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    Hello, I am Roodge

    Hello Roodge, Here is link to Betangel forum for greyhound racing, you can view or register for free. https://www.betangel.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11 Sean
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  3. Sean637

    Hello, I'm Sean.

    Hi to all, I started matched betting back in June and quickly realised it is fine to make some extra money but not a realistic way to earn a living, but it lead the way into sports trading. Bet Angel is my preferred software platform, and I subscribe to Geegeez gold as I have an interest in form study and a little straight betting. My aim is to trade horse racing full-time. Very grateful to Tom for Sports Trading Exposed, without which life would be so much harder! I agree very much that we should 'stick together' and share successes and failures equally, helping others to succeed can only improve our own trading. Wishing you all well.
  4. Sean637

    2018 November 15th Thursday

    Hi David, I am new to this game also, and I started trading in the same way ie: trying to 'scalp' as big a tick difference as possible in order to chase a greater profit (with £2 stakes), I soon found that more often than not the market changed direction before my closing bet was matched, resulting in a loss. I have now changed my trading to opening/closing a trade within a few seconds for one tick difference, I can also 'follow' the general odds movement by scalping in this way to build profit further. I also believe however, that making an initial decision as to whether a particular horse will steam or drift BEFORE attempting to trade it also helps in avoiding a loss (although this involves a bit of pre-race form study!). I found this video entitled 'directional scalping' really helpful https://www.betangel.tv/videos/betfair-trading-strategies/trading-on-horse-racing?jut1=3 Merry Christmas to all!