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  1. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 38 Markets traded: 3 Profit: +£0,38 Bank: £19,14 Commentary: I had no time for trading today but promised myself to trade atleast few markets. Even when I launched geekstoy I was on phone with my friend who really had to talk with me and called me out for a beer few times during that 20 minute phone call. So I had no choice and traded with him on my ear and made 3 profits. My plan was to trade around 5-10 races today or get my money back what I lost yesterday. Whatever comes first then I leave markets so It happend quickly and I am happy with this result.
  2. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Yesterday it was trading day number 36 DAY 37 Markets traded: 30 ( few were without matched positions ) Profit: -£0,23 Bank: £18,76 Commentary: My last deposit £9 finally arrived into my betfair account so today was completely different for me because I am able to place lay bets again. For whole time it was like 50:50. Few profits, few losses but I had slightly bigger profits than losses so it was not that bad and I felt more satisfied with my trading than I was during past 3 days. I decided to finish my trading when I finish my 30th market. Then it did hit me massively, oh boy, I have made nice facepalm at the end. Video from my 30th market is posted below.
  3. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Bank: £10,95 DAY 32 Markets traded: 10 Profit: -£0,96 Bank: £9,99 Commentary: I have been holding back during last few weeks while trading markets. It was working, but very time consuming and not rewarding much. My last deposit is still not added to my betfair account so maybe later today or on monday. Today I went into market in attempt to trade like I used to trade a month ago. Well, you can see how it went. I had same results these last 3 times when I attempted to earn some penny. Strange what is happening and I am sadly getting used to accepting losses without feeling any pain but still I am very disappointed when I see how many of my trades went wrong. Sad days here but I keep going as usual.
  4. Tommy

    My horse trading journey

    Hi Gareth, I am glad to see more people joining this idea. I am excited to see your results and wish you best of luck 🙂
  5. Tommy

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    I had trouble with closing my trades on horse races when they went wrong way. Because I saw this issue I successfully fixed it by trading greyhounds. There is no way you can stay in-play in greyhounds so that worked pretty well and I did learn what I needed quickly.
  6. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    It is great to see your success Ricardo Do even during these hard times. I secretly still trade few races every now and then just to keep my head not too far away from markets so I do not forget the grip and I do make little profit by doing that which is undocumented even inside my personal notepad for trading so I do not post anything in here yet. I keep that for time when I really get into trading again with few $€£ in my betfair balance 🙂 I am also playing with horses a bit via training mode. It is not bad but it really does not feel that real and my focus is lower because I know that nothing is going to happen. Keep going guys because I still am and always will be 🙌
  7. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I am unable to do matched betting. I can explain why to you over PM. Your story made me laugh when I saw that you did not lose much and experienced that shock when looking at "live" status, that was pretty good luck 😊 Maybe I will just come here and do little turnover and then practice on horses for a change what I always planned to do and never kicked my self hard enough to do so. I believe a bit on things happening for some reason and this is forcing me to go into practice mode and left little space for that safe turnover. Yeah, I just convinced myself into that while typing this. I will not post any stats for those virtual bets or those small turnovers in meantime but if you want to know how am I doing then feel free to message me on wowapp where I usually go every day. Thank you Valencia and all of you guys watching my progress 👍
  8. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 35 Markets traded: 10 Profit: -£13,31 Bank: £9,81 Commentary: Market suspended. Now with this low balance I am totally handicapped and "unable" to trade. I also cannot deposit again because I have no money left because of christmas. Now I have to wait for my wage to arrive into my account so I can support my trading hobby. Expected come back is in about 3 weeks from now. See you later guys.
  9. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 34 Markets traded: 12 Profit: +£2,16 Bank: £23,12 Commentary: I had very good start so when I saw that I have already £1 profit, I aimed to get another £1 and then walk away with smile on my face.
  10. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    Deposited £19 into my betfair account. Current balance: £20,28 DAY 33 Markets traded: 24 Profit: +£0,68 Bank: £20,96 Commentary: I decided to get in touch with markets today. It was going very well, first few markets ended with profits and then boom one very big loss. I tapped on hedge button when it was at -0,60 but instead some big window popped up what I have no idea what that was,some info/help section probably, so when I finally got rid of that window I took much much bigger loss. What can I do..I moved on and traded much more markets than I intended to trade to get back that unnecessary loss. Should I say something like "markets involved" or "analysed" instead of "markets traded"? Because I am not matched on some usually so it may confuse some of you when I show you my profit and loss from betfair where you see different markets number.
  11. Tommy

    Hello, I'm Sean.

    Welcome here Sean, enjoy your stay and I wish you success on your horse racing trading journey.
  12. Tommy

    Hello, I'm Hélio

    Hello Helio, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay and we hope you will share your story and successes with us so we can all learn from each other.
  13. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    I know 😕 That was great example what even £3 stake can do on lay side with higher odds. I will move on pretty soon. My personal life is almost sorted out so when I completely shake off how i got robbed twice this month by folks on internet 🕵️‍♀️ then I will come back and follow my trading rules strictly. Until then I wish you all folks have huge greens 🤠
  14. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 32 Markets traded: 1 horse race Profit: -£39,95 Bank: £1,28 Commentary: Tired to trade horse race in-play ( lay to back ) when all in sudden gap went from odds 15 to 1.15. My bank is crushed and I think I need a serious break from trading until I also fix my personal life difficulties what I currently carry on my back. If in meantime will come here and trade you will see the results as usual.
  15. Tommy

    Tommy and his early trading

    DAY 31 Markets traded: 19 Profit: -£2,50 Bank: £41,66 Commentary: Another good day. Well, it was until I all in sudden heavily overstaked on one trade and lost 5,22 just like that. It was good that it slapped me this hard so I will be careful next time.