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  1. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 59 Markets traded: 11 greyhound and 1 horse race Profit: +£2,82 Bank: £50,36 Commentary: Markets were not that generous to me today and I have got caught in suspended market before I managed to close my losing position. Luckyli that dog lost and my lay bet won. I noticed that they suspend markets a bit earlier than I am used to so I have to leave sooner from now on.
  2. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 58 Markets traded: 12 Profit: +£7,60 Bank: £47,54 Commentary: Someone caused big spikes in markets so I took what he offered and you see the result. Last 4-5 races I was just literally waiting if he will come back and since he didn't I left markets as well with smile on my face. Today's best trade
  3. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 57 Markets traded: 25 Profit: +£2,43 Bank: £39,94 Commentary: This was a very good day for me. There were no big losses and a lot of good profits made. When there was a situation with potential big loss I managed to reverse it. Picture below is example of myself opening new market when it was -3 seconds before official start and how long I remained active in market until I saw actual start of the race from live stream:
  4. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 56 Markets traded: 32 Profit: +£1 Bank: £37,51 Commentary: Total rollercoaster. I was in loss since first race and never came back above 0 until my last traded race. Total Joke market move from today My last traded race:
  5. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 55 Markets traded: 23 Profit: +£2,22 Bank: £36,51 Commentary: Good markets today. When I am looking at my result it is very good. I had 7 markets where I was not matched and just 2 where I lost money, others were profitable markets. Most profitable market today:
  6. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 54 Markets traded: 6 Profit: +£0,32 Bank: £34,29 Commentary: I finished early because stream got stuck behind my ladder and because I have more things open around my trading I had to close some in order to get rid of that annoying live stream, so I decided to close whole geekstoy and take profit what I have...Tale about how Tommy was annoyed by live stream and finished trading for a day because of that 😀 I am going to check my fridge instead and relax 😇
  7. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 53 Markets traded on betfair: 16 horse races and 15 greyhound races Betfair Profit: Horse races +£ 0,91 greyhounds -£0,07 Total day profit: +£0,84 Betfair bank before £33,13 after £33,97 Markets traded on betdaq: 16 horse races and 15 greyhound races Betdaq Profit: Horse races +£0,27 greyhounds +£0,29 Total day profit: +£0,56 Betdaq bank before £19,31 after £19,87 Commentary: As you can see today was different from other days. I had both betfair and betdaq open at same time and by looking at both exchanges I simply traded whichever I found more interesting. First I traded greyhounds and then horse races. I tried to see difference between markets and saw some interesting moves here and there, that was my trigger to trade one or another. After long time I sat and have been watching horse races on betfair live stream and I am a bit surprised how many jockeys fell today during my trading session. One case shocked me especially when odds on favorite was leading by few lenghts until almost very end of the race where he fell from horse. Sad day for him and I hope nobody from our community had their back bet on that poor guy. Why did I trade both exchanges? Becuase I need some statistics captured live on both exchanges for further testing of my strategies.
  8. Tommy

    Back to the past

    That software looks like a joke to me today. I would avoid widely trading If I see just last 3 back and lay bets sitting on ladder. Were there any graphs around or you had to bring pop-up window separately when you needed the information everytime?
  9. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 52 Markets traded: 20 Profit: +£0,66 Bank: £33,13 Commentary: Average day. Central park race track was foggy, even commentator had trouble to recognize who is that runner 🙂
  10. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 51 Markets traded: 5 races ( 2 greyhounds, 3 horses ) Profit: +£0,63 Bank: £32,47 Commentary: I did not feel like getting my usual peanuts from greyhounds after I lost some already during first two greyhound races so I went to horse races where I plugged my secret weapon along with patience and discipline ( I usually lack these two ingredients on horse races for some reason ) and I got easy profit. There is something weird in the air so I finished quickly today and will enjoy my little success 🙂
  11. Tommy

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    I also had losing day. Amount what I lost is s bit lower but still loss. In my case I lost 6p and I am still very disappointed with my performance. Tomorrow is another day and I know it is going to be better than yesterday because we are few markets clever than we were before them 💪
  12. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 50 Markets traded: 21 Profit: -£0,06 Bank: £31,84 Commentary: I had in my balance around £32,80 but that was after first 8 races. After first 8 races it went from good day to not much then day with little losses and it grew until I got hit by big loss at the end so it was good bye signal for me. I should never be happy until I close my laptop with profit. It feels like total failure.
  13. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 49 Markets traded: 20 Profit: +£0,34 Bank: £31,90 Commentary: One bad trade wiped almost my whole day profit, then I traded a bit and got what I have. I was prepared for that manipulation from yesterday but it did not happend this evening, also liquidity was lower than when I traded last time in the evening. I find myself knowing/predicting next move correctly very often when I say loudly next move "from where to there" in front of my loved one when she is watching, but the thing is that I do not take current price in these cases and so these predictions are rarely turned into profit on my side.
  14. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 48 Markets traded: 16 Profit: +£8,81 Bank: £31,56 Commentary: I had very bad performance today. Very disappointed. I count not take bad losing trade in last race so I decided to walk away with my whole bank on lay side on favorite dog. He lost, ended 4th so I won £9,09 on that race so I covered bad day losses along with that red screen what would be really bad if I take it but only with luck I did not end with empty balance. I go back to my videos and rewind what happend today. There was one guy who probably lost a lot of cash by his attempt to manipulate market. Why I think that? Because It was just too visible and he did not remove his stakes before race started. He was involved in multiple races on multiple dogs so complete mad guy who went there to spend his hard earnt money.