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    I read too much for my own good

    thanks Tomas, that was really the nudge I needed to keep going in this venture. Seen the picture, amazing how good you are at this Getting started with your guide, gonna be a good one.
  2. Been flirting with sports trading since about 2 weeks now. As you might imagine, like any newbie that starts looking into the subject, I went through a lot of Peters Bet Angel and Caans videos and even bought Caans pre-race guide which contains more practical advice than youtube videos and forums where people talk more on a general level. Looking forward to look into Tomas sports trading PDF and through the videos made by him. I hope I am not late to this party, I kinda notice that the subject is kinda niche and seems to have very few active people (only in BA forum there are a few active people but still very few for my liking). I have a few questions and I am kinda at a cross-point right now and can't decide if I actively want to pursue this life, I would need to put in a lot of hours of work and I am not sure if it will be worth it over the long term: 1. Why did Tomas publish his teachings for free? The manual and the forum + videos are pretty well made and look like they took a considerable amount of time to create. 2. Do people on here genuinely believe that there is still room on sports exchanges to profit and make a living? I'm currently working in IT and can rack in 40k net sum per year, figured I could outperform this number through trading .. but reading more into the forums about premium charges and finding less and less successful people that have done it, I ask myself the question if this is even worth to begin with. 3. Tomas, did you ever consider teaching people at a cost? cheers
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