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  1. smallplayer

    Welome to my journey

    what happened to the daily updates? must have take a short journey!
  2. i agree with you about cant berry. i doubt he can trade at all tbh..the others are all useless also ..only out to sell you something. i 100% believe our own tomas here as his whole demeanour and approach tells us he lives an honest and respectful life. people like him dont make up lies i suspect. i agree with all you say Ziltor except for the peter webb one. my suspicions point me to believe he is a dark horse about his earnings and would rather play them down in public. i think he makes a good income from bet angel but would not want his struggling clients thinking he is exploiting them in the markets (which he most likely is). but as you say, we will never know so maybe best to leave this thread at this now. p.s back to the opening question. yes, i do believe it is possible to make 35 - 40k per year these days but it is a long road full of hardship. i would estimate my own journey to be 50% complete but it has been nothing short of mental torture tbh. 7k pre race horse races traded and only recently before covid did i move into profit.
  3. i'd be delighted if i could ever get to 25k a year from trading. reckon i'd even stop at that and have more free time as its all i need to be comfortable
  4. i know peter does talk about himself a lot and can come across badly to many but his videos are numerous and helpful if studied in detail. i do believe he is one of the few worth watching on youtube. i dont think he lies about profit either like so many others on there. he has a large following on his forum (advised or trained by him), where many seem to be full time for a long time now. im sure they are profiting also as they have to live off something. some of the profit numbers they toss around are quite large. so i can only assume he does still earn a lot from his trading as even his pupils seem to. i'd guess peter earns 100k - 150k a year without too much trouble.
  5. perhaps peter doesnt wanna show his profits too much in case his newbie subscribers of betangel realise its him, taking their cash in the markets ..i dunno though
  6. smallplayer

    Englishman Living in Bulgaria

    hi dorset, welcome..i trade horses only but like you, not willing to do strange hours. what part of bulgaria are you in?
  7. smallplayer


    hi cp..todds vids are out of date as you say..peter webb has best content online imo
  8. smallplayer

    pre race results

    chelt day 1..poor from me..broke even on chelt races 😀
  9. smallplayer

    pre race results

    not much racing in winter..only 69 markets in last 7 days..i only trade days when minimum of 3 english meetings..i'm lazy 😀
  10. smallplayer

    pre race results

  11. smallplayer

    pre race results

    ok..i suppose it wouldn't hurt to do a weekly p & l
  12. smallplayer

    pre race results

    i dont trade sundays and didnt have time today either..i'll do another full week of results later on, maybe in a month or two to see if im improving or not..probably a bit boring to post every days results ongoing
  13. smallplayer

    pre race results

    i've heard it mentioned a few times that this time of year is worst for horse trading so good to hear you confirm this ziltor. ive never been trading during the summer before so dont know what to expect to be honest. also, my stakes are still very low to be honest. id say my average stake is only £25. obviously hoping to increase this massively over time as pre off markets can take it. just being patient. anyway, thanks for the positive feedback ziltor
  14. smallplayer

    pre race results

  15. smallplayer

    pre race results

    better today ...