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  1. David

    2019 April 9th Tuesday

    Despite several scratch trades early on (most would have been profitable too if I waited just a bit longer), I had a reasonable day.
  2. David

    Tommy and his early trading

    So, you backed at 7.0 and layed at 20.0? I guess that is the danger of low liquid markets; highly volatile.
  3. David

    2019 April 8th Monday

    @Tomas Thanks for the reaction. It took me 5 hours to figure out why I made a loss. There is a certain pattern on Mondays either before or after major festivals. The trends are different to a typical Monday. Something I did not anticipate. So, even though I lost a bit, I have learned about how seasonality affects trading. It's all part of the learning experience.
  4. David

    2019 April 8th Monday

    @billylong I notice that you only reply to my blog when I am willing to admit my mistakes. Yet, I have never seen any results posted by yourself. Why don't you post your profits if you think that trading is easy?
  5. David

    2019 April 8th Monday

    Lost a lot today. The market behaved the complete opposite of what I predicted. I didn't control the loss, instead kept adding to it. Then I took it inplay. If any of you reply, I know you'll say just take the loss. Sometimes easier said than done. My mind was not in the right state to carry on. So gave up for the afternoon. Contemplating giving up altogether to be honest. It's still money I can afford to lose (as made over £100 over the weekend from matched betting), but the small trading wins and big losses are annoying. Why can't it be the other way around, as in big wins and small losses?
  6. David


    That is why I mentioned £250 stakes, as it is an amount that most UK markets will allow.
  7. David

    2019 April 4th Thursday

    Only traded a few races today, as found much more profit by arbing a few bookies.
  8. David

    2019 April 3rd Wednesday

    It's a bit like a lot of tipsters are actually employed by the bookies. Sometimes it is better to lay against their selections, instead of the general punter who is conned into backing them!
  9. David

    2019 April 3rd Wednesday

    I found the markets behaving differently to what they normally do on a Wednesday. Was able to adapt by doing the opposite of my normal strategy. But still cautious, and so I was quite selective as to which races to trade. Ended in profit for the day.
  10. David

    2019 April 2nd Tuesday

    Started off with some bad luck. After laying a heavy favourite, it steamed down, so ended up with a losing trade in the 15.30 The very next race, in the 15.45 I successfully backed the favourite at 4.4 for 1 tick, and another at 4.6 for 1 tick. Due to gain 23 or 24p. Here is the bad luck; that horse got voided. So, all bets were cancelled. Still managed to end the day with a small profit.
  11. David

    2019 April 1st Monday

    Found the markets more predictable today. On Mondays (maybe more so in the summer than the winter), with certain races, a pattern seems to repeat. The clue is to think which horses a gambler would be betting on. Apart from the 14.15 but I was quick enough to recognise and to scratch (which saved me several ticks loss). In the 14.35 I backed at 4.1 Only took 1 tick because 4.0 is a crossover and is often layed at. In hindsight, I could have had a 7 tick swing trade. Not showing in the picture below, but in the 15.05 I offered a back bet at 3.3 My bet wasn't matched (as I was behind a queue of other money), and there was a big spike downwards. If my bet did match, I could have a 12 tick swing trade! The 15.40 was interesting. A spoofer was laying the favourite early on. It was obvious that they wanted the price to drift above the real market value. I waited for the spoofer to stop laying their multiple large stakes, and backed at the top of the range. Did they stop as they run out of liability money? That was the time to enter with a back bet. Overall, a good day.
  12. David


    Well, if you can make £1 with £5 stakes, then scaling up you would make £50 from £250 stakes. The proportion is the same i.e. 1/5 Whatever stake/liability you use gets multiplied by the odds. The average profit after commission seems to average about 1% per tick. For me personally, I am using £5 stakes because I am still trying to learn the markets.
  13. David

    2019 March 30th Saturday

    Started off ok with 3 winning races. After the 14.40, I stopped to do some matched betting (earned almost £70 from that). When returning, I didn't like the way the markets were reacting, and so I lost confidence. @Tomas Do you think it is a problem from not trading from a lack of certainty in the markets? I tend to just watch if unsure. I could take more risks, but then may win or I may lose. As you say, protecting the bank is the first priority. As with yesterday, late on in the 17.00, there was someone doing a lot of spoofing. In the 17.05, I saw the same pattern, and took advantage. Only took 1 tick for 8p. Could have had a few more ticks, as well as a few trades, but the spoofer was making it tricky; sometimes backing thousands, sometimes laying thousands. Made profit today, which is the main thing.
  14. David

    Interesting Betfair Graphs

    Couldn't believe how this favourite drifted from 15 minutes to the off until 5 minutes:
  15. David


    Hi Vee. Welcome to the forum. £1 profit per £5 is a very good percentage. Imagine using stakes of £250; you would be making £50 a day, which is good. The best advice is to scale up slowly. Why not try increasing to £10 soon, and see how that feels? Can't tell you about Mac, as I use Windows. I started with BetTrader and did like it. Now use GeeksToy myself.