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  1. Tomas

    Newbie's 6th month

    So you have cracked it, congratulations! I think that more people would be interested on how you are doing in the future. Any future updates are still welcome
  2. Tomas

    Early Odds Trading

    I have never did this early trading but I have seen other people doing it. So yes - everything is possible, as long as the price is moving up and down, there is a room for profit. Every trader has to find what suits him best. If you see a potential/edge in this area, go and do it.
  3. Tomas

    Daily profit plan

    Personally, I don't use plans or goals anymore. I just do my best in every market and I accept the result. Sometimes, pushing too hard to reach the goal does result in making too risky decisions. I only focus to act according to my rules in the market. If I act according to my rules, the result is usually good.
  4. Tomas

    Greetings from Russia

    Hello @shreik, thank you and welcome!
  5. Tomas

    Cross Matching

    It's because the software does display cross matched bets like this.
  6. Tomas

    Cross Matching

    I do that as well, but the true reason is cross matching.
  7. Tomas

    14.1.25. Trending Market £85+

    Simply because I thought it will stop to go down around this level. 1.50 is quite a strong psychological level and I expected this to be a good exit point. However, the trade could be better if I did let it run more.
  8. Tomas

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 1

    Hi @zitlor, at the moment, I'm using Betdaq only. The software and API has improved and I can rely on it. Maybe I will do some blogs in the future but currently I'm quite busy with other stuff.
  9. Tomas

    Newbie's 4th month

    @zitlor I have lost these videos, the only stuff I have recorded is already available on my YouTube channel. I'm not sure I can do more videos any time soon...
  10. Tomas

    Another Step Forward ?????

    Hi @rutpet, welcome to the community!
  11. Tomas

    Hello another new guy

    Hi @quish, welcome to the community! If you want some real-time engagement with other traders, I recommend to join our trading chat on WowApp!
  12. Tomas

    Betfair outages protection

    Actually, Betdaq is not that bad. An average market can absorb hundreds of pounds easily. If you offer a good price (which may be quite a good idea to do in emergency), the market should take it. Except for closing your position with another exchange, I don't see any other back up plan against Betfair outage.
  13. Tomas

    Betfair live race stream

    if you mean the size of your live video, then right click on the top bar of the "Live Video" window and there you can choose between small vs big size.
  14. Tomas

    Why WowApp?

    When someone joins our trading chat on WowApp I sometimes receive a question about why am I using WowApp and not any of established applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Discord, Skype, Slack, Team Speak, etc. Let me briefly explain, there are several reasons: WowApp shares 70-80% of their revenue with members. The revenue comes from various sources, such as - digital advertising, commissions from online shopping, international calling, etc. Every time you earn in WowApp, a small part of these earnings is automatically donated to up to 5 charities of your choice. WowApp is not just a messenger. It's a whole ecosystem of products, a platform, a new sharing economy in which the majority of all economic benefit is shared with the community. As I mentioned in the last point, there are many parts and messenger is just one of them. Every day, you receive WowCoins (100 WowCoins are equal to 1 US Dollar) according to your previous day activity and also activity of your network. A daily summary may look like this: It does say how much WowCoins you earned from your own activity and also activity of your network + how much was donated to your supported charities. There are over 2000 charities worldwide so you have a lot of options to choose from. A short explanation of those WowApp features may be useful: Chat & News - you earn simply by using WowApp for chatting, calling, video calling, sharing photos, videos, files, etc. It works on all devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Tablets). Simply by staying in touch with friends & family, you receive a portion of the price that was paid for advertising displayed on your screen. Facebook does the same - they display ads to you but they keep 100% of the profit for themselves. This is just a fairer approach in my opinion. Instead of being a product on platforms like Facebook, Skype or Twitter, we are treated like partners on WowApp. This is how our trading chat looks like on mobile phone: Computer & Web - you earn when using the application on your PC (Windows or Mac) and also by browsing the WowApp website. Games - you can play hundreds of free games on games.wowapp.com and you will earn when doing so. There are different games for mobile & PC. Smart Slide - it does display a latest WowApp activity (chats, news, etc.) on locked screen of your smartphone, together with an ad. You earn from this. Instant Earn - here you can complete various tasks like watching videos, downloading apps & games, completing surveys, doing some tasks on social media (like giving a like to someone on Facebook), etc. And you receive WowCoins for doing so. Shop Online - my favourite feature. WowApp offers cashback when shopping in any of about 10,000 partner shops worldwide. You simply choose your favourite shop on shop.wowapp.com, click on the shop's link and once you complete your purchase, you will receive a cashback to your WowApp account. I use WowShop quite often for buying flight tickets (Kiwi.com, Etihad, Qatar, etc.), hotels (Booking.com, Hotels.com, Agoda, etc.) and cat food In the United Kingdom, there are currently about 2,000 partner shops, for example: Talk - this is equivalent to the Skype credit. You can use WowApp to call on mobile & landline numbers all over the world. You need to purchase a calling credit first (or you can use your earnings). I use this feature quite often. At the end of each call, you receive a cashback. International calls are very cheap and it's very useful when travelling, below you can see the prices for some popular destinations: Smart Web - is a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox. It notifies you when a shop or website (which you are currently browsing) is available for a cashback in the WowShop. You also earn every time you search the web. I like it, it's quite useful. If you are curious about how to withdraw your earnings from WowApp, there are many options: You can either donate to charity or to cash out for yourself. You can also use your earnings for the Talk feature (WowCredit) to make international calls and that is something what I do quite often. I practically call for free to any country in the world. I have tried all of these withdrawal methods and all of them work well. So yeah, that's why am I supporting WowApp. If you ask me, I think this is going to be viral sooner or later and early adopters who understand the potential & concept (source 1 & source 2) will be very happy in the future. It's completely free to use, yet we still earn a revenue share & do some good in the world. Isn't the concept amazing? And please remember - if you want to join our trading group, wait until I accept your friend request and then send me a message that you're coming from Sports Trading Exposed. Not all people who are joining me on WowApp are coming from here.
  15. Welcome to the community @zitlor! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. And don't forget to update us on your future results! :)