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  1. omruds

    Betfair outages protection

    Hi SomeBloke, Really appreciate those tips having lost £66 on a recent outage. I like the idea of placing my own out of range trades on SP : probably better when swing trading as I'm guessing this would be tricky when scalping. I may try this live with minimal stakes just to see if it works as it should, ie place a back bet and leave the SP lay bet well out of range. A funded Betdaq account too sounds good if there's enough liquidity, though I doubt this would be a problem with my small bank. Thanks again for the links and taking the time to reply.
  2. omruds

    Betfair live race stream

    Thank you Tomas.
  3. omruds

    Betfair outages protection

    Hello, I've recently lost out when pre race trading due to Betfair outage, I'm covered in case my internet fails but is there a simple way I can minimise such losses when trading and Betfair goes down? I've heard about 'Take SP' but don't quite understand how this works. I also understand that an opposing bet can be placed on Betdaq, but with low liquidity, wouldn't this be difficult to get matched? I don't have a large bank so would like to think there is some way of protecting against these frequent outages. Thank you.
  4. omruds

    Betfair live race stream

    Hi, When trading horses, my live Betfair picture is way too big in relation to my ladders. How can I reduce the size please? I've tried everything but can't find a way. Thank you.