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  1. ron

    Whats going on and where is everybody???

    just thought i would pop in again see if anyone is here and saw jays post.i am up for some trader chat if there is a group i could be added to thanks
  2. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    cheers chris glad your doing ok
  3. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    are you watching the prices in running as the race is on and then scratching etc or using a stop loss
  4. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    you have come a long way mate ,keep it up
  5. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    good work chris i am following and will be interested in your long term results
  6. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    haha chris learn from others but trust your own instincts as well
  7. ron

    letting the race go in running

    the second chapter of that ebook is called learning to take a loss ,well worth reading
  8. ron

    letting the race go in running

    trading can bring out in us the most irrational behaviour ie knowing going in running takes profits but still continuing to do it ,i think your either not able to take a controlled loss as the race is getting near to start time or you have FOMO fear of missing out that you got nothing.either one can ruin us . you can have all the reasons in the world not to do it but if the urge comes and you cant intercept it it will take over and you will let it go in play FACT.talking from experience by the way..so the work you need to put in is " when the situation arises that usually makes you go in play you try to spot the urge and watch and intercept it ,put the mouse down is a great way actually count 3-2-1 as your putting the mouse down and congratulate yourself on it every time you do it.we have to remember trading stimulates a thing in your brain called the cocaine brain ( the same thing cocaine stimulates )and some people feel this very strong hence the urge to gamble/self sabotage themselves and all he good work they have put in.its a strong habit that will keep trying to come back but with enough persistence of spotting it then putting the mouse down after exiting the pre race it will diminish..i found this helped me a lot its an ebbok about emotions in trading file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/Emotion%20Free%20Trading%20Book.pdf
  9. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    i like the work your putting in chris
  10. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    ", it's the mental side of things that is toughest to master." the absolute key m8
  11. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    hi chris i didnt realise it was you lol. good to see your still trading
  12. ron

    Back to Lay Selections by Chris

    good thread chris ,i will keep watching your posts,havent been around for a while but i am trading again. i have enjoyed your thread and the explanations.well done with keeping your discipline and not going on tilt .
  13. ron

    wanting to start again

    hi guys havent been pre race trading for ages but wanting to start again. one problem is i bought your sports trading exposed book and got my laptop cleaned and when i have went to find it they have wiped it off. so thomas could you check if its ok to get another .thanks
  14. ron

    2017 August 25th Friday

    nice david