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  1. Rakz0r

    Tom's Occasional Trading "Challenge"

    Nice results as always Tomas! Nice to watch a new video too
  2. Rakz0r

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge

    Nice 1 Tomas, good luck
  3. Rakz0r

    2018 January 4th Thursday

    I have been trying to master horse trading for around 2 years now. I still haven't cracked horse racing and results vary. I can't trade the horses during the week as I work full time. However, the greyhounds are always there in the evening, which allow me to trade during the week. I seem to be getting consistent results the greyhounds, albeit with small stakes. I have stuck with £25 stakes and haven't looked to increase it yet. Will stick with the low stakes for now, as I need to master my own mind first. The great thing about greyhounds is that inplay doesn't exist, so that big enemy is thrown out of the window. The past 3 months have been profitable and that's the key thing, but like I mentioned before, I have had other commitments that have kept me away from the trading in the past months. This also has impacted my profitability, in a good way. Looking at my stats, over the past 3 months, with £25 stakes on the greyhounds, I have traded in 671 markets, totaling £66 profit. Strike rate of 72% (could be better). Doesn't sound like much money, but for me, I'm focusing on consistency. Have you tried the greyhounds?
  4. Rakz0r

    2018 January 4th Thursday

    How many times are you actually going in play? I know it was an accident, but maybe the only thing that needs fixing is going in play. I have gone in play plenty of times for various reasons, but I feel this is not consistent with what we are trying to achieve. 2 big killer issues for me were position sizing and going in play. I’m aware of the mistakes and this down to me to fix it. Maybe make a rule to yourself that you must close all positions by 10 seconds to post and stick with the rule. Any deviation is a bad trade in the eyes of your rules. Just create rules and stick by them. My recent sports trading volume has decreased due to other commitments but I still manage to get a bit in every day. I’m getting more consistent results by trading less which leads me to believe the issue I have are mindset related.
  5. Rakz0r

    GeeksToy won't load market navigator

    Is this the first time using geekstoy?
  6. Rakz0r

    GeeksToy won't load market navigator

    Try put stream on and see if it changes. Right click top main title and there is an option to put it on.
  7. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 27

    What’s your usual stakes?
  8. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 27

    Ahhh sounds so simple
  9. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 27

    So do you do your research prior to the meetings on the runners? Or you just go market by market?
  10. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 27

    Great. Is this swing or scalps?
  11. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 26

    Great result! All pre race trading? Finding it difficult to read the horses recently. Since the change from the summer, the adjustment has been hard for me.
  12. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 24

    Wow! Very impressive. So on a photo finish, you submit both lay and back and hope for the spikes?
  13. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 18

    Great to see this, in the nicest possible way Thanks @Tomas I personally had a bit of a stinker yesterday but when it got to a certain loss cap I set, I just ended the night early.
  14. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 17

    Strangely enough, I seem to be doing better on the greyhounds compared to the horses. I think there is a massive difference between the summer racing vs the autumn/winter, just need to adjust it.
  15. Rakz0r

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 17

    @Tomas are you still taking small ticks profits and plenty of them? Or are you picking your moments now?