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  1. KakTak

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 5

    Tomas, please can you get the video back here?
  2. KakTak

    GeeksToy won't load market navigator

    Try download: http://www.geekstoy.com/forum/showthread.php?15646-Betfair-New-version-1-4o-released
  3. KakTak

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 29

    I guess I'll have to buy your trading guide again! From the first time I did not understand everything...
  4. KakTak


    Thank you!
  5. KakTak


    Thomas, what do you think about Adam Heathcote? Is this a real person?
  6. KakTak


    Greetings, colleagues! The second day I do not scalp. I read and think more. What is the point of entering the market if there is no understanding of the right moment? After all, the correct entry point is almost a success!
  7. KakTak

    2017 October 30th Monday

    I do not quite understand. The chances for two horses can not be close to 2.00 if the horses are much larger in the race. This is expressed in percentages as 50/50. And where are the rest? The sum of all outcomes should be 100%. And in this case 100/1 , 9 + 100 / 2,2 = 98% and for the rest of the horses there is only 2%. Therefore, if there are even three horses in the race, then the third ratio should be at least 50, not 10, 20 ... Maybe it's the difficulties translation and I did not get the point.
  8. KakTak

    2017 October 30th Monday

    Speed for someone is important. When the market receives a large amount of money for a single rate, the so-called spike, how all this money instantly matched, while the market does not have in this moment as much money as in the spike? Cross-matching Betfair?
  9. KakTak

    Day 2. $ -3.04

    Thanks for the support and advice. Tomorrow I will focus on this. With concrete on the hooves well you came up with and this is a win-win strategy.
  10. KakTak

    Day 2. $ -3.04

    I will try! At this stage I must say that the crowd is smarter than me. But I'm sure the horses will not get away from me anywhere. I'll tame them. Greyhounds get a little bit and this can not but rejoice.
  11. KakTak

    2017 October 30th Monday

    Good strategy.Today's profit is evidence of this. Unfortunately, not always the coefficients for 1 and 2 horses are interrelated. But when this happens, need to use the moment.
  12. KakTak

    Day 2. $ -3.04

    Today the horses beat me with hooves! It turns out interesting, I'll try to explain. If the market does not fluctuate sharply, I earn a scalping 1 tick. And I'm starting to feel like a trader. If a large amount of money is sharply received, then there are two variants of the development of events: If my first bet is already matched and throw a large amount towards my second bet, then I take my 1 tick as expected. And I like this. 2. If my first bet is already matched and throw a large amount in the other direction, then I lose several ticks at once, and it's always unexpected and to predict when this disgrace will happen I can not. That's how any profit disappears ... How to deal with this?
  13. KakTak

    Day 1. -0.04$

    Thank you. I'll watch.
  14. KakTak

    Day 1. -0.04$

    There is a question. Should I pay attention to the Australian greyhounds? Now I watch these markets and here too there is liquidity.
  15. KakTak

    Day 1. -0.04$

    Yes. I understand.