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  1. Chris75

    Cheltenham Gold Cup Back To Lay

    Hello everyone, Due to some issues on my laptop, I've not been able to get on WowApp group chat but I'm still here. I thought I'd share a back to lay for the Gold Cup later: Might Bite Trade: I'll be looking to place a back bet just before the off and then trade out 30% lower - if you have a look at the attached screenshot, you will see that I'm staking more on the lay side and this gives more profit on the field, should Might Bite hit the 30% but not go onto win. To help people calculate the back and lay amounts: Whatever your back stake is, you need to add 40% to this and that will be your lay stake i.e.: £5 back £7 lay £10 back £14 lay £50 back £70 lay As always, stake sensibly and do remember that in a race as closely fought as the Gold Cup, nothing is guaranteed.
  2. Chris75

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Despite the blip at Chelmsford, Ronald, still a very good result. I hope you allow yourself extra sleep tomorrow and Monday! Chris
  3. Chris75

    My horse trading journey

    Good solid day there, Gareth - 18 out of 19 is a great result.
  4. Chris75

    Tom's Occasional Trading "Challenge"

    Thanks for posting this, Tom. A reminder to those of us still on the journey that your methods work and you don't need a huge bank to make a good return.
  5. Chris75

    Tommy and his early trading

    Hi Tommy Well done on your efforts and don't feel too bad about the last race going wrong - it happens and you still have enough bank to trade with today. I don't trade greyhounds and maybe Thomas / Tom Peace can correct me here, but that looked a bit like a trending horse race in that the favourite was getting backed and nothing else seemed to be able to stop it -this was in the latter part of the video. In this case, as hard as it can be, it might be worth holding on to a trade a little longer to give it time to breathe. You are doing very well overall though! Keep going, Chris
  6. Chris75

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    Good consistent results, Ronald. Best of luck with the Australian Open trading. Chris
  7. Chris75

    My horse trading journey

    Best of luck, Gareth. Good community here and we'll all try and help if you ask us. Best of luck Chris
  8. Chris75

    1000 pre-inplay horse racing markets

    I don't know what software you use but if it's Bet Angel, I can reccomend that you use a piece of automation that hedges any profits or losses before you go in play - unless it meets your criteria. The trick is, to just focus on one race at a time and execute that to the best of your ability. Best of luck with it,. Chris
  9. Chris75

    Hello, I am Roodge

    Hi Roodge, Welcome to the forum. I'm not a greyhound trader but I know from my time on the Bet Angel forums that a lot of traders are now using or testing automation / bots which may cause the market to behave differently. The bots tend to look for gaps in the markets and generally become active during the last 2 minutes although some fire with 60 seconds to go. Best of luck Chris
  10. Chris75

    Football Data for Trading

    A goal on 16 minutes! Never mind, it was nearly a good trade and we live and learn.
  11. Chris75

    Football Data for Trading

    Hi Rob, Yes, that is right. The other angle could be to wait until the price rises and then back over 2.5 goals. As I say, football isn't something I've focused on but good to explore other options for the future. Chris
  12. Chris75

    2018 November 15th Thursday

    Hi David, You are not a failure trader! You only fail at something when you give up. An exercise for you: The markets are more volatile than they used to be and this lends itself to swing trading opportunities. For your next session, try observing the following markets: 1) No more than 6 runners 2) The favourite is priced under 3.0 When you watch this markets, pay attention to how one horse's price movement affects the other. Also, look at resistance and support points on the graph prior to the last 10 minutes. On Saturday 1st December there are 5 races that meet this criteria and I can tell you that at least one of these races will result in a decent move which, if you are on the right side of, you will pick up a few ticks. Chris
  13. Chris75

    Tommy and his early trading

    Hi Tommy, Not sure about the calculations but you are showing a profit which is the main thing. Remember to take regular breaks during your session - trading that amount of markets means you need to keep fresh. It's easy to say "I will just trade one more market" and you can end up losing money.
  14. Chris75

    Football Data for Trading

    Saturday 1st December 2018 Man City v AFC Bournemouth Over 2.5 goals is currently priced at 1.29 which, given the stats, is hardly surprising - the last 6 head to heads went over 2.5 goals. However, the current price is, in my opinion, very low and may present an opportunity to lay it just before kick off and trade out 17 minutes later on the basis of there not being a goal and the price rising - effectively, a time decay trade. According to Soccer Mystic, if there is no goal after 17 minutes, the price should be 1.57 meaning a £10 lay bet would leave us in a green up position of £1.76. If there is a goal, we could hedge the loss for £0.88. If you have live pictures and are watching the game and feel there could be a goal within the first 17 minutes, then do trade out. If you don't have access to live pictures, then if there are 3 shots on target in the stats, then you might want to consider exiting. Conversely, if the match gets to 17 mins and it doesn't look like there will be any goals, you could hold on and get more profit but with this, there is a risk that a goal will be scored. Big Disclaimer: Football trading is not my specialty so please, if you do go in on this trade, stake within your means.
  15. Chris75

    Tommy and his early trading

    My only observation based on your last video, would be to concentrate on just trading one dog - look at how that price is influenced by the others etc. Some good progress, Tommy - your winning trades far outweigh your losing ones which is what you are looking for and your losses are well managed. At this stage, it's about focusing on the process rather than the profits. Chris