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  1. Jay28

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    I did try wowapp once but couldn't get it going - I'll try again over the next couple of days, getting a new phone/number so might as well wait until then.
  2. Jay28

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    That's good idea, the problem I have other than a few Noobs, I don't know anyone to invite! 😂
  3. Jay28

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    I'm so sad..... I'm in the process of becoming a professional full timer horse racing trader, It's true, I'm earning a decent living for just very few hours work a day ..... but until now, I never understood how lonely this whole game can be..... No work colleagues, no one to offload to, when you have a bad second/minute/hour/day, no one to celebrate good times with, no one that understands even what you hell you are even talking about..... I always knew trading was a head game, but it can get very even crazier. Is there anyone out there that, who is also fulltime trading, that I can talk to and share all this???? All the best Jay.
  4. I've not been on here for months and still can't see any changes, does anyone what to discuss anything at all to do with trading? I know successful traders don't really talk much, so all the best traders on properly on this site (haha!) but as Bob Hoskins used to say, "It's good to talk" As for me, I'm still plugging away and constantly churning out a few profits each day! I hope everyone is well!! All the best, Jay.
  5. Jay28

    I read too much for my own good

    Hi Matiars, You can make £100k- £200k+ P.A. trading very easily, although it's very hard to earn or even lose also..... Profitable trader know exactly what i mean, basically, if you are totally disciplined it very easy, however if you have a tendency to gamble or get frightened by risk, you will very easily lose your £40k living and a lot more...... FYI, people like CB & PW, skirt around the edges, they will give you some very handy tips but with no explanation how they get their edge, once you find your own edge, you will have learnt the info you paid for for free anyway..... My advice is to save your money, screen time is where you really learn, granted that can be expensive too, so start with very small stakes until you are constantly profiting month on month! All the best, Jay.
  6. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    If anyone is interested the videos to some of these trades are here:- All the best, Jay.
  7. Jay28


    Hi Neil, Apologies for the slow reply....... Personally I think it is extremely easy to profit from trading, however the problem is that it's even easier to make a loss....... It's cutting that part out, that is the problem....... Most people can't succeed in the markets because we all have a number one enemy to contend with. That enemy will knock you every now and then and cost you your bank, your enemy will take your profits away from you constantly because of their greed, they want to hit targets and their emotions in the market are deadly..... do you know who who you enemy is??? Your enemy is yourself! The reason that we are our own enemy is because we are all raised from children to understand that success is good and failure is bad..... We are all trained this mentally from a very early age, so it's an extremely hard concept and idea to reverse your natural thinking about. When trading, it is good to accept that you are a failure and know that you have failed on a particular trade. However, you need to make this decision extremely quickly before it gets out of hand...... I would bet my last bit of money in the world that this is the reason you are not profitable at the moment. Would you agree or do you think their is another problem? All the best, Jay.
  8. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    Probably my last post for now at least on Ozy markets…… I really enjoyed trading these markets but the time of day was always an issue…. my trading software subs all run out this week and I guess I was looking for a viable reason to pay for them again in April 2020. To anyone who wants to trade these Ozy markets, the highest liquidity markets Sat night/very early Sat Morning (2am onwards) our time….. Liquidity on the televised races will be roughly between £150k – £500k but be careful as the untelevised can be very dangerously low. My advise would be, don’t ever bother with Sunday or Monday night races, there is very little televised races and liquidity is silly low! Tues to Fri is okay with £75k – £300k per race and suitable for careful swings or catching big spikes. If you do look at these markets, you definitely need sky sports racing and keep an eye on their minutes to start counter and then compare that to your Betfair time counter – this way you can very accurately see how far behind your TV pictures are…..(I found usually 10-12 seconds behind) I really hope these post are helpful to somebody…. if so, pls reply back and let me know how you got on or if you want to chat. All the best, Jay.
  9. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    So just a quick update…… since my last post, things haven’t gone quite so well to plan….. I’ve still been starting with a session £100 bankroll each night/morning but due to my previous good results, I think I’ve try to push too much, especially with trying to predict the bigger swings, plus with a bit of bad luck, things that haven’t gone so well to plan…. with hindsight, after a small move, i’m finding it too hard to predict whether a runner will continue to drift/steam or if the price will bounce back with these lower liquidity markets…. My results have been a lost of -£15 Tues, +£15 weds and I broke even Thurs (+£0.03), so over the 3 days, I basically broke even…… Friday, I went back to basics focusing on scalping very late and catching spikes a little earlier on, I stopped trying to predict the larger swings, which I think was my downfall, the change netted a +£35 profit. I’m expecting higher liquidity for Sat so hopefully more opportunity will arise. If anyone else has any comments or experience with these Ozy markets, then please post a reply. All the best, Jay.
  10. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    So help!…. I’m now in the position of deciding if I keep up trading the Ozy horse racing or not? Originally this was just suppose to be a little experiment but so far, it’s going really well, I’m really enjoying it and in these weirdo virus times, it is giving me something to focus on! Now that I’m being officially furloughed from work on full pay for an indefinite period and not much else constructive to do, I’m thinking this is the perfect opportune time to move on with my trading, either with lots of study time or with screen time…… (My plan for a long time has to go full time by the end of 2020 and I think as long as I can keep up the hard work, I can really get there soon!)….. Unfortunately, out of the very few markets on offer right now, Ozy horse racing markets are definitely the best opportunity to suit by pre-race trading style but as I’ve stated before, it’s the time of day that’s the main issue for me. It’s the choice between either very late nights or very early mornings…..as I’m a night owl and have always struggled with mornings, to me the answer to me is simple!…..So my body clock is already now officially on Ozy time…..haha!…. So Tuesday continued as Monday morning did. I’m still not rushing in and still starting with a very small session bankroll of just £100 (roughly)…. (just in case there are still a few nasty surprises still to rear their ugly heads for me to discover and catch me out!) but as my confidence and profit grow, I may soon increase this. As totally liquidity has mainly between just £80k – £200K per race, with 90% of that matched money coming in to the markets in the last 2-3 mins, my main strategy has been to place my orders well outside of the prices and take advantage of spikes and bounce backs. I’m also currently scalping (using an automatic 1 tick offset) just in the very last minute or so too. I’m finding most races are going off a minute late, so mainly scalping has been from 30 seconds before post time to -1 min. (The timer to post on Skysports Racing has been extremely handy to monitor this and figure out where my pictures are in real time!) Tues 14/04/20 (4am – 7:30am) markets were very similar to Monday’s report….They were jumping around a lot, so my main tactics (as described above) have been working very well. I’m still sticking to (roughly) my £100 session bankroll and will do for a while as yet, I’m staying cautious until i’m more experienced in these markets and seen more of what could happen…. Mon 14/04 results as follows:- Horse Racing: £52.50 Total P&L: £52.50 Horse Racing Showing 1 – 20 of 27 markets Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£) Horse Racing / Sale (AUS) 14th Apr : R6 1515m Hcap 14-Apr-20 07:00 14-Apr-20 07:24 2.72 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R6 1615m Hcap 14-Apr-20 07:10 14-Apr-20 07:13 2.65 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R7 1100m Hcap 14-Apr-20 06:57 14-Apr-20 07:01 -1.04 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R6 1200m CL2 14-Apr-20 06:50 14-Apr-20 06:53 9.08 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R5 810m Hcap 14-Apr-20 06:35 14-Apr-20 06:37 2.08 Horse Racing / Sale (AUS) 14th Apr : R5 1732m Hcap 14-Apr-20 06:30 14-Apr-20 06:32 0.45 Horse Racing / Mngl (AUS) 14th Apr : R4 1609m Pace M 14-Apr-20 06:23 14-Apr-20 06:26 -0.36 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R5 1600m CL2 14-Apr-20 06:10 14-Apr-20 06:22 2.65 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R6 1200m Hcap 14-Apr-20 06:20 14-Apr-20 06:22 0.08 Horse Racing / APrk (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 2647m Trot S 14-Apr-20 06:03 14-Apr-20 06:11 0.40 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R4 1315m CL3 14-Apr-20 05:55 14-Apr-20 06:07 1.12 Horse Racing / Mngl (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 2300m Trot M 14-Apr-20 05:45 14-Apr-20 05:53 0.24 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R5 1300m CL3 14-Apr-20 05:42 14-Apr-20 05:44 3.03 Horse Racing / Sale (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 1006m Mdn 14-Apr-20 05:30 14-Apr-20 05:39 1.46 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R4 1500m Mdn 14-Apr-20 05:35 14-Apr-20 05:37 3.45 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 1315m Mdn 14-Apr-20 05:15 14-Apr-20 05:17 1.69 Horse Racing / Mngl (AUS) 14th Apr : R2 2300m Trot M 14-Apr-20 05:09 14-Apr-20 05:12 0.63 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R4 1600m Hcap 14-Apr-20 05:04 14-Apr-20 05:06 1.48 Horse Racing / Sale (AUS) 14th Apr : R2 1006m 3yo 14-Apr-20 05:00 14-Apr-20 05:04 4.21 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 900m Mdn 14-Apr-20 04:55 14-Apr-20 04:56 4.29 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R2 1315m Mdn 14-Apr-20 04:40 14-Apr-20 04:41 8.67 Horse Racing / Sale (AUS) 14th Apr : R1 1006m 2yo 14-Apr-20 04:30 14-Apr-20 04:31 -2.10 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R3 1100m Mdn 14-Apr-20 04:27 14-Apr-20 04:28 2.21 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R2 1300m Mdn 14-Apr-20 04:20 14-Apr-20 04:24 0.88 Horse Racing / Coff (AUS) 14th Apr : R1 810m Mdn 14-Apr-20 04:05 14-Apr-20 04:06 1.83 Horse Racing / Rock (AUS) 14th Apr : R2 1100m Mdn 14-Apr-20 03:52 14-Apr-20 04:03 0.35 Horse Racing / Newc (AUS) 14th Apr : R1 2300m CL1 14-Apr-20 03:45 14-Apr-20 03:48 0.35 More to follow! All the best Jay.
  11. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    So I had another shot at pre-race trading more Ozy racing markets on Bank Hol Monday. (I skipped Sunday, as there wasn’t much quality and TV coverage was poor.) Liquidity on Monday was roughly £80k- £150k per race (much lower than the Royal Randwick meeting on Saturday but to be expected). What I found made these markets highly tradable, was that the flow of money into the market was very concentrated, literally many markets would have just £5-£7k matched 3-4 mins out and end £100k+ by post time, this created some great opportunities, with money being matched at close to £1k per second. Something quite refreshing that I have noticed is there doesn’t seem to be much obvious manipulation going on. However, I do also appreciate that I have only traded a handful of evenings, so that doesn’t mean it not going on. Again I used a £100 starting bank, I focused mainly on swing trading, as a lot of the markets bounced around a lot, acting similar to Irish or Greyhound markets. Although, most of the handicaps where a lot more stable. I traded just 15 markets in total and managed a profit of a whooping £52.81. But to be fair, my results are massively skewed as I got extremely lucky in one market netting £23, due to a very big unusual move. Excluding that, I averaged roughly £2 per market with just one loss on the very first race. (Just a Note to Newbies:- I am really pushing my stakes here to achieve these results, sometimes staking nearly my whole £100 at once…. I seriously would not recommend doing this yourself, bankroll management is extremely important if you want to survive long term in trading….. this is my style and I can do it because £100 is just my bank for the evening and in reality, just a fraction of my total bank!) I must say, I have enjoyed trading the Ozy markets, I would certainly choose to trade them well ahead of US or greyhound markets for numerous reasons, the big downfall of course is the time of day and the amount of coverage on TV! All the best Jay. Results:- 13-Apr-2020 Horse Racing: £52.81 Total P&L: £52.81 Horse Racing Showing 1 – 15 of 15 markets Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£) Horse Racing / WFrm (AUS) 13th Apr : R4 1600m Hcap 13-Apr-20 05:30 13-Apr-20 05:32 2.10 Horse Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 13th Apr : R5 800m Hcap 13-Apr-20 05:17 13-Apr-20 05:21 1.35 Horse Racing / Musw (AUS) 13th Apr : R3 1280m Mdn 13-Apr-20 05:10 13-Apr-20 05:12 3.74 Horse Racing / Sand (AUS) 13th Apr : R3 1200m 3yo 13-Apr-20 05:05 13-Apr-20 05:08 1.33 Horse Racing / WFrm (AUS) 13th Apr : R3 2130m Hcap 13-Apr-20 04:55 13-Apr-20 04:59 1.95 Horse Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 13th Apr : R4 1200m Mdn 13-Apr-20 04:42 13-Apr-20 04:48 1.86 Horse Racing / Musw (AUS) 13th Apr : R2 1280m Mdn 13-Apr-20 04:35 13-Apr-20 04:37 0.85 Horse Racing / WFrm (AUS) 13th Apr : R2 1300m 3yo 13-Apr-20 04:20 13-Apr-20 04:23 9.00 Horse Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 13th Apr : R3 1200m Mdn 13-Apr-20 04:07 13-Apr-20 04:19 23.67 Horse Racing / Musw (AUS) 13th Apr : R1 1000m 2yo 13-Apr-20 04:00 13-Apr-20 04:07 3.97 Horse Racing / Sand (AUS) 13th Apr : R1 1300m Mdn 13-Apr-20 03:55 13-Apr-20 03:58 2.80 Horse Racing / Staw (AUS) 13th Apr : R1 1785m Pace M 13-Apr-20 03:48 13-Apr-20 03:54 0.27 Horse Racing / WFrm (AUS) 13th Apr : R1 1300m 2yo 13-Apr-20 03:45 13-Apr-20 03:50 2.68 Horse Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 13th Apr : R2 1500m 3yo 13-Apr-20 03:32 13-Apr-20 03:37 0.10 Horse Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 13th Apr : R1 800m 2yo 13-Apr-20 02:57 13-Apr-20 03:04 -2.86
  12. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    MORE ON THE OZY RACING REPORT:- So the Australian Racing over Easter Weekend has started with a Bang with the second Saturday and finale of Star Championships at Royal Randwick offering very high profile group 1 racing. ….. I can honestly say in hindsight that I am really glad that I made the effort to have an early night, followed by getting up really really early on Sat 11/04/20 at 1:30am…. I had time for a cold shower, bucket loads of strong coffee and plenty of time to fully wake up and get in the zone ready to watch and trade the Ozy racing on offer…. There were a few low grade affairs going on at tracks such as Newcastle (Aus), etc. but Royal Randwick for me was well worth the early start, there were also some half decent races at Toowoomba and a few elsewhere, to keep me busy in the wait. Royal Randwick offered some very high quality Grade 1 races such as the Australian Oaks, The Sydney Cup and the big race of the meeting which saw Addeybb, (a William Haggas Horse) winning in fine fashion to bring home nearly $2m (Aus Dollars) in prize money in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes. It made it feel a bit more normal, to see a horse that is stabled at Newmarket, just 18 miles from home to win that race – haha! There were quite a few other top quality British Horses that had made the trip to run in the various group 1 races too. I found the crazy part of this meeting, is that it must be the biggest ever meeting (in terms of prize money) to be traded behind closed doors ever in history! (Somewhere in the region of $40m in total prize money!) Races from a trading point of view where pretty sound, with the pre-race markets at Randwick matching between £400k to £600k….. whilst many of the other markets at the other bigger meetings matching between £150k – £300k. There were also a few other lower grade affairs matching £75k-£150k, plus a few meeting at worthless amount of less than £75k that I didn’t even bother to look at. As I’m still new to Ozy racing, I decided to still keep to a very small bank, but after last weeks experimental success, I increased just a little to an operational bank of £100 – I purely attacked the pre-race markets, using a combination of scalping on the more liquid markets and mainly swing trading the others, I traded in 50 markets in total between 2:30am – 9am. My results were:- 4 small losing markets, 4 Scratched Markets and 42 Profitable Markets. With my very small bankroll, most of my profits were just between just £0.50 to £3 per race, but that still gave me a total profit of £55.48 after commission. I would say that these were some of the easier markets to trade and I found most very predictable – Sometimes I do struggle and have to sit on my hands but I really found easy opportunities in (not all but) most of these markets. WARNING:- A major downside to trading Ozy racing is that Betfair have to pay different racing fees in different Ozy States, so regardless of your discount or commission structure, the base rate is unfortunately 6%-10% depending on the meeting. 10% is huge! Another Warning:- Thanks to the race timer on TV….. as per my previous post, this allows you to know exactly how far pictures are behind live action, by comparing to the trading software market timer to the TV timer…. I know my pictures on SkySports racing were 10-12 seconds behind live events, but Betfairs Live Video was about 4-6 seconds behind SkySports, making them 15-20 seconds behind real live time! This is very unlike picture in usual UK markets, BF pictures are normal only 2-5 seconds behind Live and well ahead of TV! So be warned that this is plenty of time to get caught out if your are unaware and caught in play! However, as long as you’re aware, it’s not a problem. My conclusion to the experience is that it was well worth it for me, to make the effort to trade, especially with the lack of UK racing at the moment. I think I will make the effort to at least watch the Star Championships at Royal Randwick again in the future, even if it’s just for entertainment value, the races really were top class and even behind closed doors if was a great meeting. My personal concern is that I just hope now that I haven’t got my expectations up too high with what to expect in future from the rest of Ozy racing, after participating in what is arguably the best meeting on the Ozy racing Calender. Caan, if you read this:- I videoed a few of the markets including the Queen Elizabeth Stakes, if you’re interested in seeing the markets, let me know…. sorry everyone else – we’re not allowed to share links on the forum unless via Caan. I’m not sure as yet if I will continue with further Ozy racing, however, my trading software subscription is up for renewal next week and I just can’t justify paying for it if i’m not making a profit and there are no races are available to trade – so out of general principle – if I want to keep my current software, I will have to trade! haha! Any questions or thought then please let me know. All the best everyone and keep well and sane in these mad times! Jay.
  13. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    Hi Guys, So I had another go at the Ozy Racing on Saturday night which was Sunday racing in Oz. The markets were completely different to the night previous…. It appears just like UK racing, their Saturday markets are a lot more liquid and stable than their Sunday races. Liquidity was much lower (only approx. £45k – £150k per race) and the markets bounced around similar to how UK Greyhound markets do, definitely not scalping territory! I also had the same problem with the Betfair video not working at all but that timer to post time on TV (that I mentioned before) was extremely helpful. Races didn’t start until 3:30am our time and unfortunately SkySports Racing coverage finished at 5:30pm in favour of Hong Kong racing. I have always been a night owl but I would of quit around that time anyway due to starting to get a bit tired. I did watch (and not trade) the next race after coverage had finished, just out of curiosity and the liquidity for that race was almost nonexistent. (That might of been different if the Betfair video was working – I really don’t know) Due to the change in situation, I only stuck to just my experimental £3 micro stakes again and after 12 races was up +£4.39, I was mainly just swing trading by picking up occasional downward spikes on lay bets at cross over points. I could of scaled up to maybe £20 stakes I guess but there was nowhere near as much opportunity as there was for the Saturday racing. Sunday night, (their Monday racing) I didn’t even look at, as I just wasn’t feeling in “the zone”…… I properly leave this alone now but maybe take another look at whats going on over the upcoming Easter Weekend…. I’m hoping to see the increased liquidity as on Friday night (Ozy Saturday racing). All the best, Jay.
  14. Jay28

    Australian Markets

    Hi guys, I hope you are all keeping well and escaping the boredom of isolation! I was up very late last night, so decided to have a look at the Ozy racing markets for pre-race trading. Just to give you some background, I used to keep funds in my Australian Wallet (when that existed) as backup funds. Back in the day, Betfair used to refund money that was made from the over-round on Australian horse racing markets (I assume that was something to do with betting laws over there). My tactic was every now and then, I would find an unformed ozy horse racing market (about 12hrs before the off) and back and lay with myself. For doing this, when the refunds were released every few months, I used to receive a share of anywhere between £5 – £50 in over-round refund payments. (To be honest I don’t know how they calculated it but it was money for nothing!). However, other than this, during my several years now of on and off time in the markets, I have never traded Ozy Racing properly. Last night I decided to have a go. I was only involved in 7 markets due to the lateness of the hour but was very pleasantly surprised hence why I am sharing. As I didn’t know what to expect, I only used micro stakes as a tester – £3 bet/lay stakes regardless of price. Now please bearing in mind that it was only seven markets that I traded which also would of been on a Saturday over there – so until further research is done, please take this with a pinch of salt! Disappointingly, even the races that were supposed to have Betfair live pictures, the Betfair video wasn’t working at all. However, four of the meetings were televised on SkySports Racing (which is free now if you have SKY TV). What really impressed me, was the racing went off on schedule (more like UK racing and unlike the unpredictability of U.S. Racing or Greyhounds). What I found extremely handy was on TV, they display a minutes to post counter (or minutes late). This is just like in your trading software timer. This allows you see see with total accuracy, how far the picture are behind real time (for me it was constantly 10 seconds behind). This allowed for trading right up to post time with no worries about being caught out! As there is also an in-play market, you can use the “take SP” function and hedge in-play for very late position closures. (I certainly wouldn’t recommend using this function without being able to hedge in-play, as in greyhounds, as your offset or unhedged amount will run as a bet!) Liquidity was pretty good, totals being between £80k – £450k depending on the quality of the race and I found the markets to be very stable and predictable. I profited on all 7 markets I traded, with not even once being a tick down in the red! As I stated, I only used £3 stakes but I felt in those marketsm it would of been very easy to scale up to £25 – £100 stakes, depending on the quality of the race. I was lucky enough to witness every thing from low grade maidens to a group 1 race. I’m certainly going to give this another go and increase my stakes, just a little for now next time out! Based on last night, I totally recommend these markets over US or Greyhounds markets, even if its just at micro stakes, so you can get some screen time in and keep yourself sane! The big downside for me is the time of racing, yesterday the racing were from 2am until lunchtime UK time. If any of you guys are trading these Ozy markets, I would like to hear how you are getting on and your opinions! All the best and keep safe! Jay. RESULTS:- Using only £3 stakes as a trial run, my P&L for pre-race trading on Ozy market were as follows:- Horse Racing: £2.46 Total P&L: £2.46 Horse Racing Showing 1 – 7 of 7 markets Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£) Horse Racing / Doom (AUS) 4th Apr : R2 2200m Hcap 04-Apr-20 03:28 04-Apr-20 03:39 0.22 Horse Racing / Rand (AUS) 4th Apr : R3 1400m Hcap 04-Apr-20 03:20 04-Apr-20 03:33 0.26 Horse Racing / Hawk (AUS) 4th Apr : R1 1100m Mdn 04-Apr-20 03:04 04-Apr-20 03:09 0.84 Horse Racing / Doom (AUS) 4th Apr : R1 1200m 3yo 04-Apr-20 02:53 04-Apr-20 02:57 0.62 Horse Racing / Rand (AUS) 4th Apr : R2 1600m Grp3 04-Apr-20 02:45 04-Apr-20 02:47 0.11 Horse Racing / Morp (AUS) 4th Apr : R1 2500m Hcap 04-Apr-20 02:36 04-Apr-20 02:40 0.14 Horse Racing / Caul (AUS) 4th Apr : R1 1100m 2yo 04-Apr-20 02:25 04-Apr-20 02:27 0.27