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  1. Welcome. Sounds like you have the right approach just focus on surviving so that you're able to make continual adjustments to your trading strategies and your behaviour. Perfectly fine risking small amounts whilst seeking consistency / profitability. I dug myself a big hole in my first few years using big stakes unnecessary when I didn't have a long-term edge yet. If you're as hungry as I was back when I started check out a lot of the YouTube content relating to financial trading as well as sports markets to further accelerate your learning -- a lot of the underlying principles/fundamentals you'll need to develop are the same. Best of luck
  2. eightbo

    Cross Matching

    Unfortunately I don't think cross-matching is something we can take advantage of. It is however important to build an awareness for how it works so that if you need to close your position etc. you can do so by giving away the least value. Generally just go with the larger spread. Geeks toy also has a special option for tennis hedging where it will take best price from the two runners but I'm unsure if that is still relevant or not. Those guys don't seem to update their software anymore.
  3. eightbo

    Tommy and his early trading

    Good results keep it up Tommy 💂‍♂️
  4. eightbo

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    How is it going, did you reach 1,000 markets? A summary would be cool
  5. eightbo

    Greetings from Bristol, UK

    Good to be here 💂‍♀️
  6. eightbo

    Tommy and his early trading

    P.S. I like your defensive style of scalp in the Greyhound markets
  7. eightbo

    Tommy and his early trading

    Tommy try not to beat yourself up too much! I have blown up over 100 banks and I can tell you it's of maximum importance to make adjustments, analyse what happened in the leading up to the big loss & adjust your trading plan to try and prevent it next time. For me overstaking was the first red flag. It's also useful to practice being aware in the moment; linking present moment when trading to the potential disaster in future, remember why it's in your best interest to stick to the plan in those moments where you get the urge to overstake or take poor trades etc. You want to get to implement habits which keep you safe — habits are automatic behaviours and they are more powerful than emotional decision-making (and emotional is unfortunately always more powerful than logical decision-making). At first when you are making these habits you might make mistakes etc. but the goal is just to make them less often over time it's unrealistic to be perfect. Keep the focus on improvement over time and make practical changes to what you are doing. For me, just saying to myself "Next time I will be OK if I don't do x/y/z" but it always just happens again because I had not protected myself from all the possible ways I can become emotionally triggered yet. Hope that made some sense and was relevant...!
  8. Hi guys. Long time trader since 2014 with lots of ups & downs. I trade Horse Racing & Greyhound markets every day (UK/IRE/AUS/US). I'm about breakeven right now (trade with some edge but occasional big mistakes) and I try to make 2019 my first year in profit. I am always up for a chat (especially if you trade these markets too) https://www.wowapp.com/w/eightbo I'm also on BA/AGT forums but to be honest I feel there is some pressure/bias in those forums and I think it's just awesome that Tomas put this together. I look forward to discussing trading here & sharing my progress with this community
  9. eightbo

    Time to get serious

    Hey Veron how's it going? I noticed your nick of way1ander — I know this nick from CS:GO scene. Do you play or just a coincidence? Hit me up if you do, 8
  10. eightbo