single day. That completely changed my mind. After a few years, I was able to earn more than £1,000 in one day many times. My best day is somewhere close to £4,000 and I believe much more can be made just on horse racing. Our lives are created by our decisions and these decisions always come from our minds. It can be applied to all parts of our life. If we’re hindered by something, we can’t grow. Right? If we want to grow, we have to be in the right soil and literally have enough water & sunlight. So if you want to become a good trader, you have to find the soil that suits you, and have enough sunlight and water. Remove everything else that limits you. Know yourself. We’re all different and the key to a successful life or profitable trading is inside of you. If you find something that’s limiting you, let it go and replace it with something that supports your growth. It’s that simple. We all decide what we grow in our minds. It’s like planting a tree. First, we need to clean the soil (your mind) from toxic substances so the tree can start growing, then we plant the seeds, let them grow and care about them. Everything is about our decisions. Psychology is a never-ending story. I believe I’ll write more when I get some feedback from you... < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
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    I've been using many different strategies on many different sports. My favourite sports are horse racing (British, Irish, American & Australian) and Greyhound racing. I have made most of my lifetime profits on these sports. Now, I share all of my strategies in my book. However, some of them are described here: https://sportstradingexposed.com/blog/videos/ But many of them can be found only in my book. The reason is obvious - it took me a very long time (10+ years) to learn many different techniques on Betfair and it also took me a lot of time and effort to put all of them together. Anyway, I hope you will like what I'm sharing with you!
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    The fear is often a reason of the problem @GT14. I always describe trading has to be a no stress activity. You have to setup your environment and everything around you & inside you to achieve this. If you have a fear, I would ask a question - where does it come from? My advice on this is to gradually remove the "cling on money" - I hope you understand my words here. It's related to a self control and the "lust / appetence" is something what can destroy you sooner or later, especially in trading. The essence of trading is to be exposed to a risk and this is something what you have to master in order to succeed. You only have to manage your risk calmly, rationally. If you are managing a risk in emotions, you do more mistakes than when you are calm. I recommend you to watch yourself and learn as much as possible about your own inner state. There is definitely something what does start your emotions and if you will watch your inner state, you will find that problem / starter. Once you identify that, you can start working on a fix. Just do a step back and try to watch yourself. Maybe a video of you when you are trading could help?