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  1. Tomas


    The main reason of markets moving up and down are people and their fear and greed. I don't see that changing in a foreseeable future.
  2. Tomas


    Not at all. There are always some changes in the market. It's about adapting continuously.
  3. Tomas

    Puzzles by scalping basics

    You can also put your Back bet into the queue @1.57 and your Lay bet into the queue @1.56. You don't have to always take the available price and often it is better to wait until you get matched on a better price. Market is a very lively place and it's up to you where you place your bets. But of course, if you want to Back the current available price, you're immediately in 1 tick loss if you would want to close the trade by Laying at the current available price.
  4. Tomas


    This is a good start: https://sportstradingexposed.com/forum/forum/41-sports-trading-exposed-free-open-source-online-course/
  5. Tomas


    This website should be full of tips.
  6. Tomas


    Scalping can be done in almost every market where the money is coming in. So, if money is matched, you can do scalping. I usually trade according to the behaviour of the market and how the money flows into it. Supports, cross overs, resistance, etc. are useful but not necessary if you are just looking for a quick 1 tick.
  7. Tomas

    Why WowApp?

    I've added you already. You need to be invited.
  8. Tomas

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    Read this:
  9. Tomas

    I read too much for my own good

    Explained here and here. Yes, but I enjoy giving rather than selling. No headaches with customer support, taxes or people stealing your information. And the inner feeling is also quite different, when you help people for free There's still some money to be made, up to you, man!
  10. Tomas

    Hello another new guy

    you need to make an account in order to chat.
  11. Tomas

    3.5.1. Navigation

    either on the BF website (sum of your matched Lay + Back bets) or in the Geeks Toy "matched bets" window (also sum of your matched Lay + Back bets). If the race is already closed, you can go to your Profit & Loss statement on Betfair and open individual races there, you should be able to see your matched bets and do the calculation.
  12. Tomas

    Welome to my journey

    For manual trading, I still can't see anything better than Geeks Toy.
  13. Tomas

    Saluti dall'Italia

    Welcome to the community @Fabio. I hope you will find it useful!
  14. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 5

    Unfortunately, I lost it during this situation:
  15. Tomas

    10.2. Volatility

    Less volatile races have different "rhythm", they are more efficient with less gaps. So I would suggest to slightly change your range of where you place your bets, record videos of your trading and try to understand this rhythm.