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  1. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    VPS won't help you with latency/ping if you have to manually submit your orders. Because the VPS is a machine located near the Betfair server, it will only help you if you run automated strategies on this machine. In other words, you can't beat the physical limit of distance from Asia to Europe. You will always be limited by the speed of light. You can only try to improve it by using optic fiber. Yes that is why you can't improve the latency too much. But 250ms is still okay. When there were servers based in Australia and all of the Australian racing was traded on these servers, my ping was around 400ms and I was still able to make a long term profit. Excellent result! 100% strike rate!
  2. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    It makes me really happy to see when you are making profit & progress! Btw, do you have any sort of advanced spreadsheet with stats? Something like I was using last year in my challenge? It would be cool to see your equity as you are moving forward.
  3. Gruss is just another name for Betting Assistant. I have edited the poll accordingly.
  4. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    was that before the official start time or did you trade after the 00:00?
  5. Tomas

    Football Data for Trading

    I have never had any special sauce except by those thousands of hours that I invested in trading. In the past, I was teaching people personally. Despite I told them everything I knew, some of them succeeded but most of them failed.
  6. Tomas

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    To be honest, I never liked this racecourse on Tuesday's. I have always found it too unpredictable.
  7. Tomas

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    I think only a few people can predict such a move (I'm not among them). One of them could be the guy who placed such a bet. From the graph it seems like not much volume was needed to bring the price from 3.50 to 2.75. Was that an Irish race? How many was traded on this horse? Maybe some strong fundamental has changed? Or some mad punter on a different exchange placed his bet and Betfair bots just quickly adjusted to this situation? I really don't know...
  8. Tomas

    2018 November 13th Tuesday

    My advice maybe a little bit unusual. It's been quite some time since you started trading, that means you know very well how to operate the software, you probably know different emergency situations and how to act & react when they happen. You know that it makes no sense to risk more than you can afford to lose. Right now you probably know every technical aspect of trading yet you still struggle to achieve long term profit and to go up in the game. Try something different than you are already doing right now. You need to be "in the zone" - that is a kind of situation when you feel like you have a trance. There is only you and the market. You feel the market as a living organism and you feel every beat of it. Have you ever felt like this? From my own experience, I have had just a few moments in my trading career which really meant I was able step up and jump to another level of trading. The first one was when I realized I can really make some money on this. It took me a few months (on greyhounds). The second one was when I earned £100 in a day for the first time. The third one was £1,000 in a day. The last one was £1,000 in a one race. Once I understood any of these milestones is possible, I was able to repeat them regularly. I want you to crack the first step, to get you into a profit. You obviously need to change something and my inner feeling is that you need to be more pro-active in the market. You need to be the one who does the decision and takes the position first. Market is often a slow & fat guy, yet very powerful. It's really hard to describe it but there is a little room / space for the profit. Market always follows that space but when it does, it creates another space. You need to get into a situation when you are the one who is on top of everything. That requires to make quick and maybe risky decisions but you need to stand up and do it, you need to get out of the crowd. Crowd will never bring you to the top.
  9. Tomas

    2018 November 9th Friday

    That may be because of the season change. Summer is Flat, winter is Hurdle and early autumn is a transition between the two.
  10. Tomas

    Trading Price Boosts

    @ThisIsFine Since there is no answer yet, I will step in with my point. I'm not sure how exactly the price boost works with William Hill. But I'm quite used to using spikes and corrections in the market. Obviously if something goes extremely quickly in some direction (either up or down), it is followed by a correction very often. I've made a separate thread about this market behavior:
  11. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    @Tommy, If you want to make this thread more appealing, I suggest you to add some screenshots from time to time. Either from the trading itself, P&L or even equity over time. It's also better for the record.
  12. Tomas


    I do some in-play trading on horses from time to time. Very little actually, because there is always someone with a better picture of what is really happening on the racecourse. People who are physically present on the place (whether it is a racecourse or a tennis match) have a big advantage over those who aren't there. I don't say it's impossible to trade in-play, actually it's quite the opposite but it's good to know this because certain strategies that work pre-race / pre-match will not work in-play.
  13. Tomas

    Tommy and his early trading

    I experienced exactly the same thing in the past. Since that time, I only use the good old wire.
  14. Tomas


    That may be an initial impression, however, full-time scalping is all about avoiding that tsunami and cutting the loss as quickly as possible if it suddenly comes. On the other hand, I understand your point of view that scalping may look like this. And really, it's all about a lot of small profits and from time to time you may have a bigger loss. Scalping doesn't have to fit your personality and style. So, there is another way to go - swing, which is all about waiting for a bigger move in the market and literally using the power of tsunami into your favor. I'm a scalper by nature but from time to time, I do some swing as well. You can read about it here: I believe that anyone can get into that 0.5% and actually - I think it should be a goal of each trader. The other thing - it's not much about a natural talent. It's all about hard work, discipline, self-control and many hours invested into this. You can't earn serious money on a betting exchange without actually spending thousands of hours by watching and actively trading these markets. Every full-time trader was an average guy when he or she started. Trading is much more scalable. See this little intro from each sport: I know these numbers are real because one of these P&L statements comes from me and I created this video for Geek However, I think that matched betting is a great supplement for trading, especially when you start your journey. I think @David does some matched betting as well. If you want, you can share your knowledge about matched betting, I believe that many people would appreciate any advice! I couldn't agree more!
  15. Tomas

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    Unfortunately, no There had to be some big fundamental behind this move.