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  1. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 826 Today: 36 ( 24/11/1 ) / over £100 Lively, good markets, lots of opportunities. Went inplay a few times. Overall in control. Wish wouldn't have done that. But I'am getting there. Having 'annoying' reminders in background from time time. Biggest turnover so far. Almost doubled the previous high. Used bigger stakes today. Not sure about tomorrow but Monday and Tuesday will be day offs. Will have a look at Aus Open markets.
  2. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    day off today. Musselburgh abandoned. Don't like it when times change and gaps of 15min.
  3. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 862 Today: 18 ( 15/12) / £24.71 Tricky day for me. Maybe if I was a bit more focused I would have done better. Frustrating. The liquidity was low especially at Market Rasen. Tried Meydan which was even thinner as usual. Yesterday I had some sports activities for about 3 hours. Might be the cause of my fatigue.
  4. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 889 Today: 18 (12/6) / £68.34 All over the place today but somehow good profit. Concentration level wasn't as it should be. At first I thought I would have a day off but picked a few good moves and got involved in the end. Btw there was a 1.01 loser again today. Did broke the rules again. I came up with an idea to help myself. First I will record a few wav files with my own voice as remainders. Then use windows Task Scheduler to lunch a wav file with VLC every 10minutes. Vlc has an argument that allows it to close itself after playing the file. Let's hope this will boost my discipline. In case somebody wants to do something similar the arument is: "-I null --play-and-exit". Tested it today and works ok.
  5. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 907 Today: 21 (18/3) / over £100 Very good day. Lots of activity, lots of short favorites. Felt like Saturday, only with bigger gaps between markets. Broke the rules once only. The highest traded volume (all back + all lay stakes) since first post. Would have been much more pleased if I was clean on discipline field.
  6. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 928 Today: 18 (12/3/3) / £30.62  First few markets were very poor and very volatile. Not for my liking. Blue 3 stand for zero markets. A 1.01 loser today as well. As I said earlier once in a while there will be opportunities for inplay trading. These inplay transactions have their own p&l records and are separate from pre race p&l. Two of them today. One that met 'lay the field' criteria came from: 14:55 maiden at Fontwell, favorite Umndeni fell at the start. (SP1.54 (~60% volume of the race). Pretty high probability of success and it worked. So a eventful day in the end. Did broke the rules again 2 times .
  7. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    day off today. As a rule Sundays almost all will be days off
  8. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 946 Today: 36 (18/18) / £22.07  Very poor performance from me for a Saturday. p&l doesn't matter at the moment but it still has its influence on my attitude and discipline. I have to say it is very hard. I had a feeling that I am missing lots of activity and with that lots of opportunities. That thought alone was hanging in my mind not allowing me to concentrate properly. The p&l is hard to ignore. At one moment I thought that I will be negative today. Lingfield repeated yesterday's pattern of activity.
  9. Ronald

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Markets left : 982 Traded: 18 (15/3) / £25.95 Found it today tough. Markets jumping all over the place. The easiest trade was the last (15:50) NHF at Sedge. Now the big question. Did I go inplay? Yes, two times. And one of it was an unsuccessful attempt to lay the field at 15:00 Hunt 2m4f Novice. It's was looking juicy as the commentator was shouting .. the gambler in me just woke up... The second time just got caught inplay by the excitement of that "last" trade at of the Lingfield meetings. Onward and upward from here. Anyway the most profitable meeting was Sedgefield. Not going to trade evening meetings.
  10. Hi everybody I'll try to publish my results of trading 1000 horse race markets. I may trade some other too but only hr will count up to 1000. The reason of doing that is of course Discipline. I want to discipline my self not going inplay. There are a lot of jump racing right now. The temptation of going inplay especially when the fav is odds on is very high. I just hope that my commitment of publishing results here will set me free from this habit. I will try my best. There will be RARE situations when I go inplay. These exceptions are going to happen ONLY when the market will meet certain conditions which are SET in my rules. I predict around 30markets of potential candidates. That is expected maximum. In reality may be less than that or more. Starting bank is ~ £500. By the end of Feb I think I will end my challenge. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well I have more days than that. Tomorrow (11.01.2019) is the starting point. Let's hope I've got enough will power to get this up to the end as there are already shades of thoughts in my mind that it's gonna be hard. The instant gratification of inplay markets generated lots of dopamine in the past. BUT I will do my best. thanks for reading. Ronald