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  1. zitlor

    Newbie's 6th month

    Thanks @Tomas I started with realistic expectations so I'm very pleased with the slow but steady progress I've made. I've no doubt I'll need the full 2 years I gave myself from the start if I'm ever to progress onto making real money in the big boys playground of UK horse racing. Time will tell but I've really enjoyed it thus far so I'm happy to patiently wait and see what happens.
  2. zitlor

    Newbie's 6th month

    This may be my final entry in this blog series as I'm unsure if I'm still a newbie at this stage though I've only yet completed 1/4 of my learn to trade journey as I gave myself 2 years at the beginning. It's taken 6 months to reach an overall profit from trading. That is I've now won back the small amount I lost in the first 2 months the few times I ventured out of training mode, some minor expenses, and the lifetime subscription to Geekstoy which I opted to pay for from the start.
  3. zitlor

    Daily profit plan

    I don't set any targets. I simply try to be as consistent as I can. If I have a winning streak I don't increase my stakes because I know my results will regress back to my mean in time and likewise if I have a losing streak I don't decrease my stakes because again I expect the results will go back to my average wins to losses ratio.
  4. zitlor

    Sardo's pre-race trading bonanza

    Hello and welcome @Sardo I started as a complete novice to order flow trading last June and for the first 2 months stuck largely to practice mode as I was rubbish. I switched to real trading in the 3rd month as I started breaking even. I found patience and discipline were the key to improvement - not pressing the button until the set up I was looking for manifested itself. I thought the low liquidity market of US horse racing very helpful then as it moved more slowly than greyhounds and this gave me a chance to study how markets moved without feeling so panicky. US horses also has the advantage of video without placing a real bet. I was then able to start trading greyhounds regularly and have been making a small but steadily increasing profit ever since. It's now almost 6 months and I'm still on quiet small stakes and have barely touched my ultimate destination of UK horses yet as I feel low liquidity markets are easier to learn on once you get used to them. I'm taking a conservative approach but it's saving me blowing my bank as so many newbies do. Anyway good luck if you've any questions that I can answer I'll try to help.
  5. zitlor

    Newbie's 5th month

    I concentrated on the hounds in October to try and achieve the consistency that would allow me to finally increase my stakes. Unfortunately I finished the month on the same tiny stakes I began with as when I did increase, and had a losing run, the increased level of losses would see me hesitate to open a position so I would invariably go back to the near minimum stake I was used to. I did however improve my consistency and this saw me double my profit over last month so I was pleased that I took another step forward. Newbie to Newbie Tips If you want to try out Geekstoy / Betangel for free longer than the 2 week trial period simply download the Betdaq version which is completely free. Unfortunately the Betdaq version doesn't come with practice mode but Betdaq officially allows minimum bets of 0.50, four times less than Betfair.
  6. zitlor

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 1

    Okay sorry this popped up when I clicked on the blogs page yesterday so I thought it was current.
  7. zitlor

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 1

    Thanks for posting this blog. I'm very curious to see how you do on Betdaq. I regularly experience similar problems on Betfair through Geekstoy. Sometimes when I press the button to submit a bet it just freezes without placing the bet thankfully. I've learned to unfreeze it I need to click once on the x in the top right corner. This doesn't close the app but it does unfreeze it which allows me to continue trading.
  8. zitlor

    Newbie's 4th month

    Okay no worries @Tomas thanks for looking. It's a shame you lost them as I've convinced myself if I watch you're vids over and over your skills will somehow magically transfer to me. 😁
  9. zitlor

    Newbie's 4th month

    September started well but I hit a rough patch about mid way and seemed to be going backwards so I cut my stake back to bare minimum and tried to find some consistency in results and style. Overall I'm happy that I made further progress and I hope to be able to gradually increase my stake again in October. @Tomas I read your entire 25 challenge blog. Amazing how you built the bank. Like magic to someone at my level 🙂. You mentioned that you posted some greyhound videos that were subsequently deleted by Youtube. Would it be possible to post up these or any other greyhound vids again? You're already providing lots so if you're too busy don't worry about it. Newbie to Newbie Tips I know sooner or later I'll sustain a big loss from being caught in play. To reduce that probability I do the following at the start of each trading session. On my desktop PC I keep Betfair open on the cashout page - in case of a geekstoy crash I keep the following page open to check Betfair for problems - https://status.developer.betfair.com/ I also keep the cashout page open on my tablet - in case of computer crash I don't do this but I've read Tomas suggest keeping Betdaq open to quickly use to offset liability in case of a Betfair crash If I ever make any money at this I'll invest in what seems the best protection - a 4G enabled device and I'll keep that open on the cashout page
  10. zitlor

    Hello another new guy

    Welcome @quish I'm a newbie also. I only escaped practice mode last month. In case you're not already aware of this, you can get the full horse racing experience in practice mode in the USA and South Africa markets. That is, the video of the race is viewable without placing a real bet.
  11. zitlor

    Newbie's 3rd month

    Many thanks @eightbo for the great advice. I've been trying to reduce the biggest losses but haven't looked at all at trying to get the safer but less likely bets matched. I'll look closely at the market from tomorrow to see if I can find opportunities to put your advice into practice.
  12. zitlor

    Newbie's 3rd month

    I thought I'd submit a blog to support this site and to create a record for myself of how much, if any, progress I make. I'd originally planned to trade footy but by chance saw a video on horse racing in May 2019. It looked fascinating so I placed my first ever real trade on the horses on June 1st followed by greyhounds a couple of weeks later. I quickly quit the hounds as the market jumped up and down so much it gave me palpitations 🙂. For the first 2 months I did the large majority of my trading in practice mode as I was so bad. I could have closed my eyes, pressed the button and easily done better. Not even being able to do as well as random probability was disheartening but I persevered and something changed in early August. I focused on low liquidity horses and started braking even. Here's the first half of August. Bolstered by my new found success (of only losing 74p) I decided to try the hounds again. Here's how I'd gotten on by the end of August. I'd made a whopping 314 pennies. A first step on the road to my 250k Betfair fortune. I decided to treat myself and spend all my winnings at once on (half) a glass of beer 😀. Joking aside I was delighted to reach break even as it allowed me to escape practice mode and play for real money albeit tiny amounts. Newbie to Newbie Tips If you want to record your trading I've found the free program Flashback Express to be great. Avidemux is a good free video editor.
  13. Many thanks for putting together that list @eightbo I only expected one or two links. I'd actually followed your suggestion and found the chat with traders channel myself - it'd be great to hear a successful sports trader like Thomas being interviewed on that. The rest of your links are new to me so I'll enjoy exploring them. For anyone who may be interested in this type of content - here are a couple of links to free trading audiobooks. I really rate the first book. Trading for a living Trading in the Zone
  14. zitlor

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum Billy.
  15. Cheers for the advice eightbo. I've been watching lots of youtube vids on sports trading but hadn't thought of ones on financial markets. I'll look them up. If you can remember the name of the channels you found most useful I'd be grateful. The only sports trading vids I've found really helpful, because they contain specifics, are the ones by Thomas and Peter Webb of Betangel.