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  1. Jace1

    4.13. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Havent tried this but looks interesting, thanks.
  2. Jace1

    4.13. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Also - Is there a shortcut key for backing at the best available price? This would be great for in running where you need to react asap to get a good price and can miss out with the mouse clicks. Thanks.
  3. ..And it looks very helpful. Very generous of you to share trading wisdom, especialy in such a detailed and easy to follow format. Top work.
  4. Jace1

    4.13. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Lovely, thanks David.
  5. Jace1

    4.13. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi, Is there something you need to do to activate these shortcuts for GT as mine dont seem to have effect when using my laptop ?