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  1. Roodge

    Tom's Occasional Trading "Challenge"

    more videos like this, good job
  2. Roodge

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Do you want to record one video with your trading? BTW: good job ✌️
  3. Roodge

    Hello, I am Roodge

    Thank you So much ! I will study your website if I find some free time ✌️
  4. Roodge

    Hello, I am Roodge

    Oh, interesting. Thank you for your informations. Can I ask you This informations are free on Bet Angel? Can I find This informations too?
  5. Roodge

    Tommy and his early trading

    Good ✌️ But I dont understant your time of markets on your screen. Last UK markets ending approximately on 22:40 GMT and after that are only austral markets or no?
  6. Roodge

    Hello, I am Roodge

    Hi everyone, I am trader on betfair more than 3 years. From the beginning I am focus on GREYHOUND. I love it. My start bank was only 33€ and I never had to deposit next money. BUT !!! Last 3 month on greyhound are total different. Now I dont know how to make money on greyhound and I cant find meaning in market. Before 3 months was markets "all right". There was swings, and my tick offset system was successful. Now greyhound markets are one big chaos and nothing work. Have someone same problem? I am sorry for my English... picture is from my the best day