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  1. Tommy


    Welcome here Kent I hope you will find what you are looking for and share your journey with us 🙋‍♂️
  2. Tommy


    I am not Tomas but I would like to give my one cent to this if you allow me to 🙂 Scalping is easier if there is simply more liquidity on both sides, that is main thing what I look for and then I check and look for these markets or certain times when price is more likely to be stable for a bit and does not jump around that much. Support from one side is good if am maybe not sure about stability of the market so I tend to enter only one that supported side so I have safer exit just in case and when I am filled on one side, I simply offer my exit with tick or two or more, depending on orderflow.
  3. Tommy

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    Jay did you join our wowapp group? If not then that would be a great start where you can offload your thoughts about market or just how bad your dinner was 😁
  4. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    This is the end of my challenge started at the beginning of this month. They have done it again with suspended market. This time for a change it was not my fault, so thank you betfair. Markets traded during challenge: 440 Challenge failed. I will continue with trading like I normally do from now on 💃
  5. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I have been thinking about how markets are moving during taking my shower and result is better immediately 🤣 I have been using £3 stakes and entering from back side for "bigger rewards" 🤠 Markets traded during challenge: 430
  6. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I am happy with this result even tho I find myself not knowing how to react to market moves how I learnt two weeks ago. Old man is forgetting stuff easily, 🤣 so I hope that I will find it back again. 🙃 Markets traded during challenge: 406
  7. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Well what to say. I felt good and it sill did not end very positively yesterday and last loss was made again by suspended market. Maybe I should change something 😀 I will try and trade with that micro leftover in my balance what is now £3,89 who knows, this is not my first attempt to recover from under £5. Markets traded during challenge: 385
  8. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Today I checked my mental state quite few times to avoid pointless mistakes like I did recently. It was hard today to keep myself away from doing mistakes while testing new methods on UK horse races so I have traded only 2 and I broke few of my rules on both of them. That was the reason why I closed geekstoy after second one when I realised that this is not how it should be done. Results from greyhounds look and felt like on rollercoaster. I have to force myself and rewatch my older videos so I know what to do new trading session with confidence. Markets traded during challenge: 375
  9. Tommy

    I read too much for my own good

    matias it all depends on you and your needs. If you want just extra few bucks from occasional trading then it is good to have that in your arsenal and if you are able to put enough screen hours and are willing to learn how to think like a trader then you can earn definively good money. That is why even after decades there is still room in forex markets because they all move and it cannot be all covered by human, we all do mistakes sometimes and other folks make money from them and human does not live forever, so if one big shark leave these markets then you can become one you can become one even without old one leaving, so you just compete with him 😄
  10. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Yesterday I did big mistake which was trading while having thoughts in the sky and because of that all of my trades from yesterday were chaotic and not based on my usual indicators. I am happy that it pusnished me for that so I have been more careful today. Today I have been thinking about trading if I am capable of it or not because of what happend yesterday I have to check if I am in right mental state. Well.. I tried and found out that I am too tired and down on mood to trade so I am happy that I did not lost any cash today. I have to be extremely careful because I give myself only one chance to build bank up from what I have without depositing anything. If I blow the bank then I end this challenge like failure which should not happen. Markets traded during challenge: 349
  11. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I have changed my approach to markets, ignored that last big loss and decided to come back with green stuff from markets working with what's left in my balance, so 16GBP 😁 Because of difficult situation (low balance), I have been entering only on back side of markets, so I had to select very wisely my entries and look at more ladders because of that. Here is how it went.
  12. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I am posting screenshot from my Profit and Loss section. First is from yesterday and second from today. Yesterday was little bit challenging for me because I felt my staking plan increase. I had to get used to it and when I did then I started to profit so at the end it was a fine day which looked like I am not ready for stake to be increased. Today I had very nice trading session, quite enjoyed myself in markets when on last market I found myself in situation with matched bet about 120% of my stake (25GB) and as usual it ended not my way, so i am back to decreased bank and even lower than when I started. Purely my fault by trading until very last second but I do not regret it at all, I did learn a lot during last days so I paid for tuition. I am unable to post videos because do not have my youtube login details with me while I trade from laptop away from home. Markets traded during challenge: 315
  13. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I almost had 20 markets profit streak on monday as seen on screenshot 😏 Tuesday without trading and I have traded yesterday (Wednesday) from my laptop sitting at terrace during sunny day which you ca see result from on second screen 😊 I had to post these because screenshots now before I trade with increased staking plan so finger crossed and I am increasing my staking from £15 to £25 liability because I have reached my checkpoint of £40 in my betfair balance from this challenge. Traded markets during this challenge: around 250 😀 I am not counting every horse race, so my priority is counting greyhound markets 😇
  14. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Today I have been trading without music because I had to focus on new indicators which are better not to be disturbed at this stage when I am not that familiar about them 😃 First part of my trading happend around lunch time and then after I came back home from trip. There were good Irish derby races with nice liquidity, but I had better things to do in the evening 🙂 New reading technique really provided today especially if I compare my results against my last two-three trading sessions 😅 Odds on favorit Easy money from spike Irish race
  15. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Today with music. No dice with bigger green numbers but I did notice something inside greyhound markets what I am about to test and I did test it already a bit. New reading conditions for myself basically which with luck I can turn into gold very soon 🤠 I am about to analyze markets from today's session and will paper trade them to test and learn new reading technique. You can find within my recordings one UK horse race where I tested my new technique and it worked well even considering fact that I am just testing it and have no experience using such stuff as my entry indicators. Looks like so far (from begining of my new challenge) I have traded 153 markets. UK horse race How easily your position can be ruined by one spike It did break thru