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  1. Hello Tommy, yesterday i made $92 profit , $30 from horse inplay (Aintree races)  and $62 from greyhound, i make $30-$40 per day on average... yesterday greyhound market  Crayford and Sheffield was very good liquidity   , i caught some big swings on them . Normally the way i trade is scalping with 1-2 ticks  last 90 seconds before the off, thank you for your nice words.  

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  2. Hello Ronald, thank you so much for your comments. i was very lucky on this race,  Sire Du Berlais  is the 1st favorite , i watched the race live and i saw he started very poorly, i layed him with $45 liability at odds @6.8 and i backed him with $4stake with odds @100, the horse Won and i traded out with $133 profit. i dont know much about horse racing, yes, the way i trade is risky, i just put $100 in my betfair account and give it a try in  inplay horse racing Cheltenham. sorry my bad English !

  3. 1 hour ago, Tomas said:

    I also think there is quite a lot of manipulation on greyhounds recently. I have watched these markets for a few days and someone is using his deep pockets to move the price as he wants. Btw, I have found a few of my videos from greyhound & horse racing which are about 10 years old. I will upload them soon and we can compare markets today and before.

    Yes, it's very hard for me to make profit on races which are liquidity more than 50k, the market are moving too fast and lot of manipulation


  4. 2 hours ago, Roodge said:

    Good ✌️ But I dont understant your time of markets on your screen. Last UK markets ending approximately on 22:40 GMT and after that are only austral markets or no?

    i trade UK greyhound only , i am from Vietnam  . the time displayed on the screen is GMT +7

  5. On 12/18/2018 at 5:41 PM, Tomas said:

    Oh man, stick to your rules, that's the only thing I could say :) don't touch in-play and if you do so, don't risk your full bank...

    yes, the most difficult thing in trading is discipline and control emotion , it makes difference from winner and loser

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  6. Hello Tomas,

    Thank You So much for your reply, yes, i still can make consistent profit daily with my internet latency ! Thank You so much your your free course . It help me so much to improve my trading skill. Yesterday i used the same API setting as you did in the video  and my result is much more better as usual, Thank you so much for your help !


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  7. 15 hours ago, Tommy said:

    Have you tried opening your geekstoy on someone elses computer who have different internet provider? Just to see how big ping is on their internet?

    yes, i tried it, the ping is high because my country is in Asia . it's hard for me to trade evening races, the market is moving too fast and many spoof money 

  8. Hello, I'm Ricardo from Vietnam, i have been trading greyhound at betfair for 1 year ! i am using $100 bank and make  $25-$30 daily, i trade 60-70 markets per day  ! my big problem is the Ping from my computer to betfair is so high, it's about 250ms ! is there anyone here from Asia? Thank You so much for your topic, Tommy !


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