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  1. Gareth

    My horse trading journey

    Cheers, will post some profit/loss screen shots on Sunday morning
  2. Gareth

    My horse trading journey

    I will be posting profits/losses, general thoughts, feelings, progress, regression and anything else I can share, using £25 stakes only and let's see where this goes
  3. Gareth

    Afternoon gents

    Afternoon mate, apologies for the delay. If you have no interest in football i'd definitely give it a miss, that goes for any trading in my amateur opinion, passion = profit or at least a willingness to learn and put more effort into it. What's your angle on the horses mate? Scalping, swing trades etc?
  4. Gareth

    Afternoon gents

    My name is Gareth, or Gaz, whichever you prefer. Mainly trade football markets (part time) done some 'spike' trading on the horse markets, just looking to trade in a community, share ideas, tips and knowledge, let's make some money.