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  1. billylong

    2019 April 8th Monday

    When did I ever say trading was easy? You carry on as you are, seeing as you seem to know all the patterns in the markets from day to day. I wont comment on your blog again 👍
  2. billylong

    April 5th, 7th & 8th Greyhound Trading Update

    Many times I have been caught out on early suspension. really put me off doing the greyhounds for while. Can grind out little and often results all day then get caught out once and it takes all the profit off you again.
  3. billylong

    2019 April 8th Monday

    "Why can't it be the other way around, as in big wins and small losses?" You said it yourself. When you are losing you are adding to a loser in the hope it turns back around. What do you do when you are winning? add to the winning trade? Or take the profit as soon as you are a tick or so in profit..
  4. billylong

    2018 November 15th Thursday

    Reading anything you write not make you think about changing the way you trade? "the favourite was getting BACKED down to 3.6" coming down all the way to 2.86 if not lower and you are trying to LAY it each trade!? Would it not of been much easier just to back? As you said yourself, it was getting backed. "17.00 The favourite DRIFTED up to 2.48" going up to 2.74 and higher? and you keep trying to back it!? its drifting as you said. Why are you trying to catch a falling knife/ jump in front of the train when you can get on-board instead. Also these sort of statements you make "Generally on Saturdays, it is best to back the favourites at a high point" are just crazy imo. You can not go into a market and think, well its a Saturday and its the fav I better back it. Or its a Tuesday i better lay the second fav at the bottom of the range. The sweeping assumptions are dangerous. If the markets were as easy as that you would be loaded by now. I am not trying to be mean and please do not take what i say as me digging at you, i am just trying to help in my own way
  5. billylong

    Day 2 result

    Any tips? that is some massive result!
  6. billylong

    Day 1 result

    Nice result, this inplay?
  7. billylong

    2017 November 25th Saturday

    " Often on Saturdays, favs get backed heavily " " This type of event is rare on a Saturday " If you believe this is the case, why not just back every fav on Saturdays? Your gains should easily outweigh any loses?
  8. billylong

    2017 November 1st Wednesday

    As Tomas said, just upload to youtube and set to unlisted and paste the link in here. I find it much easier to help/judge/critique some one by watching rather than just seeing results.
  9. billylong

    2017 November 1st Wednesday

    Have you got any recordings of your trading?
  10. billylong

    Odds difference

    Bookies prices would be quoted, I doubt they quote betfair prices often.