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  1. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    I also think there is quite a lot of manipulation on greyhounds recently. I have watched these markets for a few days and someone is using his deep pockets to move the price as he wants. Btw, I have found a few of my videos from greyhound & horse racing which are about 10 years old. I will upload them soon and we can compare markets today and before.
  2. Tomas

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    yep, that's the dangerous part of greyhound markets Seems like we had a similar results. The card was very today nice but I also did some mistakes and ended up with about 30% of what could be achieved...
  3. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    That's a really good observation of the situation! I often listen to my inner feelings like that. During many years of trading, I have learned that the inner voice is very wise and when it tells me "don't do that", it's better to not do it
  4. It's been quite some time since my last trading challenge on Betdaq. It ended faster than expected. Because either of the bad software quality or the API quality of Betdaq, I couldn't have a confidence in my open positions. Sometimes there was a difference between my open position displayed in the software versus the Betdaq website, which is less than optimal situation. I have also received a message from @Luciano who wanted to see some challenge again. On top of that, I always wanted to post some information regarding my trading, sometimes with videos, but I didn't want to push myself into another challenge. These days, trading is not my top 1 priority and I dedicate quite a lot of time to other stuff so pushing myself into a challenge would not make me feel comfortable. I was thinking about the concept and yesterday, out of nowhere, the Eureka moment came to my mind. I will not be doing a challenge in a way to "earn X over the time period of Y". I will just post some random stuff that will come to my mind when trading, maybe a few times per month, just as it comes. There is no need to produce new content at any cost, I just want it to be enjoyable for both sides, you and me. Yesterday I started trading little earlier and I noticed there are some Australian races before the UK racing started. I used these markets to warm up myself and I recorded a few videos of how you can make the market in a low liquid race. I have always seen a very nice opportunity in low liquid markets because of the possible ROI. If you do it right, you can scalp many ticks with a small stake and have a good return. I think this is also a good complementary solution for beginners. If you can make a little profit from low liquid markets, it does encourage you and it may cover the cost of learning how to trade on bigger markets. If I will make any videos in the future, they may not be with a voice over. They will most likely be with some written description inside the video. To be honest, it's quite a pain for me to do a voice over and maybe it's a pain for you to listen to it as well I hope you understand my reasons. So here is a video regarding the low stakes: Occasional trading - low liquid markets.mp4 And below is my result from yesterday's trading as a whole: My starting bank was: And I ended up with: Can you see? There is no point in risking huge amounts in order to earn a decent return. I was able to earn 55% on my initial deposit just in one day. So that's my message of today's blog - keep it simple and don't risk much. There is no need for that. Just stick to your rules and don't increase your stakes until you see some results.
  5. Tomas

    Reputation Levels

    Maybe you have already noticed but just to make it little bit more official, I have created a few thresholds which will help us to identify a member reputation across the community. It works like this - if other member of the community gives you a like , your reputation will get +1 point (nobody can give negative points). And once you meet a certain threshold, you will receive a badge: So, every newcomer is obviously a Stranger. Once he receives at least 5 points from other members of the community, he becomes a "Candidate". At 10 points, he becomes a Do-gooder, etc. If you have any ideas for 100, 200 & 500 badges, feel free to reply to this topic. Maybe you are asking what is the advantage of these badges? Well, apart from being recognized as a valuable member of the community, you also get slightly better features when using the forums. For example: your maximum amount of personal messages goes up, your time allowance for editing your own posts is higher, etc.
  6. Tomas

    My horse trading journey

    Hi @Gareth, welcome to the club of documentarists! I'm looking forward to see your progress!
  7. Tomas

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Hi @Ronald, welcome to the community! I wish you all the best and I'm sure you will many supportive members on this website! Although it's perfectly fine to start your challenge in the forums, in terms of categorization and content structure, it may be a better idea to start your own blog where you can create a new blog post for every trading day. And then, the community can comment on each day separately instead of having all of your content + community comments in just one thread. You can create your blog here. But of course, the choice is yours Good luck!
  8. Tomas

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    Be careful today. Someone is playing with the market a lot:
  9. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    That's why I like to use Liability staking. It does keep an eye on my liability automatically.
  10. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    Oh man, stick to your rules, that's the only thing I could say don't touch in-play and if you do so, don't risk your full bank...
  11. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    VPS won't help you with latency/ping if you have to manually submit your orders. Because the VPS is a machine located near the Betfair server, it will only help you if you run automated strategies on this machine. In other words, you can't beat the physical limit of distance from Asia to Europe. You will always be limited by the speed of light. You can only try to improve it by using optic fiber. Yes that is why you can't improve the latency too much. But 250ms is still okay. When there were servers based in Australia and all of the Australian racing was traded on these servers, my ping was around 400ms and I was still able to make a long term profit. Excellent result! 100% strike rate!
  12. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    It makes me really happy to see when you are making profit & progress! Btw, do you have any sort of advanced spreadsheet with stats? Something like I was using last year in my challenge? It would be cool to see your equity as you are moving forward.
  13. Gruss is just another name for Betting Assistant. I have edited the poll accordingly.
  14. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    was that before the official start time or did you trade after the 00:00?
  15. Tomas

    Football Data for Trading

    I have never had any special sauce except by those thousands of hours that I invested in trading. In the past, I was teaching people personally. Despite I told them everything I knew, some of them succeeded but most of them failed.