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  1. Tomas

    3.5.1. Navigation

    either on the BF website (sum of your matched Lay + Back bets) or in the Geeks Toy "matched bets" window (also sum of your matched Lay + Back bets). If the race is already closed, you can go to your Profit & Loss statement on Betfair and open individual races there, you should be able to see your matched bets and do the calculation.
  2. Tomas

    Welome to my journey

    For manual trading, I still can't see anything better than Geeks Toy.
  3. Tomas

    Saluti dall'Italia

    Welcome to the community @Fabio. I hope you will find it useful!
  4. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 5

    Unfortunately, I lost it during this situation:
  5. Tomas

    10.2. Volatility

    Less volatile races have different "rhythm", they are more efficient with less gaps. So I would suggest to slightly change your range of where you place your bets, record videos of your trading and try to understand this rhythm.
  6. Tomas

    Englishman Living in Bulgaria

    @DorsetAW, welcome to the community!
  7. Tomas

    Greyhounds – Don’t trade past post time!

    Theoretically, you should be +/- break even in the long term. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It just happens on greyhounds but those early suspensions should not happen at all. I don't understand why Betfair could not sort this out yet, it's happening over and over again, for the past 15 years or so.
  8. Tomas

    pre race results

    finally it's going to change soon! Hopefully!
  9. Hi @Adam, yeah corrections happen in trending markets as well. If you spot the trend, correction is a good place to enter the market.
  10. Tomas

    pre race results

    maybe a summary every week or month would be better for tracking your long term progress, and also it would be more "well-arranged", it's a difference to have a thread with 365 posts or 12-52 posts.
  11. Tomas

    pre race results

    @smallplayer, everything big starts small. If you're able to not lose money, that's a first step. You will gradually develop your style and recognise more patterns. Give it at least 10,000 races...
  12. Tomas

    Hello I'm shug

    welcome to the community @shugmac777
  13. Tomas

    Blown away newbie saying Hi

    Welcome to the community!
  14. Tomas

    Somewhat amazed newbie saying hello

    Thank you @Peter Hurley and welcome to the community!
  15. Tomas

    Hello from newbie Susie

    Hi @Susie, welcome to the community! Feel free to ask questions and update us on your progress