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  1. Thanks Tomas for the advice, I already had several losses in-play, doing lay at the end of the race. Lately no more, these losses were in back with inattention.
  2. Yesterday I didn't have time to operate and today I was not on a good day ... Very anxious to enter the operation I ended up doing bullshit and going live, result loss, loss and loss. tomorrow has more.
  3. I think the moment this happened I was looking at another ladder... Thanks for observation
  4. Thank you guys.. @getintheir, It's what I'll do today in the first races, decrease the stakes.
  5. I'm trying to become a Do-gooder to watch the videos.
  6. Vinicius

    Build up of money on the ladder

    These images were not of an operation made by me, it is a video of a trader called Bickat of portugal. I only enter the operation missing 5 minutes or less to start the race except in big events like Cheltenham where the liquidity is high and you can leave quite easily
  7. Vinicius

    Build up of money on the ladder

    A good example of spoofers can be seen in the first image. Notice the large amount of fake money trying to take the price down, but the aggression was still in the price 11.5 and nothing to be traded at 11. In image 2 all money disappears and the price rises to 14. Before entering any operation observe the facts, Look at the time that is lacking for the race to start, which the Betfair graph can inform you about resistance and support points, trends and mainly for me if there is aggression to move the price.
  8. Vinicius

    Build up of money on the ladder

    As Tom said, for me in some situations the weight of money doesn't mean a lot, it may just be someone wanting the market to go in their direction(spoofers). As I work with high odds in some cases the graph is upward the weight of money makes the market move, but it always disappears. My main indicator is aggression on a particular price, If the aggression on a particular price is too large no matter the weight of the money I go along with them to take one tick or two or a swing.
  9. Again my second race of the day gave me a loss, $ -11.72 this has already been happening a few days ago. I need to find a way around it, it must be psychological or it's because I have not gotten into the rhythm yet. Tomorrow I will reduce the stake in the first and second race. I still had two more significant losses on the day but I finished the day with profit. In these horses with high odd it is very important to enter missing 4 to 3 minutes before the off, because before that there are a lot of movements made by bots or bad people who want to get their money lol. I posted a video with two races My P&L today:
  10. Vinicius

    Hi there, I'm Vinícius

    Brazil is very big, I don't know where he lives, but probably well beyond where I live.
  11. Vinicius

    Hi there, I'm Vinícius

    Fala Luciano, tranquilo?! Você faz Pré-live ou live? Hi luciano, do you trading pre-live or live?
  12. Vinicius

    Hi there, I'm Vinícius

    Hello, I'm Vinícius. I'm from Brazil. I am new to the forum, but I already have some experience in the horse racing trade I hope to contribute in something to increase the community. Thanks Tomas for all the trading knowledge for free.
  13. Vinicius