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  1. Tomas

    pre race results

    @smallplayer, everything big starts small. If you're able to not lose money, that's a first step. You will gradually develop your style and recognise more patterns. Give it at least 10,000 races...
  2. Tomas

    Hello I'm shug

    welcome to the community @shugmac777
  3. Tomas

    Blown away newbie saying Hi

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Tomas

    Somewhat amazed newbie saying hello

    Thank you @Peter Hurley and welcome to the community!
  5. Tomas

    Hello from newbie Susie

    Hi @Susie, welcome to the community! Feel free to ask questions and update us on your progress
  6. Tomas

    Newbie's 6th month

    So you have cracked it, congratulations! I think that more people would be interested on how you are doing in the future. Any future updates are still welcome
  7. Tomas

    Early Odds Trading

    I have never did this early trading but I have seen other people doing it. So yes - everything is possible, as long as the price is moving up and down, there is a room for profit. Every trader has to find what suits him best. If you see a potential/edge in this area, go and do it.
  8. Tomas

    Daily profit plan

    Personally, I don't use plans or goals anymore. I just do my best in every market and I accept the result. Sometimes, pushing too hard to reach the goal does result in making too risky decisions. I only focus to act according to my rules in the market. If I act according to my rules, the result is usually good.
  9. Tomas

    Greetings from Russia

    Hello @shreik, thank you and welcome!
  10. Tomas

    Cross Matching

    It's because the software does display cross matched bets like this.
  11. Tomas

    Cross Matching

    I do that as well, but the true reason is cross matching.
  12. Tomas

    14.1.25. Trending Market £85+

    Simply because I thought it will stop to go down around this level. 1.50 is quite a strong psychological level and I expected this to be a good exit point. However, the trade could be better if I did let it run more.
  13. Tomas

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 1

    Hi @zitlor, at the moment, I'm using Betdaq only. The software and API has improved and I can rely on it. Maybe I will do some blogs in the future but currently I'm quite busy with other stuff.
  14. Tomas

    Newbie's 4th month

    @zitlor I have lost these videos, the only stuff I have recorded is already available on my YouTube channel. I'm not sure I can do more videos any time soon...
  15. Tomas

    Another Step Forward ?????

    Hi @rutpet, welcome to the community!