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    Im bit confused with stakes. How you figured out 50 profit @ 250 sakes? Is there a somekind of ratio? What kind of stakes you guys using on average?
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    Unfortunately I'm not very good with Linux.BTW I just want to say that this is great website and is free !
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    Hi there .my name is Vee. I’m new to the scalping about 2 weeks. I really enjoy it.Although I rearly loose a race I’m not very profitable, around £1per race @£5 stakes. I reckon the biggest problem for me will be scaling up the stakes , it seems like quite big psychological barrier, but will see. I’m a Mac user therefore I’m using BetTrader, i do like is as doesn’t have a lot of gimmicks that will destract me. I know that geekstoy I great software but from the other side people slightly exaggerate importance of software over the psychology/ strategy. What the other Mac user use ? Good luck
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