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  1. smallplayer

    pre race results

    ok..i suppose it wouldn't hurt to do a weekly p & l
  2. smallplayer

    pre race results

    i dont trade sundays and didnt have time today either..i'll do another full week of results later on, maybe in a month or two to see if im improving or not..probably a bit boring to post every days results ongoing
  3. smallplayer

    pre race results

    i've heard it mentioned a few times that this time of year is worst for horse trading so good to hear you confirm this ziltor. ive never been trading during the summer before so dont know what to expect to be honest. also, my stakes are still very low to be honest. id say my average stake is only £25. obviously hoping to increase this massively over time as pre off markets can take it. just being patient. anyway, thanks for the positive feedback ziltor
  4. smallplayer

    pre race results

  5. smallplayer

    pre race results

    better today ...
  6. smallplayer

    pre race results

    thanks Tomas..ive been patient up to now so may as well continue..im glad i generally break even now or make a few quid per week. i have increased my stake size recently also. it feels that to be a successful trader, you must grow into it day after day, almost as a child grows up, learning a little every day until he/she can function as an adult in the big world..and it almost takes as long!! 😀
  7. smallplayer

    pre race results

    another struggle 😀
  8. smallplayer

    pre race results

    struggled today..found it tougher..no idea why theories welcome!
  9. smallplayer

    pre race results

    experts say after trading 10,000 races, you should have a good idea whats going on. wholeheartedly believe this to be true. i have traded about 7,500 races now myself in 9 months
  10. smallplayer

    pre race results

    using a combination of all i have learnt in these past 9 months. impossible to write down a few specific things.. have you read tomas' book? it helps, along with all the other free info available online peter webb, betangel owner has imo, produced the most comprehensive and helpful material online..watch all his videos about 10 times and study in detail, then you will be able to determine which way the odds are likely to move
  11. smallplayer

    Newbie's 6th month

    well done zitlor..slow and steady is the only way it seems..good luck for future
  12. smallplayer

    In-play trading

    i dont trade inplay horses but guys worth looking at on youtube that i know of are lusohorse-trader bickat formula do trader esportivo alexandre silva
  13. smallplayer

    Racing streaming

    racing tv seems to be popular but it isn't free https://www.racingtv.com/
  14. smallplayer

    pre race results

    hi shreik. i'm still using relatively small stakes, pre race, eg £50 at odds 2 - 3 and maybe 20 at odds 4 - 5 and say 10 at odds over 6. i'm upping stakes slowly over time. i try to swing trade and go for medium moves or better, say about minimum 4 ticks up to about 10 ticks. sometimes if i'm lucky i'll catch a big move, 20 ticks or more, but none in last 2 days in p & l's posted here
  15. smallplayer

    pre race results