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  1. Luciano

    Hi there, I'm Vinícius

    Welcome. Beleza cara. Mais um nos cavalos.
  2. Luciano

    Tom's Occasional Trading "Challenge"

    Hello Tomas. I'm happy to remember my publication on the challenges. In fact, I agree with you, it makes more sense to put the crucial points about some facts than a new challenge. The method itself basically depends on a lot of training and dedication to becoming a horse trade. Thanks for the video. Big hug
  3. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 36

    @David At the moment I stopped my friend, but now I have plenty of time to dedicate myself more.
  4. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 36

    Thanks Tomas
  5. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 36

    Hi Tomas. You stop the project ?
  6. Luciano

    2017 September 22nd Friday

    We are 2, I also lost almost the bench for going in play. It's worth even cutting the losses soon and moving on to the next race.
  7. Luciano

    2017 September 22nd Friday

    Slow and always, so we get there, but be careful with inplay races. Congratulations
  8. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 9

    Great Tomas ! 25 to 141 amazing.
  9. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 8

    Absolutely. Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Let's see what the market will book us for today.
  10. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 8

    I've learned the hard way, but there are some bad things that come to make us better people.
  11. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 8

    Exactly. Tomas almost lost the profit by letting go of a live trade, it seemed to be a warning that was coming to my trade. Even if I could reverse and finish it would be a wrong trade. Sometimes it seems that we have to undergo certain mental pains in order to grow as a trade. It looks like it's a brand stuck in your Betfair PL with a pretty big warning "You're seeing this huge red!? Remember not to do this again or next time it might be the whole bankroll."
  12. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 8

    Im forget 2 stakes in lay. Almost break my bank today. Phone call nevermore. But im happy, because my results (excluding this unforeseen) was running well. Tomorrow new day. Let's go on forever
  13. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 7

    Tomas, which do you prefer, horses or dogs? I really am not profitable in dogs, sometimes I think I'm at the wrong time in the wrong place, because even waiting for the market sometimes he comes in full force and takes me with him, even at key points in the ladder. I think it's just a bad luck phase. I'm more comfortable with horses.
  14. Luciano

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 7

    Great !!!