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  1. SomeBloke

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    I hear you Jay. I don't bother telling anyone about my trading, because I know most won't understand. Have you thought about starting a telegram/discord chat group, and carefully choosing people to join? I'm in the Tradeshark Tennis telegram chat sometimes, and it can be a good place to chat, share ideas, and learn from more experienced traders etc, but there are also some people looking for easy answers (should I lay player x now? What about now?... and so on), which is why I say 'carefully' choose who you want in the chat. Best wishes everyone
  2. SomeBloke

    Englishman Living in Bulgaria

    Looks like Betdaq only covered the tennis pre-off, with £0 matched on the few games I saw. Russia is going into a week-long lockdown from this weekend, so that may affect all sporting events too. Bugger!
  3. SomeBloke

    Englishman Living in Bulgaria

    Hi Dorset, welcome to the forum There's certainly a lot more liquidity in the Irish markets than usual, and they seem easier to trade than normal - but other guys here are better placed to comment on that. There are some tennis tournaments in Russia at the moment, but they are not covered by Betfair. They are on Betdaq though, so it will be interesting to see if there is any liquidity Good luck!
  4. SomeBloke

    Greyhounds – Don’t trade past post time!

    Cheers Jay, I've added your link to my bookmarks. Apologies - I've just noticed that the first link I gave now requires you to login. It used to be free to view without logging in or placing a bet
  5. SomeBloke

    So whats the plan?

    +1 I can't make sense of greyhound markets - I lose money faster than usual, so I'm going to avoid greyhounds. I'll have a look at the Irish markets tomorrow and see if they are not too crazy, or just take a break until tennis and horse markets are back to normal. I used to make some extra cash from sign-up offers on Bingo sites - only pocket change, but I enjoyed tha challenge of trying to beat these big casino/bingo companies. This might be a good time to try a few sites I haven't 'bonus bagged' already.
  6. SomeBloke

    Greyhounds – Don’t trade past post time!

    I found these links on another forum a while back. Props to whoever that guy was... https://news.williamhill.com/broadcast/ https://open.http.mp.streamamg.com/html5/html5lib/v2.55/mwEmbedFrame.php/p/3001331/uiconf_id/30026653/entry_id/0_tklzcakd?wid=_3001331&iframeembed=true&playerId=kaltura_player_1553788066&entry_id=0_tklzcakd&flashvars[streamerType]=auto Both are the same feed, but the second is fullscreen. I use these for watching the dogs, rather than BF live video You and me both!!! I'm slowly getting the hang of greyhound trading though. With no horse racing for the next month or so, I'll get a lot of practice!
  7. SomeBloke

    Racing streaming

    I found this courtesy of another forum: https://news.williamhill.com/broadcast/ Greyhound and US races are free to watch. Some UK races are free, and for others you will need to place a bet - there will be a graphic covering the video, but you can still listen to the commentary
  8. SomeBloke

    Sardo's pre-race trading bonanza

    That's pretty much how I trade at the moment, just taking a few ticks at a time, when I'm more than 50% confident that the market will move in a certain direction. Whether you scalp or swing trade, there is always the chance that someone will drop a big bet into the market, and move the price 10+ ticks up or down. Sometimes this goes in your favour, sometimes not.
  9. SomeBloke

    Sardo's pre-race trading bonanza

    Hi Sardo I'm not sure if it's possible to scalp greyhounds and US markets the same way you can scalp UK horse markets, or maybe U/O goal markets, but there are other ways to trade these markets, as Tomas shows in his videos. Personally, I struggle with greyhounds, even though I can see opportunities - I suspect a lot of activity in greyhound markets is from 'bots', and I can't compete with that. Caan and others make scapling look easy - and in the right market it can be easy, but the price can suddenly and quickly go against you. If you can predict the direction of the market (and be right more often than wrong), then swing trading is a safer option - at least that's my opinion, and how I usually trade Cheers, and happy trading!
  10. SomeBloke

    Betfair outages protection

    Hi Omruds I think the short answer is no - we have to accept that Betfair will crash, and we will lose money. Steve Howe/Mug's Game has a video on this. I haven't watched it recently, so I can't remember all the advice he gives, but maybe it will answer your questions: https://youtu.be/fm-bf93UtzY I understand some traders always have a smart phone or tablet handy, so if they lose the internet, they can still connect to the Betfair or Betdaq website via mobile connection. If/when Betfair has an outage, your options are limited. Betfair has a status page that may give warning of problems: https://status.developer.betfair.com/ Some experienced traders advise using the Take SP option - this means setting your software to place all bets/trades as Take SP. If betfair goes down, any unmatched bets should be matched at the Betfair Starting Price when the market goes In Play (there are conditions, minimum bet sizes that will be matched at SP... details somewhere on the Betfair website). Others will place closing Take SP trades well away from the current price, as a sort of insurance. If there are no problems, they cancel these orders when hedging. If there are problems, hopefully those closing bets get taken at SP, and it will reduce any losses or liability. Betdaq is a good backup option if you are using small or modest stakes. As you probably noticed, liquidity on some markets is very poor, though. Again, I think most serious traders recommend having Betdaq as a backup. Like you, I don't have a large bank, but I've avoided losses so far... If there is even a hiccup with Betfair streaming, I take some time off, or use Betdaq Cheers, and happy trading!
  11. SomeBloke

    Cross Matching

    I agree with you guys. Cross matching benefits Betfair, but not so much the traders. Just out of curiosity, I threw some numbers at the ArbCruncher website, as I can see a very small advantage... Based on the photo I posted, the favourite has a best back price of 1.89, and the is only £13 available. If I lay at 1.89 and get matched (should be easy with only £13 in front of 1me), then lay the other player at 2.10 (where there is cross matching activity), I would make a small dutching/bookmaking profit of 0.53%. Hmm, I think there are easier ways to make pennies!
  12. SomeBloke

    Cross Matching

    Hello all When trading greyhound and tennis markets I noticed something curious - where there are big gaps, money was being matched on both sides of the book at the same time, in the middle of the gap - in this case at odds of 2.10 in a tennis match: My first thought was that someone's bot was self-matching (maybe to generate commission towards PC), but now I think this activity is Betfair's cross-matching bot. The activity always seems to be at opposing odds - 1.90 and 2.10, or 1.50 and 3.0 for example. What do you guys (and girls) think, and can we take advantage of this x-matching bot somehow? I've managed to close a position at better-than-available odds by placing my closing bet where I could see x-matching activity, but that's not really a strategy to take advantage of it...
  13. My vote is for 'Other' - BotBeetle. I discovered this software a couple of years ago. It still feels like beta software sometimes, but the developer is very quick to fix bugs and add new features. I'm really impressed that the developer wrote a new dutching window from scratch, rather than trying to 'tack on' features to the existing window. (take notes, geeks toy and bet angel...)
  14. SomeBloke

    Greetings from Bristol, UK

    Hello eightbo I recognize you from the BA forum. Welcome to the forum, it will be good to have your input here. Happy trading!
  15. SomeBloke

    Build up of money on the ladder

    Hi Dunken When I first started trading I had the same problem - I thought my entry was good, but the market often went against me. Now I have a better 'feel' for the markets it doesn't happen so often. Totally agree. I'm learning to 'trade order flow' - how is money flowing (being matched) at the back and lay prices? A really good quote I read on a blog somewhere (sorry, I forgot exactly where...) "Trade what you can see, not what you want to see"