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  1. dunken


    Been taking it slow @David as I havent managed to trade consistently, planning to get back in properly after the half term break in April.
  2. dunken

    Build up of money on the ladder

    thank you @Vinicius
  3. dunken

    Build up of money on the ladder

    @Vinicius, Thank you for that detailed reply and screenshots, it is appreciated. As you have backed at 11.5 and the price has started to drift, did you exit with a small loss or did you wait? Was this trade in the last 5 minutes or so before the race started or much earlier?
  4. dunken

    Build up of money on the ladder

    @Vinicius ,Thank you.Do you follow sertian indicators to get an idea how you think the aggression is going to lead the price? with my apologies for these very basic questions @Tomas
  5. dunken

    Build up of money on the ladder

    Thank you for your reply and adding links in your post @Tomas . It is appreciated. I think I'll try to record the ladders to get an idea.
  6. dunken

    Build up of money on the ladder

    Hi everyone, Is there a video showing the build up of money or weight of money to determine a safe entry? If there is ,please could you direct me to that section? I have watched Tomas' vidoes and one aspect I would like to develop is a safe entry.For e.g safe entry based on weight of money to get out with one tick profit. Often I enter teh market thinking there's a lot of money at the price I am entering, but it goes the other way and I have to exit for a loss. any advice would be welcome
  7. dunken


    Hi folks, Thank you for the welcome. I havent been logging regularly, will keep you updated once I resume trading. thank you
  8. dunken


    Hi everyone, I am a new member. Been losing money with scalping and swing trading etc, hopefully I can learn the basis and skills and perhaps break even in the long term