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  1. CPTrader

    3.5.1. Navigation

    @Tomas How do I find out how much money I turned over in a race? From my P&L on BF site Thanks CP
  2. CPTrader

    10.2. Volatility

    Hi @Tomas, As you may have noticed I have started a blog for a trading challenge with a bank of £25 trading strictly greyhounds market please take a look at my posts and YouTube video of my trading. Your feed back would be welcome Many Thanks CP
  3. I may be slow but I am moving forwards not backwards. TRADING VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. CPTrader

    6.7.20. Screen Recording

    I use OBS studio simple software and free
  5. Possibly, Peter Webb did alude to the fact that he works in same office as some other traders during an interview with Psycoff I don't believe it would be to the scale of Tony Bloom's operation StarLizard but Peter could definitely run a sizeable syndicate.
  6. I believe that P&L is real. I read that Adam came away from trading because of premium charge. He now runs a travel company according to linkedin.
  7. Thanks for the debate, I like how on this forum we can have a decent conversation and not rubbish people or shoot people down. Thanks alot CP
  8. Possibly smallplayer, PW is most probably one of the biggest Horse Racing Traders on BF so he probably accounts for quite a large percentage of the liquidity on smaller races
  9. I agree Zitlor, I think that in terms of Peter Webb it's generally thought he is working with a trading bank of 250K and because he w.as one of the first adopters of Betfair trading I can imagine he has made millions of £. He does have a video on Youtube that shows that he has turnover over half a billion in the markets. Like you said the markets are more efficient now but they are not perfect. A guy called Adam Todd who started RacingTraders has started a commission free exchange for Cryptocurrency which is interesting. That being said I am enjoying the trading journey so far.
  10. Do we still think it's possible to earn a good living long tern from pre race trading say £30-40k manually trading without diversifying into writing training courses YouTube etc.
  11. CPTrader


  12. CPTrader

    10.2. Volatility

    Hi Tomas, Thank you for the advice I shall do that and see what happens and update you. Cheers CP
  13. CPTrader

    10.2. Volatility

    @Tomas Hi Tomas I hope you are well, I tried trading UK greyhounds with a my second £25 bank I do really well taking minimal profit from each race £0.05-£0.10 a race then a trade a race in the evening where the price seems less volatile and boom quite a lot of my profit is wiped a have been using the make market technique putting back and lay orders outside the prices on mainly the favourite dog. How can I better trade the less volatile races. Thanks in advance CP
  14. CPTrader


    Hey Everyone, I am CPFitness, I have just started to dip my toe into sports trading on Betfair after getting banned from most of the bookmakers. I read and watch Adam Todd's videos on Youtube multiple times. Though I am lead to believe that it isn't as easy as that now. I found SP Exposed as I was looking for a in depth resource which could support my existing knowledge. I blew a tiny bank last weekend trialling a free trial of Bet Angel think I am going to switch to Geekstoy. I will keep you upto date with my process. Cheers CPF