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  1. My vote is for 'Other' - BotBeetle. I discovered this software a couple of years ago. It still feels like beta software sometimes, but the developer is very quick to fix bugs and add new features. I'm really impressed that the developer wrote a new dutching window from scratch, rather than trying to 'tack on' features to the existing window. (take notes, geeks toy and bet angel...)
  2. SomeBloke

    Greetings from Bristol, UK

    Hello eightbo I recognize you from the BA forum. Welcome to the forum, it will be good to have your input here. Happy trading!
  3. SomeBloke

    Build up of money on the ladder

    Hi Dunken When I first started trading I had the same problem - I thought my entry was good, but the market often went against me. Now I have a better 'feel' for the markets it doesn't happen so often. Totally agree. I'm learning to 'trade order flow' - how is money flowing (being matched) at the back and lay prices? A really good quote I read on a blog somewhere (sorry, I forgot exactly where...) "Trade what you can see, not what you want to see"
  4. SomeBloke

    Hello people

    Hello fellow traders I've been trading for a while now, mostly as a hobby, and hoping some day I could make this my main income - or at least a healthy second income. I reached the point where I was profitable overall, but not making progress and getting bored with trading. Tomas's course has helped to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and understanding. I've started to enjoy trading again, and I feel more confident when I open a position, more 'in control' of the situation. Thank you Tomas for providing this course! Happy trading everyone!