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    Welcome to the forum Billy.
  2. Cheers for the advice eightbo. I've been watching lots of youtube vids on sports trading but hadn't thought of ones on financial markets. I'll look them up. If you can remember the name of the channels you found most useful I'd be grateful. The only sports trading vids I've found really helpful, because they contain specifics, are the ones by Thomas and Peter Webb of Betangel.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Tommy. I've read all of your early trading blog with great interest. I may do a similar blog myself in future.
  4. Hi all, I started trading for the first time in March 2019. I stuck to football initially as it's the only sport I know a lot about. To my surprise I quickly went hundreds of pounds up as I seemed to have luckily stumbled upon an edge. Unfortunately and predictably I subsequently wiped out my profit. When I went back down to near break even I dramatically cut my stakes to protect my bank. I still think there's something to the strategy so I'm going to employ a modified version next season. I started trading on horse racing on 1st June and greyhounds a couple of weeks later. I know absolutely nothing about these sports. After extensive research I know the probability of making it to long term profitability is very low, some say only 5%, but I'm determined to give it my best shot over the next couple of years. I've read some 60% of new traders quit within 3 months so I've already made it past that stage. My philosophy is to learn as much as i can while spending as little as possible as the chances of making that money back are seemingly so small. I'm delighted to have found this website for that reason as Thomas is kindly providing so much for free. It's greatly appreciated. Good luck to you all in your trading journey.