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  1. shreik

    So whats the plan?

    Ireland will run races without viewers - you can trade. I don 't like pottery at all - markets are crazy, liv-trade is not present, and the exchange also has some problems with the time before the race. So all you have to do is wait for the quarantine to be removed and rest or do something new while there 's time.
  2. shreik

    pre race results

    Yes, I have carefully studied Thomas' materials and use them - very useful. I also monitor the market myself and practice a lot. I'll see Peter for sure!
  3. shreik

    Racing streaming

    By the way, I noticed such a trick on the batfire. This works on HickToys and is visible on any kind of software. Before the race there is a timer showing the time before the start of the race. As soon as it reaches zero and turns red, you can watch the demonstration of the race without a mandatory bet. Racing always starts with a delay, so that before a real start you can freely watch live video.
  4. shreik

    pre race results

    4 ticks are a lot, especially 10! I usually use 1-2 ticks. Tell me, how do you determine such changes in the odds?
  5. shreik

    Racing streaming

    Yes, this service is one of the most popular. Maybe there are some more?
  6. shreik

    pre race results

    Excellent result! There are a few questions, if not difficult. What is the size of the bet? What are the principles of trading?
  7. shreik

    Racing streaming

    It is not always convenient to use viewing races through betfair - the video quality is low + you need to make a bet for viewing. Are there any high-quality and inexpensive options for watching online races?
  8. shreik

    In-play trading

    Hello! Very interested in inlay trading. The valency is great there, there are many opportunities for good deals. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but everything is very messy basically. Does anyone have specific experience with this?
  9. shreik

    Greetings from Russia

    For a long time I did not write on the forum - I worked hard, gained experience in trading. There are some good results. Simple formula: Thomas's materials + market surveillance + ongoing practice + hypothesis tests. The result is good - now I can do quite simply 3-5% of a bankroll per day. With a good day, I can do 10% or more. The record is so far 25%. There were serious mistakes and losses, but this is all the price of experience. So here you need to work and the result will be! Thanks again to Thomas!
  10. shreik

    Greetings from Russia

    I bet on the predictions of verified tipsters
  11. shreik

    Early Odds Trading

    I have already seen a lot of charts for racing. Almost always at the start of the chart there is a sharp drop in the odds on all horses. This is very similar to the pattern - the market opens, bets on horses come in and prices fall relative to the original prices. Then the questions are: 1) Is it realistic then at the start to simply bet against the victory of the horse and then get a good profit on falling prices? 2) If the first is real, then how do you know when to open bidding for a race?
  12. shreik

    Daily profit plan

    Вопрос к Томасу и другим участникам. Вы ставите перед собой цель - заработать так много и остановиться? Например, у нас есть план по увеличению банка на 50 долларов США на 4%, ежедневный план заработка на 2 доллара. В среднем, есть 20 гонок в день, что означает, что на каждую гонку вам нужно зарабатывать 10 центов. И как только торговля на гонке приносит 10 центов или более, вы можете сразу же хеджировать прибыль и переходить к другой гонке. Имеет ли это смысл в такой финансовой стратегии или лучше всего использовать каждую гонку? Тогда в какой момент лучше остановиться на каждой гонке и вообще на торговой сессии? ------------ Question to Thomas and other participants. Do you set a goal - to earn so much and stop? For example, we have a plan to increase the bank by $ 50 by 4%, a daily earnings plan by $ 2. On average, there are 20 races per day, which means that for each race you need to earn 10 cents. And as soon as trading on a race earns 10 cents or more, you can immediately hedge profits and move on to another race. Does this make sense in such a financial strategy or is it best to use every race? Then at what point is it better to stop at each race and generally at the trading session?
  13. shreik

    Greetings from Russia

    Hello! I apologize in advance for my English - Google translator is my best friend so far ... I am from Russia, on the forum you have here so far only one member has seen from our country. But there are many from Ukraine and Belarus. I’m not a stranger to betting - for almost two years now it has been working quite well with bookmakers. But I decided to try scalping and generally trade on the betting exchange. Some experience already exists in this matter. He studied some materials from Kaan Bera - it is very difficult to understand. There is also a major scalping video training from another author. But with Thomas everything looks much easier and more accessible. So I'm starting to get used to it! Thomas, separately you respect for the challenge where you increased your bank 50 times in a month !!! It is very cool!
  14. shreik