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  1. Tommy

    Racing streaming

    At the races is another TV channel what I have seen over time which cover some races.
  2. Tommy

    Greetings from Russia

    Hello Shreik, welcome to sports trading exposed forums 🙌 I hope you will enjoy your stay and share your progress and successes with us because if you persevere long enough they will come to you that is for sure 🙂 You mentioned betting background. Do you just place bets based on stats or are you doing matched betting?
  3. Tommy

    Sardo's pre-race trading bonanza

    Hello Sardo, I am glad to see you giving sports trading a try and documenting your journey. I hope you to continue documenting and experimenting. Good luck and steady hand 👍
  4. I am glad to hear that and will follow that topic for sure.
  5. Hello and welcome Zitlor! I am glad to see you between us. We are all mostly traders from horse races or greyhounds but you can find some who tried trading football. Feel free to join out online chat group on wowapp where we usually chat in real time and talk about trades current and past.
  6. Tommy

    Cross Matching

    I have never thought about it this way. I thought it is just someone matching his own bet for some unknown reason or just to create point where there is atleast something matched in low liquid market like on greyhounds. Saw many of these, even over 150 matched when there is no more than 10 sitting all around. I thought someone wanted us traders to see where money are "being matched" and drag our stakes closer to it. I personally just look at the next action/move and do nothing until I see something familiar to me.
  7. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Good idea Ronald. I did not know about transferring funds being possible. Thank you for that 🙂 For all of you guys checking my thread... I am having hard times since 28.5.2019 when something happened in my personal life and it is affecting everything in my life now massively. Because of that I am unable to trade and this thread is closed for me. I cannot say if I will continue posting again one day. If I will trade it will be very occasionally unless something changes in my life again. You all can reach me on wowapp, I will keep checking stuff discussed there. Thank you for your understanding
  8. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 102 ( yesterday ) Markets traded: 2 football Profit: +£2,78 Bank: £64,72 Commentary: Pub trading. Possible easily and even easier with friend who possess high interest/knowledge about football on my side. First trade was done with £2 stake and second with £3. DAY 103 (today) Markets traded: 11 greyhounds Profit: +£2,44 Bank: £67,16 Commentary: As mentioned last time, I use double my original stake what is £6 to get these results. It looked like I had one -0,01 lossbut I can see it was narrowed down to 0 so no loss today with little luck on one trade.
  9. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 101 Markets traded: 10 horse race, 18 greyhounds Profit: +£7,67 Bank: £61,94 Commentary: Much better day than yesterday. I doubled my stakes for greyhounds and lowered them on horses to make it equal. It worked quite well. Big gaps between greyhound races made me trade horses more than I wanted otherwise I would stay on greyhounds.
  10. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 100 Markets traded: 7 horse race, 12 greyhounds Profit: +£0,75 Bank: £54,27 Commentary: From £60 in my balance into £49 then leaving with what you can see. It was stressful trading today. Nothing good happend on greyhounds and same on horse races, just stress. I am glad it is over.
  11. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 99 Markets traded: 6 horse race, 6 greyhounds Profit: +£6,92 Bank: £53,52 Commentary: It was not going well on greyhounds for me today. I had loss over 2GBP on one race, then I did just last horse race and walked away. I was jumping from greyhounds to horses and did well on horses. I am not posting my profit and loss today but I had loss on greyhounds and profit is all from horse races. Beautiful sunset from my last horse race
  12. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 98 (result from yesterday) Markets traded: 5 horse race, 11 greyhounds Profit: +£4,32 Bank: £46,60 Commentary: It felt like I have done more races than I actually did. I had few good trades on both greyhounds and horses + one nice long photofinish where I felt very confident backing horse that I "clearly" saw he won that race. I left when I felt good just to prevent any circumstances what could lower my happiness.
  13. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 97 Markets traded: 9 horse race, 1 football, 9 greyhounds Profit: +£0,30 ( from betfair stats ) Bank: £42,28 Commentary: Day started with one big loss caused by early suspended market on Swindon greyhound race track. From that point I switched to horse races where I had some fun what you can see below by watching live stream and I did make nice few bucks here and there to make my balance look prettier than after that initial loss. Later when I came back home in the evening I traded greyhounds a bit and one horse race when I decided to walk away happily with little profit seeing in my balance. Just for future myself and maybe you guys also interested in greyhound trading I write here that Newcastle and Swindon race tracks are know for early suspended markets. Thank you Ricardo for this information 🙂 Profit and loss for today from greyhounds and horse races When cocaine start to rise in horse's head then he is capable of everything .. Example how you can win 1000x off your stake New Horse breed on Racing TV
  14. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 96 Markets traded: 1 US horse race, 2 football, 10 greyhounds Profit: +£2,85 Bank: £41,94 Commentary: Late night ( around 1am ) US horse race trading ended up just with one profit from observing about 8 markets, so that time frame is not suitable for my style. I planned to trade more greyhound races today and It somehow did not happen. At least I am pleased with my result, looks like I had no single loss. Tried to hop on football markets and managed to enter markets at right time just on 1 from 4 markets where I got profit ( otherwise all 4 would produce profits if matched ). On second football trade I scratched my trade on 0 profit. My last race what produced the easiest and biggest profit for me today
  15. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 95 Markets traded: 12 horse races Profit: +£1,42 Bank: £39,09 Commentary: After our member Russell mentioned that today's horse races have nice liquidity I decided to take a look and trade purely horse races for a change. It was all good until I got caught badly in-play on one race and then last race was a bit confusing because of some improper hedging took place on that race. Last race produced interesting screenshot at least and a bit of profit. Interesting screenshot This is Hamish Macbeth horse trade what I do not understand why that 2GBP at odds 1000 happened, unless I pressed hedge button or something